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ID 94644

Megan Leonard

Manager of EvoNexus, San Diego’s pro-bono technology incubator. Manager of CommNexus, connecting mentors to start-up companies.

ID 33621

Michael Thompson

CEO of @party-people-photos, 1st photography start-up. Very motivated & highly dedicated.

ID 480352

Kevin Ciesielski

Founder @bold-band-smartwatch, CarrierLIVE • Worked at @dnc-distributors-llc • Studied at @baylor-university, @the-university-of-texas-at-tyler

ID 29940

Robin Park

Founder @integrated-proteomics-applications • Worked at @university-of-california-san-diego-1, @the-scripps-research-institute • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, @masters-in-computer-science-1

ID 106222

Duncan Evans

Founder and CEO of @evaero-2 and creator of @oncare-1.

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