San Diego Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in San Diego.

Meet 2550 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in San Diego

ID 34595

Michael Witz


Founder @hauteday a new Y Combinator startup. Previously, Founder @mob-science, which was acquired by @sgn where I built Cookie Jam, Top 10 Mobile Game.

ID 2627

Mitch Thrower


Founder BUMP Network, Active Network, Thrower Ventures

ID 122968

Neil Chheda


MD at @romulus-capital • Previously at @zynga • Founder at @lifeguard

ID 34390

Eric Otterson


Investor in @la-jolla-brewing-company, @taco-del-mar, @bc-abalone, @neighborhood-bar-grills, @moses-graphite, @overland-data, @acucorp, @quintessential-solutions.

ID 1085

Maneesh Goyal


Managing Partner at N of 1 Partners

ID 22251

John Zdanowski


Co-Founder at Sightly, Appstack TrustEgg. GP of Foresight Ventures

ID 9578

Brandon Zeuner


Co-founder @venture51. Co-founded @republic-project (acq. '13). Founding team @ Flypaper (acq. '11). Interact alum (ACT! & SalesLogix). Advisor @ Tony Hawk Fndn

ID 67

Howard Lindzon


CEO/Co-Founder of @stocktwits..GP of @social-leverage (Angel Investing)..@wallstrip creator (purchased by $CBS)..Momentum, Acceleration & LOL hunter..Love Popcorn

ID 165679

Jon Bassett


Investor @silverton-partners. Looking for killer software deals. Personally into gardening, soccer, SUP and good books.

ID 34325

Dan Caulfield


Helped 6 Companies Navigate hyper-growth and VC funding. TweetPhoto, @mojopages, @dayak. Played interim exec role in all.

ID 9304

Ryan Swagar


Co-founder @venture51, Co-Founded @republic-project (which was acquired in 2013 by DGIT on Nasdaq), Father, Skier, Golfer, Surfer and Canadian.

ID 53768

Ryan Sit


Partner at @science

ID 10239

Scot Chisholm


CEO & Co-Founder at @classy. Board of @team-rubicon. Partner at @mixture-ventures

ID 96486

Steven Cox

CEO, - "Making a positive, lasting impact on people"

ID 36000

Tim Drees


Founder/CEO of @webmetrics (sold to @neustar). Now focused on investing and animal welfare @causes. Engineering background. Mentor

ID 23933

Scott Crosby


co-founded @urchin-software Corp., which is now @google Analytics. ex-COO @euclid Inc.

ID 476

Paul Kedrosky


Investor, talker, etc.

ID 69824

Doug Taylor


Angel Investor. Expertise in web site performance monitoring and load testing. COO of @webmetrics which sold to @neustar.

ID 17569

Brian Mesic


Partner @anthem-ventures. Early and active investor focused mainly on SoCal companies.

ID 26398

Peter Kravtsov


Worked at @facebook • Investor @stem-centrx

ID 74069

Mike Macadaan

Partner at @science Studio. Specialize in User Experience, Design, Brand and Identity. Product and UX Advisor, Co-Founder @urbandig, Founder @twiistup

ID 5705

Dan Meader


Allowance Manager @inplace NetVisits Ex-Apple Ex-Adobe UCB Economics

ID 56906

J. Patrick Ravenel


Founder & Managing Director - PsychMining, LLC

ID 50776

Rahul Harkawat


Venture partner at G2V accelerator and Angel investor in Tech & Software. Experienced exec investing in very early stage companies that will make a difference.

ID 19057

Neal Hansch


Founder @webassist • Worked at @meltwater-foundation-mest @rustic-canyon-partners, @webmethods • Studied at @duke-university

ID 60330

Mehdi Maghsoodnia


3 IPOs, 6 M&A exits out of 20 startups: @tubemogul @rafter @cafepress @bookrenter @rxmatch @intellisync : Ex-CEO @rafter , Ex @cafepress : UC Berkeley, Stanford

ID 34886

Derrick Oien


CEO at @scorestream. CEO of @chumby-industries. President, COO & Founder @intercasting (sold to @good-technology). COO of @mp3-com (MPPP) sold to Vivendi.

ID 598466

George Lembersky


Analyzer & Computer Programmer

ID 39554

Chuck Longanecker


Founder of the UX Agency @digital-telepathy and the web apps @hello-bar, @slidedeck and @filamentapp.

ID 188736

Christophe Vandaele


Managing Director @ Vandaele Capital

ID 72409

Kane Miller


Internet Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Designer | Problem Solver Founder @winning-email, @dosocial • Worked at @motorola • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 35659

Michael Leeman


Angel investor| Consumer Internet

ID 439599

Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi


Former AT&T CTO, CIO and President and CEO of AT&T Labs. Founded 2020 Venture Partners & CyberFlow Analytics. PhD in Applied Physics from UCSD.

ID 117242

Damon Way


Founder/CEO of @tvnnel. Partner/Brand Advisor @incase. Co-founder of @dc-shoes.

ID 252138

Laurence Dunn, CFA


Former Hedge Fund Manager and CFO with Private/Public Cross-Over Financial Expertise

ID 45206

Craig Lauer


CTO/Founder of Piccee. Employee #88 at @qualcomm, product successes ( Eudora, OmniTRACS, WhisperNet, Vuforia), ex-CTO for Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.

ID 270659

Samvit Ramadurgam


Founder @equidate. @y-combinator alum. Previously Co-Founder @streem (Acquired by Box), Engineering @asana, @livemagic. Studied @berkeley EECS

ID 177155

Niel Robertson


Co-Founder, @ramen CEO, @trada Dir, Viglink (@viglink) Dir, Collabroate (sold to @cisco ) Dir, tenXer (@tenxer) Founder, Service Metrics (sold to @Exodus)

ID 401313

Ben Eastman


Australian Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and World Traveler, Ben started investing at the age of 18 in Tasmania Australia. He resides in San Diego CA.

ID 119368

Chris Hameetman


Founder @rainforest-la; Vice President Tech Coast Angels @ Los Angeles

ID 34156

Thomas Zheng


Practitioner in machine leanring/AI; Brain-inspired computing in Qualcomm; Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 254890

Mike Young

CTO and Co-founder of Yapert. Previously CTO at Redfin, Chief Architect at Plumtree Software. UC Berkeley EECS '92.

ID 625950

Chris Smith

Passionate technologist with a knack for building great software and amazing teams.

ID 170128

Roger Wagner


Software designer, programmer, former owner of rare book auction house, private pilot, active in K-12 educational technology.

ID 140810

Kevin Reddy


Entrepreneur • Investor • Advisor • @booz-company and @accenture • Mentor at Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School

ID 28787

Andrew R Abramson


CEO of Comunicano (Marketing and PR firm), influential blogger at VoIPWatch

ID 103124

Mitchell Fox


Director of Product @intuit, Previously Co-Founder @goodapril. Former marketer @zecco, product guy @endurance-lending-network, and consultant (Bain, Monitor).

ID 171422

Chris Waldron


Cofounder @takelessons backed by Crosslink & SoftTech I University of Michigan graduate I Dad / Husband

ID 102713

Jeff Smith


I buy, build, grow, and sell things.

ID 139722

Sean Callahan

Experienced tech startup CEO, product manager, marketer, entrepreneur, moviegoer, music lover, photographer, runner, technology enthusiast, and world traveler.

ID 545320

Drew Davies

Co-founder @takelessons. Entrepreneur & business professional with 8 years experience in tech startup space.

ID 8361

Steve Hart


CTO & Co-founder of @viasat, Inc Active in a variety of non-profits

ID 53732

Brendan Walsh


7 years in Sales, Marketing, Corporate Development at @maxlinear from Pre-Series A to post-IPO on NYSE. Corp. VC at Philips Electronics & Hikari. Wharton MBA

ID 117036

Chris Corriveau


CTO at MojoPages. Previous CTO at StockTwits. I'm an adviser and investor of startups.

ID 437933

Mansour Salame


Entrepreneur: Founder/CEO NextAge (sold to Alcatel NYSE: ALU), Founder/CEO/Chairman Contactual (sold to 8x8 NASDAQ: EGHT). MS @stanford, BS @Northwerstern

ID 2201

Tom Siegel

Investor in @quickoffice, @specificmedia, @ecoatm.

ID 37603

Tony Gentile


CPO eDriving. Advisor: Agile Credit and Rexter.

ID 190036

Zachary Lucido


ID 334

Joel Espelien


Worked at @cooley, @packetvideo • Investor @bizeebee, @balance • Studied at @duke-university, @saint-olaf-college

ID 283839

Ken Truesdale


Advancing Your Passion with Unique Ideas

ID 66736

Mark Fidelman


CEO of Raynforest, Strong sales and marketing background, influencer, Author of SOCIALIZED! Forbes Columnist

ID 121738

Abhilash Patel


Co-Founder of @recovery-brands. Angel, CEO of an SEO/SEM agency. 1st startup while at @columbia-university; MBA from @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson.

ID 45060

Duncan McLaren

Co-Founder, @butter. Co-Founder, VP Business Development, @soapbox-mobile - a mobile marketing platform - acquired in 2007.

ID 18864

Investor is an investor and company building program for student entrepreneurs who are solving big problems.

ID 28589

Eric Maguire

Designer at Twitter in the past I Co-founded and @convore

ID 162950

Ryan Graves


Head of Operations @uber Board of Miami University Institute for Entrepreneurship Biz Dev @foursquare

ID 11175

Roy Kaller


Managing Director at Gain Ventures LLC, investor in Cursive Labs, Social Leverage, SendHub, Gain Technology (exit in 2002 for $34M).

ID 147013

Naveed Lalani

Founder & CEO @portable-boutique-inc, Advisor @thiel-fellowship. Formerly - CSO @donornation , Co-Founder @rally, Investor (Acquired by Facebook).

ID 266209

Eric Gasser


VP Hi-Tech Screening/ Board Member @tech-coast-angels San Diego; Love: Hospitality, The Crowd and Software; Crazy for whats next.

ID 28397

Roland Ligtenberg


Co-founder @housecall. Advisor @IceHouseCorp. Managing Partner @light-mountain-partners. Ex-Product/BD for Gimbal @qualcomm Labs.

ID 8182

Peter Kirwan


CEO of Collexion, Inc., Entrepreneur in Res. at @neustar. CSO of @webmetrics, sold to @neustar. Founder @servercast, Sold to CMGi/Navisite, CTO through IPO.

ID 416805

Reid Tracy


President Hay House, Inc - 25 years+ building companies - CPA

ID 126249

Jon Belmonte


Managing Director: Cursive Labs CEO, COO: Active Network (ACTV) Founder, Principal: Cedar Ridge Ventures Co-founder: LeagueLink BCG Kellogg Wharton

ID 2885

Bobby Ghoshal


Founded @flud 1st social news reader, strong award winning product background, contract designed with Apple, Google, Dreamworks. Now a Director at Blue Shield.

ID 90776

Dan Flanegan

Co-founder @butter a place to make new friends! Former CEO @soapbox-mobile, acquired in 2007. Builds and manages mobile first products and teams.

ID 171304

Allison Long Pettine


President, Crescent Ridge Partners. Med Device VC & Startup experience.

ID 493524

Kevin McIntosh


COO and CFO for a consulting firm in the casino and hospitality industry. Drivate wealth investment advice.

ID 223736

Kevin Tom


ID 29077

Kimberly Davis King


Kimberly Davis King is angel investor and advisor. Lecturer at UCSD and SDSU.

ID 41418

Russell Hall


Founder/Chairman - Connequity SVP/Porfolio Management Director - Morgan Stanley Angel investor - Tech Coast Angels

ID 170416

Ian Heidt

CEO of @housecall. Formerly @qualcomm Labs making phones do awesome things. (Gimbal, Neer, Vuforia).

ID 187892

Rodrigo Tinajero


Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor. Founder, @gusanito • @intro marketing • Advisor at @grupo-manhattan • Investor @ohana

ID 209011

Ryan Paugh

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff at YEC

ID 266015

Alan Cole


COO @takelessons, formerly SVP @active

ID 535683

Jason Knapp


Cofounder of SDC, purchased by News Corp where launched the first Real Time Bidding platform in 2007. Now head of ad systems at Vindico/Specificmedia.

ID 77745

Erik Yao

Founder @playhaven • Worked at @the-playforge • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 6551

Brant Cooper

Author NYT bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur

ID 248477

Herb Morgan


Founder Efficient Market Advisors • Worked at @lpl-financial, @bny-mellon • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 94090

Phil Kelly


Co-Founder & CEO of Yapert. Angel Investor, Entrepreneur and Author in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Member Tech Coast Angels.

ID 566176

Paul Ware


Eye surgeon, trained at Stanford; interested in forward thinking start ups using cutting edge Silicon Valley technology to revolutionize the way we interact with the world.

ID 4787

Darrell Swain

Co-Founder of @lucid-software. Founder of @picturethis.

ID 116022

Steve Tomlin


Managing Member at Avalon Ventures

ID 111758

Gina Trapani

@thinkup cofounder; @lifehacker founder; Todo.txt creator.

ID 424510

Phil Lewis


CEO of - Premier Web Solutions. ChE from University of Texas.

ID 49356

Ryan Kuder

Past: VP Marketing for @ecoatm, @bizzy and @biz360. Founder @hi-im, @neighborsville. Ex-Yahoo. Ex-eBay. Hoya. Now advising and mentoring San Diego startups.

ID 35547

Al Bsharah

Cofounder/CEO @embarke (2nd Startup), Equity owner Network Insight (sold), Microsoft + TechStars Graduate, Founder Institute Graduate, BSEE

ID 99933

Mike Slagh


Military Officer. Kennedy School, Naval Academy.

ID 2716

Chris Herbert

Co-Founder of @trackr-by-phone-halo, @university-of-california-santa-barbara Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Optical Communication Research at @tohoku-university University, Speaks Japanese

ID 143039

Bryan Hall


Cofounder/CTO, Shipped code in 100M+ devices, MS + TechStars Graduate, Founder Institute Graduate

ID 152567

Shaun Cooley


Distinguished Engineer, @cisco Collaboration • Investor

ID 135458

Chester Ng

Founder @sweetlabs • Worked at @mp3-com, @divx • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 133383

Nick Wientge

Building @meteorjs apps at @BeDifferential. Formerly @crowdhall, @Brandery 2012 Alum #VegasTech

ID 194760

Kris Lichter


Worked at @ibm, @aol-time-warner • Investor @ardica-technologies, @citybot

ID 6473

Christian Smith

Co-Founder, COO of @trackr-by-phone-halo. Manufacturing Engineer at @tyco-electronics, managed a production line. Bachelor in Mech. Engr. from @university-of-california-santa-barbara.

ID 616689

Lloyd D Speer II


Passive Investor

ID 90732

Chris Kansaki

Co-Founder of Butter. Architect of many successful high volume/transaction systems.

ID 45194

Yashar M. Ahmadpour

Founder @rendevu  @crowdclock @videonary-com • Worked at @yahoo, @collegeclub-com

ID 319335

Morgan Schwanke

Founder @onmyblock • Student Body President @university-of-san-diego • @xpert-financial & @yso-capital-management.

ID 300704

Reza Olfat


Co-founder and Engineering Lead at HouseCall. Former Qualcommer.

ID 323070

Bach Le

Founder @shopventory Founder of @akumulate Engineer @intuit Engineer @neustar Engineer @webmetrics

ID 401795

Bill Richardson

BD at Previous startups:, (NYSE: ACTV), (acquired). "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

ID 174353

Sergie Magdalin

Co-founder and designer @webflow. I get stoked on designing simple solutions for complex problems.

ID 170867

Christopher Diebner

Chris is a world leader in autonomy who's innovations in unmanned systems have helped make what was once science fiction... now a reality

ID 22207

Michel Bayan

Tech and Media entrepreneur. Advisor to startups and media companies. Sunday yoga teaching keeps me sane.

ID 554406

Michael Allman


Investor and Board Member

ID 64044

Bryant Chou

Co-Founder @webflow, former CTO at @vungle. ex @intuit, @qualcomm, @websense-1, and @symantec. @ucsd CS

ID 419670

Chris Zwickilton

Co-founder and Co-CTO @housecall

ID 227916

Adam Harris


Co-Founder @cloudbeds Adam is addicted to start-ups and loves technology. Previously a Principal at Calacles. He loves food, fly fishing, La Jolla Cove Fireworks, and misses randomness at UC Berkeley.

ID 240868

Richard Tapalaga


Investment Manager for Qualcomm Ventures

ID 165511

Rich Schiavi

Founder/CEO @nalu-technologies @chompin (acquired by @mog) @nootsports • Engineer at @sun-microsystems on Java/Swing @yahoo Media

ID 41

Shaun Collopy


Advisor and Investor

ID 80695

donald rindell

ID 168799

Upasana Taku

Enjoying my exhilarating startup rides - Consumer Payments @mobikwik + Merchant Payments @zaakpay. ex-PayPal, Stanford Alum

ID 339852

Steve Chen


UCSD CS, Angel Investor looking for cool startups!

ID 188289

Taner Halicioglu


Tech Advisor, Angel. Worked at @facebook, @ebay, @blizzard-entertainment. Working with Computer Science Dept. at @university-of-california-san-diego.

ID 470272

Evan Witte

Co-Founder @cursive-labs Product Strategist @active-network-1 Product and Business Development @intel Entrepreneurship and Finance @university-of-arizona

ID 41566

Bill Gleim

Cryptocurrencies & Predictive Analytics. Co-founder & technical lead @coinalytics. Data architect @ripple-labs. Cracker/Lead @google. Founder/CTO @explorence. MSCS @university-of-colorado-boulder-1, BS @ucsd Cognitive Science

ID 54952

Deacon Johnson

Dad, entrepreneur, @pixelgarde founder. Worked at @intel, @divx and Musicmatch/Yahoo!

ID 80513

Barry Enderwick

Founder, Kaizen Creative Parntership Former Creative Director, Global Marketing, Netflix. Brand, acquisition/subscription & design.

ID 254340

Rick Cooper


Co-Founder, CFO Yapert, Serial Entrepreneur, Treasurer Tech Coast Angels, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

ID 132145

Luc Walter IBATA

Now working for @adobe-systems, (Scalability, Performance, Reliability)

ID 762983

Josh Schlesser

Co-Founder, Head of Technology @cursive-labs Technical Advisor Sirenas Marine Discovery CTO Spritzr CTO Luckybolt SVP Technology Active Network Physicist

ID 34240

Joel Goodman

CEO & Co-Founder at @playdek

ID 174657

Daniel Marashlian

CTO at @portfolium • Studied at @university-of-arizona (B.S. in Computer Science), @northern-arizona-university (M.Ed. in Leadership)

ID 121251

Marti Berg Ritto


An early Yahoo! Alum, Marti has experience in the growth and management of online products including mobile, commerce, social, entertainment, community, etc...

ID 11149

Michael Leeman



ID 813

Chad Robley


CEO @mindgruve, Managing Partner @mindgruveVentures

ID 156352

Hooman Borghei


Founder @b2-investing-group • Sr. Manager iOS Wireless organization • Original iPhone and iPad Development Team

ID 147564

Scott Austin

Founder at Obrary and Porch. Builder of companies.

ID 35984

Richard Castle

Founder @cloudbeds

ID 288939

Vanessa Barri

Founder of Vanessa Thèrese Interior Design, Yogi and start-up enthusiast.

ID 68261

Jeremy Almond


CEO @paystand • Occasional Investor • Previously: Architect @Veeco (Nasdaq), Engineer @ DI (Acquired), +3 startups • Studied: Comp Engineering @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @UMASS.

ID 125999

Olivier Baudoux


Founder & CEO of DrivAd, CIO/SVP of Encore Capital Group (Nasdaq: ECPG), Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 144834

Amir Ziai


Data enthusiast

ID 15337

Ben Pouladian


President and Co-Founder of @deco-lighting Tech Investment banking at @broadview-international-jefferies Product Dev @cymer UCSD Electrical Engineering

ID 222770

Kosta Gara


CEO @vionic, Inc.

ID 240033

Justin Ramers

Accomplished executive with over 19 years of experience creating, building & growing online audiences through social media, digital marketing and technology.

ID 300730

Bryan Paijit

4 years native Android development experience. Live apps: , , ,

ID 483402

Katerina Jackson-Suchkova

Product Visionary. Strategist. Entrepreneur.

ID 119181

Sander van Zoest

Entrepreneur; Chief Architect at @viverae . Worked at @mp3-com, @joost, @playdom, @yahoo • Open Source Evangelist.

ID 129124

Eric Burress

Creating elegant user experiences for web, desktop software, and mobile applications

ID 99742

Jim Milton

B2B Software Leader. Led Product Strategy and Marketing @selectminds (Sold to Oracle, backed by Bessemer). Corp. Solutions Team @linkedin. Early @theladders

ID 583150

Chris Carver

Co-Founder @lennd • COO at Invisible Children • VP + GM at Active Network (10 Years) • MBA Kellogg School of Management • Intern for Billy Beane Oakland A's

ID 32034

Ian Westberg

Founder of @dla-piper-s-venture-pipeline-group. Have been helping start-ups raise capital for 10+ years.

ID 385265

Darin Alpert

University of the Pacific Undergrad, worked for Fortune 500, left to launch a startup that Mark Cuban invested in and then got acquired.

ID 38832

Kris Schlesser

Founder @surf-explorer (currently in beta release). Proven ability to build teams and solve complex problems.

ID 131801

Kevin Ball

Cofounder and CTO at Fashioning Change. 2x founder. Ruby & Javascript Expert. Master of Scalability. Worked at, @pathscale, & @qlogic. Hacker for good.

ID 18308

Matt Spiegel


Co-Founder & GM of @MyCaseInc(Acquired by AppFolio), practice management for lawyers. Lawyer, golfer, and angel investor.

ID 134274

Adam Bohannon

Modern Media and Marketing Professional. Currently Marketing Director at SprinkleBit.

ID 574045

Lisa Ohman

COO InvestNextDoor | Active Network Mergers & Acquisitions | Global Project Management Office | Professional Services Leader Consultant Cities & Municipalities

ID 245250

Maximillian Diez

VP of LessThan6Percent, Managed a million dollar porfolio out of high school, Worked at Franklin, CHIG, Redfin & ZipRealty. Founded Calpmg. USF educated

ID 320723

Patrick Vesely

Well-versed Marketing Executive with a wealth of knowledge in marketing, negotiating, strategic planning, creative thinking and problem solving

ID 768069

Mike Sun

Foundation in cognitive science and human-computer interaction. Interaction designer and information architect with agency, startup and corporate experience.

ID 77651

Bob Bennett

Love to build and scale consumer web products. GM at ACTIVE Network. Formerly COO LuxuryLink, VP Product/Engineering Rubicon Project, SVP Product Ticketmaster

ID 442032

Matt Greene

CEO/Founder of 6 Degrees and Founder/Investor of MeetingMatch, LLC. Leader with 18+ years experience in start-up, growth and corporate environments.

ID 188325

Garrett D'Amore

Founder DEY Storage Systems; VP Engineering. Founded illumos Open Source operating system project. Technical and engineering leader.

ID 51476

Frank Asaro


CFO-Frank has conducted numerous financial transactions in Mergers & Acquisitions, debt and equity structures/issuances. Multiple Exits.

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 361366

James H. Fowler

Social Scientist Author of Connected Professor at University of California, San Diego.

ID 5341

David Coats


Managing Director at Correlation Ventures

ID 203966

Evelyn Ortiz


Founder @ec-tech-group-llc • Worked at @study-net-corporation-mcgoodwin-james-co • Investor @ec-tech-group-llc, Run-A-Mutt

ID 602556

Jamie Snow

Worked at @active-network-1, @tealium-com • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 117566

Richard Calmbach

Software Engineer. 17+ years experience applying machine learning and statistical modeling in the areas of text analytics, bioinformatics, business operations.

ID 35903

Randy Smerik


Serial Entrepreneur interested in investing in exciting new high tech companies.

ID 49631

Tanooj Luthra


Co-Founder & CTO at @streem (@y-combinator Summer 2012) • Previously at @microsoft, @mimvi-inc, @university-of-california-san-diego • UC @university-of-california-berkeley B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ID 797654

Fara Rosenzweig, MA

ID 68940

Tom Walpole

SD tech entrepreneur. Founder of @wembli, worked for @mp3-com, @pathway-genomics, Websense. I bring smart people together and use tech to make great things.

ID 75559

Jeremy Yamaguchi


Founder and CEO @Lawn Love

ID 352865

Robert Eastlack


Spine Surgeon; DIrector of Fellowship Training, Scripps Clinic/San Diego Spine Foundation; Chief Medical Officer, Top Doctors Labs; Advisor, FootPrintsMD

ID 325525

Ryan Tarzy

Digital Health Entrepreneur/Exec; Advisor to Babee Play; Co-Founder of several startups including MediKeeper, Personal Health Labs, Babee Play, Optimize Care.

ID 587140

Scott Mackley

Founder Yappee • EVP @quinstreet, @salomon-brothers • Studied at @washington-and-lee-university. As top 3 exec took $0 rev. start-up to a 700+ employee pub co

ID 579459

Jeff Wormington


Founded: Yogurt on the Rocks, Working on multiple online retail stores.

ID 11539

Eric Schmitter


Worked at @trion-worlds, @sony

ID 778431

Casen Densmore

10+ year full stack .Net developer with strong focus on front end experience using AngularJs.

ID 93966

Seth Sandler

Developer @workpop • Founder @affinityblue, @sparkon-network, @Buzzed • Former Product/Dev @mogl • CCO @NUIGroup

ID 205469

Mac Case

Worked at @active-network-1

ID 312064

Lawrence Mei

B.S. Cognitive Science spec. HCI at UCSD. Interaction Designer at Active Network.

ID 879065

Adriane Ferguson

Dynamic, goal oriented leader with over 7 years of progressive experience in sales, project management, technical account management, marketing and operations.

ID 99554

James Smith


CFO @invitedhome

ID 541756

Kelly Gibson

14 yrs exp in high-tech arena; pre-IPO; process improvements; project mgmt; software integration; international accounting; full-cycle; financials; systems

ID 605636

James Quin


Investor, Poet, Revolutionary

ID 41927

Mike MacDonald

UX Lead @ 90 Day App Challenge, former UI Lead @ BrightScope. Founder Entrepreneur disguised as a designer & engineer. The MacGuyver of software?

ID 662444

Will Sholan

Customer Success Representative at Bitium. UCLA Graduate. 

ID 47034

David Rogers


Co-founder of SciTegic, startup that was eventually sold for $25M. Expertise in statistics, software, chemistry.

ID 538068

Ashley Leslie

Customer Success Representative, Customer Service Administrator, Trust & Safety Representative

ID 107914

Kyle Dovenbarger

Account Manager at @active-network-1; Worked at; Sales & Marketing at @ocean-minded; Social Media, Event Planning, Campaign Management at SurfriderSD

ID 32159

Nish Kotecha

President of TiE UK, & Founder of Sphere Partners. Spent 19 years in investment banking with JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, BZW.

ID 478591

Andrew Walpole

Interactive Developer, Tinkerer, and Maker of things Software and Hardware.

ID 602263

Alice Pirogovsky

• Creates product strategies based on market knowledge, data driven metrics and innovation • Deliveres high quality, on- time product enhancements for global market in an agile scrum environment • Manages multiple projects across several global teams

ID 550006

Neal Reifsnyder


Mobile web development. peer-to-peer lending, bitcoin, iOS, apple, golf and parcheesi, I'm really quite good at parcheesi.

ID 277987

Tyler Clemens

ID 101853

Rick Enrico


CEO & Founder @slidegenius • Investor @nulu, @lia, @jubaloo, @apmetrix, @circa, @SlideSuite, @RamAir, @ValleyCarGroup, Studied at @madison

ID 325933

Aminah Rene

A sunny day is a good day

ID 154829

Richard Ault

Product Director across varied consumer segments. Worked at @cnet-networks, @technorati • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 33323

Josh Smith

Founder @coder-ly. Product lead at AdTrak 360. Founder of (sold to True Ventures portfolio company).

ID 428023

Heidi Mason

Front-end Development Contractor at Musiclaps Media Inc.

ID 140783

Alexander Segal

ID 22133

Russ Bradberry

Co-founder & Principal Architect @simplereach. DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra. Co-Author, Practical Cassandra. Distributed technology enthusiast.

ID 152840

Francis Costello

ID 417296

Jon Book

Digital Advertising specialist with start up travel companies; hotel, air and package specialist

ID 90716

Tom Jones


Co-Founder of @babyjunk - Co-Founder of @backyard, acquired by PixelFish - Experienced business professional and all around problem solver.

ID 393610

Richard Bishop

Web Programmer. Particularly fond of Ruby, Erlang/Elixir and JavaScript. I build maintainable and performant Web applications.

ID 64763

Max Teitelbaum


Co founder @ - Ad Tech Geek - Mentor at Growlabs - Founded first startup at 15

ID 280054

Samir Singh


Founder @makeme. Software startup out of college (acquired). Innovation Officer @proquest. Claremont McKenna (cum laude); @UW Husky (School of Law).

ID 172720

Krissy Sutton


ID 11780

Ryan Bettencourt


Co-Founder - Cursive Labs; Started and/or led - Zui (Acquired), Blurtopia, CellarThief (Acquired), digital-telepathy; Kauffman Finalist; Babson MBA/Fellow.

ID 163619

Robert Roderick


Current Product/Team Lead @intuit -Discovery/Innovation. Former Head of Prod and Eng @breathometer. Former Head of Prod and Marketing @aglocal.

ID 829483

Lauren Shroyer

ID 265774

Blake Machado


Co-founder of @sweetlabs. Started first company at 18 w/ successful exit. Product focused with strong background in technology and design.

ID 131797

Steve Klebanoff

Experienced startup software developer. Worked at @fashioningchange @flipkey & @where-com. @northeastern-university U. Magna Cum Laude

ID 168069

Christy Gurga

Front-end Developer

ID 71587

Jeff Holliday

Founder of @flashcardlet (acquired by @brainscape), CTO at @brainscape • Software Engineer at @intuit,• Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo, @university-of-california-irvine

ID 393085

Thomas Murray


Tom Murray is a co-founder and President of Cuipo, also founded Two Oceans Funds. Proven track record in launching, growing, and managing successful businesses.

ID 42844

Wayne Rickard


Co-founder, @gadzoox-networks. Tech Coast Angels. Storage industry, SaaS, IaaS, Consumer, New Media, and Semiconductor. 1 startup, 5 exits. Blackbelt in origami.

ID 66404

Brian Hawkins

Co-founder of @styleseek. Consumer market analyst; serial entrepreneur; brand developer; consumer, social and marketing strategist in fashion merchandising.

ID 31684

Anthony Broad-Crawford

CPO @giveforward , Formerly CTO @within3 , Executive Director @startupbus , Entreprise Product Architect @progressive-insurance

ID 264632

Alexander Watson

Founder @405labs, @apx Labs, @bts • Worked at @websense, @us-intelligence-community • Studied at @johns-hopkins-university, @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 21363

Steve Iverson


5-time technology startup CEO (4 as founder): 2 moderately successful exits, 2 died, and 1 is still rapidly growing. Great lessons learned from each.

ID 281440

Sam Kim

I build product with teams incredibly fast. My core strengths a.) find a team b.) iterate c.) make money. d.)keep people excited e.) sell.

ID 524781

Kaushal Kulkarni


Ophthalmologist in San Diego

ID 51021

Kristina Kenyon

Interactive Marketing & PR Strategist

ID 15131

Scott Duffy

The Content Shop, Virgin Charter,, NBC Internet, CBS Sportsline. Best-selling author of Launch! (Penguin/Portfolio).

ID 395111

Oliver Colombi

Worked at @preact • Studied at @usc

ID 443987

Ryan Jones


Ryan Jones is a San Diego based British entrepreneur

ID 2371

David Schuster

ID 484835

Brian Freeman

Founder @getme, @wyldfire • Worked at @mogl • Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 113315

Jon Labes

Founder of @mixation. Former Producer at NBC Next Media & @cbs-interactive via @wallstrip. NYU Film School alum.

ID 318860

John Przepadlo Strott

User Experience Consultant and Advisor

ID 101017

Rodney Rumford

Founder @rapidengage Chief Product Officer with a focus on engaging UX and high growth microinteraction driven products. Former founder and product officer @plixi (TweetPhoto)

ID 260141

Paul Sonnier

Founder, Digital Health group on LinkedIn Head of Digital Health Strategy, Popper and Company Mentor, Blueprint Health (startup accelerator)

ID 4705

Brian Hager

Founder of, the first social network for global trade. Think Alibaba + @linkedin. 10+ years as an executive in China. Fluent Mandarin speaker.

ID 21832

Bryan Monroe

Founder & CEO of @2-5-kids, VP of Product at TipCity, Head of Product at @eventful-1.

ID 435412

Bill Hendricks

CEO and Co-Founder of @common-form Leader and product guy who loves getting stuff done as fast as humanly possible.

ID 115488

Jackie Truong

Co-founder @Beautorial, Senior Associate Marketing Manager @mogreet

ID 532807

Reed Vickerman

ID 493154

Surabhi Anand

Actively seeking New Grad Full Time Position in Android Application Development / Software Development.

ID 126560

Adam Bronte

ID 7879

Chris Hedgecock


Marketing / Growth / Revenue guy. Currently at CBSi. Recovering entrepreneur, former engineer at and @microsoft.

ID 76038

Matthew LaCrosse

Founder @the-lacrosse-group, @bizblaster •

ID 621441

James Labastida

Worked at @mogl • Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 398068

Andrew Huynh

Founder @productbio • Ph.D. drop-out from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 632134

Dan Slomski

BS in Physics, broad technical skills, deep understanding of physical systems. Master at prototype design/construction. Worked Thermo Fisher Scientific in R&D.

ID 87693

Matthew Wickstrand

Founder @kareer-me. MBA @university-of-southern-california. EE @university-of-california-santa-barbara. Developer. Snowboarder. Beer Geek.

ID 40528

Jeremy Bursky

CEO of @mobimagic. Pursuit for balance in all facets of life. Establishing strong relationships with like-minded individuals.

ID 831649

Chris Weller

CS student at UCSD. Passionate about fullstack developement and software that matters.

ID 545620

Gina Arias

ID 78241

Jérémy Dagorn

Works on web apps/open-source projects/Android Always learning. Fully interested in open-source/startups/sports/criminology

ID 192569

Linda Gardner

Worked at @mogl, @medtronic • Studied at @university-of-arizona

ID 116100

David Gilby


Entrepreneurial BD/sales exec in media advertising, mobile, and software

ID 89343

Warren Paul Anderson


Co-founder & Head of Product @hedgy. 4th Startup. UX/UI Designer. @northwestern-university & @harvard-university. Former NCAA Div I Athlete. Early Bitcoiner.

ID 118022

Greg Crisci


Founder @TipNetwork • Worked at @digitaria Interactive • @Chili's • Restaurant Industry Vet

ID 379524

Christian [Kanzie] Nilsson

CTO of Tunaspot, CTO of Beepsend AB, strong entrepreneur and brilliant tech-mind. Former developer with B.S. in C.S. and though I love theory Im a practical guy

ID 2044

Hunter Jensen

Co-founder/CTO of @antengo - re-inventing classifieds for mobile. Formerly built, worked on, and dozens of other web/mobile apps.

ID 2014

Marcus Wandell

Co-founder/CEO of @antengo (mobile classifieds). Vision+Execution. Previously slung pixels for @microsoft. Started 'startuping' in college.

ID 130510

Adriana Herrera

CEO/ Founder. Previously co-founded eco product manufacturing company. Self-taught to code. 8+ years MarCom. Graduate of The Founder Institute. BA in Psych.

ID 133926

Gabe Abadilla

Designer Co-Founder of Kareer.Me

ID 74037

Ramin Farzami

Former Co-Founder of @dynasty-league-gaming. Currently @ PIMCO. Versatile business/finance background. Previously @ State Street Bank & Trust. Pepperdine 2007

ID 43408

Melani Gordon

CEO of Bevato, 2nd company, built marketing agency to 100+ clients. 12 years senior mkt & sales roles.

ID 303368

Robert Pollack

Co-Founder and CTO SupraMed. Plastic surgeon in private practice. Has been developing medical practice software since 1995.

ID 72237

Megan Casey

Founder of @pack-1. Cofounder of @squidoo with Seth Godin, now a top 50 site in the world. I like building lifestyle niches that reach massive scale.

ID 48199

Oliver Treadwell

Web Developer with Startup/Venture Capital Background Open to Junior Dev Opportunities & Apprenticeships

ID 74429

Zoran Knezevic

Team member of @fragrantica.

ID 709772

Jane Bills

ID 530681

Charles Logston

CTO & Co-Founder @common-form • Worked at @intuit • Data privacy advocate • Crypto nerd

ID 171858

Mark Ollila


Worked at @nokia • Investor @betterdoctor • Studied at @london-business-school, @university-of-queensland

ID 67301

Justin Nemeth

CTO & Co-founder of @cashie-commerce. Co-founder of @trakt-tv.

ID 453138

Jeremy Skogen

Full Stack Senior Engineer

ID 63076

Vincenzo Belpiede

Co-Founder @stellup the app to meet the people you are looking for Lived in 9 countries 3 now SF California Build largest social app store @nokia @microsoft

ID 177681

Greg Muender

Founder @ SpareSquare | Founder @ TicketKick (acquired summer 2012) | Startup Mentor

ID 88712

Hieu Bui

Founder & CEO of @cashie-commerce

ID 5237

James Adams

Cofounder of AirPay. Previously founded Awarepoint, backed by Kleiner Perkins and Venrock.

ID 143925

Priya Mishra


Founder / Partner at 33 Startups • Worked at @yahoo, @google • Investor in early stage tech/web startups. • Private Hedge fund manager.

ID 118787

Chris Lema


Chris Lema is the CTO and Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite. He’s also a daily blogger, a public speaker, and product strategist.

ID 182123

Grant Bostrom

Co-Founder @cursive-labs & Blurtopia • Business Development • Studied at UCLA, University of Texas at Austin & San Diego State University, MBA

ID 140202

Andrew Josuweit

Co-Founder at @student-loan-hero. 2nd software company. Economist/Entrepreneur converted in UX/UI designer.

ID 280379

Shawn Bridgeman

Building team & ops at my second startup, MBA from BU, BA from UC Berkeley, always learning

ID 6095

Daniel Arroyo

Founder & CTO @astroprint. @founder-institute graduate. Former developer evangelist @nokia, iOs lead developer @chill.

ID 102194

Adam Storr

Product Designer at Palantir. Web/Mobile Developer & Designer. Swiss Army Knife.

ID 148365

Vipin Shri

In search of full-time role while currently freelancing & volunteering. Marketing/Jack-of-all trades at @olapic , @dropgifts , and @parse-ly. BA Econ UConn

ID 102880

Thomas Carter


Capserve Ventures LLC. We serve entrepreneurs to build great companies.

ID 293424

Ross Campbell

Huge fan of technology and the internet, passionate about design and development, love javascript ( don't hate :) ), and founded & run

ID 571429

Larry G Stambaugh


ID 140211

Evan Shoemaker

Ninjabot + COO @ en*theos. Co-founded two companies: a UX/UI design agency + @student-loan-hero prior to joining en*theos.

ID 100628

Elizabeth Hannan

Chief Digital Strategy Officer - 1st Start up @ 12yrs, 1st Director of Marketing position @ 23. Fluent in numerous online & off business development. Integrity

ID 21680

Taylor Cavanah

Founder @petpartner . Co-founder/Sales/Product/GM @zyvex-instruments (sold to @dcg-systems). Think Tank Futurist @sony. BA Physics @rice and MS Physics @UTD.

ID 23303

Chris Dunn

Startup CFO/COO/CEO, public company CFO, venture capitalist - view my LinkedIn bio for more info:

ID 54728

John Coelho


Partner at StepStone Group

ID 682623

Greg Spillane

ID 73668

Grant Olsen


Corporate Development at @qualcomm; @life-technologies; @zynga; @emc

ID 33685

James Hickey

James Hickey is a top leader in the Internet Marketing industry. He provides his clients with a @proven Internet Marketing Model for Businesses in San Diego.

ID 263048

John Overton

VP BizDev/Sales at @drawn-to-scale • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine - Ran BizDev at @akamai, @coradiant -- specializing in joint solutions and co-engineering.

ID 394031

Drew Taylor

Founder @astroprint. Past founder of, a yoga class search engine with over 4K studios and 20K classes listed daily.

ID 328609

Steve Garcia

Founder/CEO of national marketing agency working with national and regional companies creating incremental sales and profits on key products for the past 30 years

ID 82163

Shane Stetler

Software Engineer for 12+ years and building social platforms since 2006. @microsoft Certified (MCP,MCSD), A+ Cert. Seasoned in building Enterprise Solutions.

ID 82162

Joseph Jager

Specialist in service-oriented architecture and design for scalable web and mobile applications. Past clients include: ESPN, NBC, @hookit, @blackbaud, JWT.

ID 235223

Zach Hamilton


Associate @venture51 , looking for innovative companies in the "traction gap".

ID 237694

Jordan Jadallah

Cofounder of OnMyBlock. Graduated in 2014 from USD. Strong background in entrepreneurship and tech companies.

ID 415687

Joe Chan


Veteran TMT investor. Focus on TMT and Education.

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Co-Founder-Managing Partner at, Hired-Gun and Angel/Founder at Parallel6,

ID 894

Erik Rivera Spalding

Former Naval Explosive Ordnance Officer turned Entrepreneur. Founder @rtba-co

ID 18375

Ian Chaplin


Ian is a serial entrepreneur and parter in Galloway and Chaplin Capital.

ID 182100

Keiran Flanigan

Head of Creative / Mobile at Cursive Labs • Worked at @rage-digital-inc • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 220072

Johnathan Goodwin

1st employee Embarke, senior software dev and architect, scrappy entrepreneur

ID 551042

Angela Miller


MS Environmental Science; BA English/Economics; Sustainability; Technology; worked as CTO/CIO/CSO

ID 113165

Charles Brewer

Leading digital products & UX beyond the status quo. Cofounder: SportsGunner. B2B & B2C startups & reboots. I deliver Web app, media & consumer/social products

ID 105031

Nate Ritter

* 1st to create keyword-filtered RSS feeds. * Popularized hashtags. * Consistently build highly scaleable web applications for startups and Fortune 1000s

ID 126490

Gonzalo ALDAZ


Investor @i-vc | Shareholder @emailing-network | @reworld-media

ID 666757

Shafiur Rahman

ID 68875

Matt Lackey

Product Designer at @stayclassy. Former Lead Performance Designer at digital-telepathy.

ID 99135

Danny Beckett Jr.


Family is first. Founding partner @BeckettFarms. Co-Founder SwagTag. Previous: 10+ years experience, 5+ startups, 90+ million. Geek, entrepreneur, marketer.

ID 693782

Arie Trouw


Serial Entrepreneur. Most recently, founded Webble ( and XY (

ID 40144

Adam Ayers

Entrepreneur. Growth Hacker. Technologist. ASU Sun Devil. VP Sales @realtime

ID 262336

Lee Jacobson


Founder Apmetrix • Worked at @midway @atari, @virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 20+ year C-Level video game industry exec.

ID 327759

Noreen Rucinski


15 Yrs Sales & Development in Wireless, Telecom, SMS, NFC, SDN • Aeronautical Engineer USAF /CCIE –VOIP, SMS, Networks • Mobile & Telephony Expert

ID 153827

Edison Ko

CPO & Head of Operations of @livrada • Worked at @lexisnexis, @choicepoint • @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 18725

Michael McCafferty


50 years as software serial entrepreneur, advisor... Invented 1st CRM product for PC, Earned Inc. 500 twice, very happy exit without co-founders or investors.

ID 375440

Tom Marchesello


Investor. Director of Bainbridge Capital & related Private Equity Marketplaces. Acquisitions of cash flow positive companies in selected industries.

ID 633187

Henri Duong

Nerd @Vizio, Director @founder-institute , Founder @kids-in-code , Advisor @neighbrhds , Jet Propulsion @usaf

ID 374689

Gregory Wimmer

Founder Ellie • Worked at @photobucket, @deloitte-touche

ID 568087

Gibrahn Verdult

Strong business development background in executing and scaling sales models, growing sales teams and channels, implementing cloud and CRM resources.

ID 22252

John Zdanowski


Investor in Jambool, @rentjuice, PixelFish.

ID 8750

Nik Souris


ID 394051

Joshua White

Founder & CDO 3DaGoGo/AstroPrint.

ID 63636

Reinaldo Normand

CEO and Co-Founder of Accomplished entrepreneur. 6 startups, 2 exits, 2 lifestyle, 2 failures. USA, China, Brazil. @zeebo was invested by Qualcomm

ID 413058

Henry Krumholz


Physician-related to Jonathan Abrams

ID 79352

Jeff Gordon

Founder of Bevato. 14 years in web technology. Former Technology Director at profitable web SaaS company. BS in CS.

ID 253471

Damon Bruce

Worked at @trustegg

ID 228138

Alan Masarsky

Founder of Yamaclaus, @clipta • Worked at @sweetlabs, @fora-tv • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 120819

Ben Smith

Finance @betable .Strong well rounded business background with experience in all areas of company operations. @pwc, @myspace, and @zynga alumni.

ID 611285

Leo Trottier

Founder and CEO, CleverPet • PhD candidate at @university-of-california-san-diego. Graduate of @university-of-toronto Ran @scholarpedia.

ID 157761

Michael Shirman

Technology and Product leader. CTO @hipswap, Founder/CTO @Transmodus Corp. @coda-software, @ott,

ID 635362

Chris Rhodes

Founder @sensulin • Worked at @mannkind, @amylin • Studied at @yale-university, @university-of-california-los-angeles &NYU

ID 370924

Foster Carr MD

CMIO @gogohealth, BA Biochemistry @harvard 1982, MD @stanford 1988, Primary care MD and creator of in 1994 (a personalized telemedical portal )

ID 107624

David Allison


Co-Founder and CTO of Nulu, Inc -- redefining the way the world learns languages!

ID 213609

Andreas Roell


Managing Partner Carib Ventures, founder of multiple successful technology exits. Deep advertising, brands and international tech market experience. Youngest recipient of Advertising Leadership Award. Philanthropist with my global non-profit: lovefutbol

ID 74634

Matthew Waclawik

On-Demand Energy, Insight, and Leadership

ID 747528

Anna Zelenak

Founder @405labs • Worked at @fbi , @US Intelligence Community • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley , @george-washington-university

ID 586301

Peter Kelly

Fintech Sales & Business Development Executive

ID 495441

Jack Springer


Emergency Physician, Biotech investor

ID 482702

Evon Onusic

Rolodex Creator, Business Development Monster, Start-Up Focused, and always Hustlin' @songhop former @swivl @ZuluInc

ID 116024

Jonathan Moss


Active member of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment network in the US.

ID 38073

Cliff Boro

Investor in @saymedia, @msnap, @vermont-com.

ID 487057

Michael Koh


Founder & CEO - fypio • Founder of ApartmentsBA; Largest buyer of residential real estate in Argentina from 2003-2010; Proven leader who excels at leading Cos.

ID 48700

Pablo Ambram

3 times entrepreneur. Economist, strong financial background. Wharton. +10 years programming experience as well. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.

ID 247166

Tom Caldwell


Founder CyberFlow Analytics, LonoCloud • Worked at @microsoft, @cisco-systems • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 7719

Joseph Holleman


Founder and CEO of @magister-technologies and developer of its core technologies

ID 266045

Dave Karlman


Experienced start-up founder, Board member and financed several start ups.

ID 171037

Wayne Slavin

Founder @netstumbler, @backupright • Worked at @tapingo,  @buddy-media, @barnes-noble Nook

ID 43687

Siddharth Bhavsar

Member of personal Think Tank for National Election Campaign for Prime Minister of India.Co-Founder @the5thc, @Heamgen Inc @global-institute-of-stem-cell-therapy-research-giostar • Worked at @philips-medical • Studied at @university-of-california-los-ang

ID 477450

Benjamin Chen


Startup Entrepreneur and Venture Capital / Private Equity Advisor. CEO at myIDkey.

ID 32459

Russell Boltwood


Experienced Global Corporate Legal and Business Development Executive, Focused on Assisting Emerging Companies with Legal, Fundraising and Transnational Matters

ID 29301

Greg Flores

Entrepreneur, Co-founder of @mp3-com. Co-founder of Autospies. Business Development/Investor: Animusic, PhotoCulture, @sparkcrowd. Advisor Saambaa.

ID 54501

BJ Cook

CEO, Digital Operative - passionate about digital consumer experiences and helping out where I can.

ID 284487

Michael Anderson


12+ years working with early-stage companies, 5 years VC and 10 years Seed/Angel. 13 companies, 5 exits (so far).

ID 174506

Stephanie Ardrey

Founder @iVentLABS Business Accelerator, @ArdreyGroup LLC • Partner at @K5 Launch Alliance @maverick Angels

ID 478973

Eduardo Esquenazi


Adviser to other startups and investment funds. Founder Sirenas Marine Discovery • Studied at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-california-san-diego PhD 2010, BS 1998.

ID 89567

Rod Turner


CrowdFunding GuruIssimo

ID 378134

Daniel Broderick


Commercial Real Estate and Private Investor

ID 365058

Zeal Caiden

Conversion-Slamming Madman. Founder of Zealous Influence. Founded Game Over Marketing & Design (acquired).

ID 645345

Mark Caldwell


Mark has co/founded many companies over his 3 decade career, including New World Computing, Rapid Eye Entertainment, Plaor, and Apmetrix.

ID 623304

Daniel Knudsen

Founder and CSO, @cleverpet • Program Lead @startup-leadership, San Diego Chapter • PhD, Neurosciences, @ucsd

ID 80412

Kelly Abbott

Founder @realtidbits • Worked at @livefyre, @mindtouch • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 93245

Jessyca Frederick

Founder @WaterWiseNow, @wineclubreviews-net / eCommerce and Monetization leader @shopzilla @edmunds-com @thisnext

ID 74610

Jason DelValle

Design, Branding and Customer Experience are where I hang my hat. I genuinely enjoy the creative process & working with great individuals on exciting journeys.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 175493

Samantha Roper

Studied at @california-state-university-dominguez-hills

ID 98561

Frank DeGeorge


Military veteran, financial professional @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch & @mgm-resorts-international Co-Founder @pokerfund

ID 97978

Darin Alpert

Co-Founded Find Me Gluten Free, Mark Cuban invested, grew to 2,000,000 users, sold company. Just launched Dollar Shots Club.

ID 107515

Avi Stieglitz

Co-Founder, President and Chairman of @nulu

ID 57780

Jessica Robertson

Worked at @correlation-ventures • Studied at @university-of-alabama

ID 209560

AJ Agrawal

CEO @alumnify Writer for, Entrepreneur Magazine, Tech Cocktail and FitnessRX.

ID 70577

Andy Smit

Founder @furlocity • Studied at @university-of-south-florida. Award winning sales professional and entrepreneur. Passionate about pets and pet care!

ID 521649

John Caldwell

Founded Part of the senior leadership team, 15 yrs in music mgmt. Terminally curious. Motivator, strategist, humorist.

ID 64073

Ping Wang


Managing Partner at @ansir-innovation Center (A I Center)

ID 366331

Dan Glavin

Seasoned BI, Analytics, Product Management Executive

ID 790858

Kenny Tran

ID 568524

Mithaq Kazimi


Founder @audienced | Founder & media producer @kdk-factory | founder & nonprofit director @dawn-breakers-international-film-festival & @orphaned | Masters @SDSU

ID 2239

Mark Nielsen

Co-founder and COO of Fusion Monarch and

ID 80123

Kim Walpole

Founder & CEO at @optimum-training-consulting, Co-Founder of

ID 296519

Matt Ellis

Founder of Measurabl. Former Associate Director of Sustainability at CBRE, Inc. - world's largest commercial real estate company. Aspen Institute Fellow.

ID 93558

Matt Voigt

Co-founder / Chief Instigator @ 3x entrepreneur: software, real estate, healthcare. Like heights. Love people. Enjoy creating things.

ID 122052

Sam Estrin

Sam Estrin is a founder of a new entertainment/music start-up based out of Be Great Partners. Sam has co-founded two public companies and is an active advisor.

ID 32583

Jordan Snodgrass

Lead Developer of, Co-Founder of Bit Box Web Hosting.

ID 649283

Manshu Agarwal

Founder/CEO of Spritzr. Making game-changing products and companies. Columbia MBA, Cambridge engineer.

ID 143252

Doug Gates

Consumer marketing & product management. Founder @moxy-vote • Worked at @cnet-networks, @musicmatch, @mysimon • Penn undergrad. Stanford MBA. ENTP personality.

ID 161947

Eric Quanstrom

CMO / VP, Marketing & Sales @nimble

ID 204882

Adam Markowitz

Founder and CEO of Portfolium • Worked at @pratt-whitney-rocketdyne • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 228387

Paul Holyavkin

CEO of App Incubator

ID 47892

Derek Edwards

Co-founder & CTO @coachlogix-1; serial entrepreneur; technologist; advisor; 2011 1492 accelerator graduate; 10x S12 accelerator graduate

ID 272150

Steve Suhrheinrich

Co-Founder of @curvo-labs. Worked at healthcare investment fund; @aol; start-ups; former @u-s-navy Officer. Strong business background. MBA.

ID 11892

David Aferiat


Founded Trade Ideas LLC.

ID 204908

Neal Bloom

Co-founder @portfolium, previous rocket scientist @Rocketdyne. @pepperdine-university MBA, @ucsd Mechanical Engineer B.S. I run mountains a lot.

ID 87544

Arne Horn

Founder of @maple-apps Entrepreneur and tech nerd with a degree in information systems (University of Cologne)

ID 196728

Daniel Magy

Founder @fanpics • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @london-school-of-economics

ID 149795

Gioia Messinger


Founder & CEO, LinkedObjects, Founder & CEO Avaak (Sold to NETGEAR), Founder & CEO, MedSmart (Sold to Kaiser). Building & leading venture-backed tech startups.

ID 212807

Corey Gwin

Product manager lead at SweetLabs (a Google Ventures startup). Founder of MS in Human Computer-Interaction. BS in Mechatronics Cal Poly SLO.

ID 217300

Micha Mikailian


ID 377505

Ryan Good

UCLA Alum, Currently @sweetlabs

ID 764664

Kyle Williams


We are Bootstrap Incubation and Venture Fund, providing seed and growth capital for technology companies in healthcare, biotech-pharma, analytics and marketing.

ID 46669

Kamran Qamar


CEO of Pyntail. Advisor, Investor, Product Strategist, and Gamification Expert

ID 89703

Colin How

Startup Executive. Board Member. Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Builder of Great Teams and Great Products. Strategic Business Transformation.

ID 224594

Doug Hecht


President & COO, Digitaria, A JWT Company

ID 561627

Marian Dusan


Founder @luly-inc, @luly-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 111956

Warren Roddy

I thrive in startups environments having grown little companies into big ones. Management experience began with Cisco as Director, NSP Western Operations and have since been EVP Sales & Marketing for startups in the mobile, SaaS and Cloud infrastructure

ID 356995

Andrew ("Speakeasy") Couch

Founder @candy-lab-1 , @platestar • Worked at @us-army • Studied at @college-at-cortland

ID 143661

Jace Perry

Mobile UX/UI Product Graphic Designer for startups to Fortune 500 companies. Founder @tenfour.

ID 15734

Kim Kamdar


Investor in @lithera, @epic Sciences @Obalon Therapeutics, @Rox Medical, @Sonexa Therapeutics, @Syndax Pharmaceuticals, @Ariosa Diagnostics, @Tragara Pharmaceuticals, @Achaogen, @sera

ID 192020

Gary Grumbley

I studied intellectual property in law school. I am learning front end web development. I am looking for a junior dev position.

ID 540061

Camino Real Orthodontics


Orthodontist - Carlsbad, CA Board of Directors - Xlear, Inc (Spry, Inc.)

ID 38212

Gavan Woolery

CTO @ @isosurf, Appstem Media Founder @ Kiwi64, @genesis BS in Computer Science from @university-of-california-santa-barbara / @cleveland-state-university CI

ID 460203

Matthew Buckley

Founder @shops-stock • Worked at @lotus-elixirs • Studied at @grand-canyon-university-1

ID 284518

Bradley Voytek

Worked at @uber, @university-of-california-san-diego-1 • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @university-of-california-san-francisco

ID 325679

Mario Mireles

CEO of SouthDoctors

ID 10124

Mike Alfred


Co-Founder and CEO of @brightscope, Inc.

ID 222432

Andy Bishop

BizDev Startup Expert - Currently work for #1 Mobile Web Mocospace, Social Gaming & Networking. Past SrVP of Cellufun & VP at Sony Digital. Columbia Univ. MBA

ID 378145

Paul Vacquier

Founded Contract Cloud after years of securities litigation where I took complex civil law suits to trial, arbitration and mediation. JD @Santa Clara, BA @ucsb.

ID 11364

Tuvia Rosenthal

product manager and entrepreneur, web and mobile products. cofounder of TROS interactive; ran the TFL - tech accelerator for the Technion alumni (Israel).

ID 165329

Edward Isarevich

Founder Social DNA • Worked at Social IQ, @boeing, @l-3-communications • Studied at @university of Southern California

ID 37828

Misha Manulis

I make LEDs blink

ID 341466

John Baumgartner

CEO of HipTraveler. VP Technical Business Development for numerous companies (ZERO-G, Sidepath). Passionate Traveler

ID 293144

John Reitano

Entrepreneur, thinker, software developer. Founding Member of Neutrino

ID 669463

Truong Q. Nguyen

ID 75633

S Erfani

Founder TexTango, JogaIM • Studied at @boston-university, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 67734

Kelly Maguire

Team member of @google, @performics, @publicis-groupe, @omd, @aviatech, @spacetime, @revagency, @media2point0.

ID 135904

Steven Sheiner

Founders Group

ID 108636

Christian Kameir

CEO, CMO, VP Sales, General Counsel.

ID 204909

Lee Mills

Startup Sales / Marketing / Business Development Leader, Board Advisor, Consultant & Mentor with a successful track record of launching & growing companies.

ID 845650

Clay Walker

ID 182614

Arnold Yoon


President of digital-telepathy, UX/UI/Product Design firm. Previous CTO and founding investor of EarthRisk Technologies.

ID 652119

Jenny Stanchak

Founder Loveseat

ID 325511

John Plavan


Founder (and CEO) EarthRisk Technologies, Founder MRV Systems, SEAR Technologies, P Fleet (sold), Plavan Petroleum (sold), others.

ID 685819

Cameron Clarke

Serial entrepreneur with a track record of transforming technical innovation into high impact applications across a diverse spectrum of industries.

ID 68654

Ron Elliott

Founder • Worked at @us-navy, @spothero

ID 145957

Ajay Sikka

Founder @indiahq-solutions-inc, @ci2i-services-inc • Worked at @microsoft, @sybase • Studied at @bentley-university University, @indian-institute-of-management-lucknow

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 590149

Ashwin Mudaliar

Stanford grad working on solving system level problems with the use of technology.

ID 14668

Jeff Whitton

@IncMagazine Thanks for the Collecting Customer Feedback article including as BEST for Asking for Ideas!

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 80683

Ted Vickey

Entrepreneurial Strategist, Business of Fitness Expert, avid but average golfer

ID 205811

Royce Rowan

VP of Marketing and Growth @portfolium • 5 Years of Direct Marketing and Job Recruitment Advertising Experience • Studied Business Marketing at @san-diego-state-university

ID 88893

Bill Lyons

Founder @revestor. Real Estate Expert w/ over $3Billion in closed transactions. I know the tools today's real estate investors and professionals need to succeed.

ID 233364

Amber Kirsten-Smit

Founder @furlocity • Studied at @emory-university

ID 157395

Tom Broadhead

Founder Team Ventures • Worked at @videoegg, @saymedia • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, University of South Alabama

ID 361342

Jason Buchanan

Chief Software Architect & CFO @earthrisk-technologies

ID 123734

Adam McBride

Founder and CEO of Equiso

ID 79959

Brian Smith

Founder of @qrawr, former @vp-of-engineering-kidzui, former @peon-google. Full-stack engineer and entrepreneur.

ID 161390

Mike Heath

Works at @gunderson-dettmer • @university-of-california-berkeley Law and @university-of-california-berkeley undergraduate • Represents clients in IPOs, M&As, VC financings, and angel rounds • Uncomfortably tall

ID 260749

Marc Philobos

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Parking Panda and opened MetLife Stadium as an employee of the New York Jets. Former StubHub employee. Passion for Startups.

ID 72222

Daniel Mauser


Head of Spanish Titles at Gawker. Founder of @guanabee-media (Acquired by Gawker Media). Advisor at @double-spring-media, Strong business and marketing background. Seed Investor and Tech Enthusiast.

ID 202193

Christian Braemer

Founder @openeye-labs, @pushing-innovation-1 • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @merrill-lynch • Studied at @niels-brock-copenhagen-business-college

ID 193377

Simon Williams


Product, Marketing, PR at startups and tech companies. MS CompSci, BA Econ. @redbooth-3 @dropkart @blackrock

ID 42894

Roger Rappoport


Roger Rappoport is the leader of Procopio's Emerging Growth and Technology Practice Group.

ID 67094

Ryan Thompson

Head of Small Business at Magento

ID 33961

Ashok Chander

Ashok received his PhD from Columbia Univ. after obtaining his S.B from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Ashok has been engaged in cancer research for over 10 yrs. Ashok co-founded Imfuse

ID 283206

Thomas Walpole

Startup veteran, strategic thinker, experience working with and managing a wide range of developement technologies, Agile focused

ID 238471

Eghosa Aihie

Chief Revenue Officer @alumnify • Worked at @ernst-and-young, @velocity-indiana • Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 560447

Danny Kaplan

Advertising and media executive who’s delivered impact for global Fortune 500 clients. Expert at driving revenue with innovative media and marketing solutions.

ID 624199

Kristin Farren Moss


Worked at @ebay, @evite • Studied at @stanford-university, @StanfordGSB

ID 599251

Hart Woolery

Founder Hippoverse Inc. Previously CEO of Appstem Media. Professional software engineer and designer.

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 85887

Steve Frost

-CEO at @national-football-post. Grew Traffic and revenue 2.5x in one year -VP Strategy and Business Development at Doubled traffic and tripled revenue in 18 months. - Strategic Partnerships at Google. Responsible for Cable/Telco verticals.

ID 142438

Kyle Eren Cornelius

COO & Founding Team at @storific; French & International Trade at @clemson-university University; International Management at Universite de Bordeaux IV, IAE.

ID 220058

Christopher Moore

Web Applications Developer, Koder :: Co-Founder

ID 711063

Jonathan Washburn


Founded/CEO real estate's largest social network @activerain. Founded/CEO Hammer Corp in 2012, bootstrapped to $4m+ 2014 revenue run rate and profitable.

ID 227712

Kevin Romani

Director, Sales & Business Development @adstack-1 Sr. Account Representative @Dyn• Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 124787

Houman Haghighi


Works at @qualcomm Ventures • 10+ years Tech @qualcomm • Investor @rxmatch • Multiple Startups • Background in Business, Operations, Product Dev. and Strategy

ID 89859

Neel Pujara


Co-Founder & CEO, @duniya-trade-1; Worked in various capacities @ Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Strong biz dev/banking/finance experience.

ID 12359

Hunter Owens

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Relcy. Founded two startups and one community organization. UCLA Grad. Been building online since 12 years old.

ID 702258

Jack Bell


Founder of Pantek Partners and Advising American companies on doing business in China as a management consultant and investment banker since 2004.

ID 5693

John Driver

CEO of @joynin. Management, marketing & business development in companies ranging from angel, venture capital & private equity backed to Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 19231

Jeff Kahn

Branding & Graphic Design

ID 155163

Tim Ash

CEO SiteTuners, Chair of Conversion Conference, best-selling author of Landing Page Optimization.

ID 45686

Michael Coleman

Startup exec; early employee at several acquired Internet startups

ID 473462

Blessing Egbon

Founder @ahoydoc • Studied at @northwood-university

ID 323455

Blair Giesen

Blair on Tech - Voice of San Diego, Zambig Digital Founder, PopChatr Founder, Ex-Broadcast Media

ID 458881

Peter Seidel

• Advise emerging companies and professional service firms on business development, corporate structure and U.S. and international business initiatives. Speaking engagements include the Dutch Consulate, Canadian Consulate, Silicon House, NestGSV and the C

ID 813764

Tram Vinh

Recruiter @zillow and @retsly

ID 37970

Gregory Jay White

Startup guy - one IPO, one tanked, several successful turnarounds. Ex CEO @air-trak. Strong sales, business development and marketing skills. Let's talk!

ID 142366


CTO @storific - Developer ninja # node.js + noSQL ✌, scalability expert, Rails, Cocoa

ID 487161

Samir Kumar


Qualcomm Research business development and product management lead

ID 160013

Jan LeBoss


ID 300079

Charles Speidel

ID 160109

Matt Bentley

Founder, formerly CEO at @sedo-com • Studied at @stanford-university, @kedge-business-school

ID 67157

Nabil Takla


Founder and CEO at N3Ventures LLC

ID 233672

Ryan Vaspra

SVP of Product and Operations for Sightly. Executive level coach and player with expertise in sales, ops, product & marketing. BA MIS Oklahoma '96

ID 505060

Thomas Clancy


institutional and Individual investor / founder in over 25 Internet, software, Consumer, and Big Data startups.

ID 68256

Christopher Memmott

Founder @vault-rms, TrackTrain • Worked at @crimereports, @forensic-logic-inc • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 400287

Jay Zimmermann

Was in on the ground floor @the-orchard, @digital-rights-agency, @electronic-arts, @digital-music-group-inc, @red-melon-records • Cognitive Science at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 470796

Lucy Beard

CEO & Founder @feetz, Custom Fit 3D Printed Footwear • Worked at @zynga, @intuit • Big Data Geek • Qualified Actuary • IronMan x2

ID 109316

Stephanie Burns

Founder @chic-ceo • Studied at @national-university, @university-of-south-dakota

ID 133163

Claudio Cossio

Co-founder at @interesante - Marketing & PR | User Acquisition | Analytics | Product Development | Business Development Spain/LATAM |

ID 231463

Christian Hochfilzer


Director of UX & Strategy @netconstructor, Inc.

ID 229770


Founder and CEO of neXva enabling a direct connection between telcos, app developers and consumers

ID 131778

Kestrel Jenkins

Founding Team, Product/Sourcing Coordinator at Fashioning Change. Editor at Ecouterre, EcoSalon, & FashionMeGreen. Curated Merc-Benz Fashion Week "GreenShows".

ID 99276

Christina Glavas

Co-Founder/Alchemist @saambaa. Digital storyteller w/ int'l afairs, media literacy and strong business background; interactive artist. MIA @columbia-university, BS @cornell-university

ID 758018

Sara Smith

Content and Community Manager for internet start-up company. Serve as Advisor to local Alpha Phi International Fraternity chapter.

ID 216597

Jacob E. Mack

CEO and Founder Ai Futuristics • Studied at @walden-university NSF-REU Research @oklahoma-state-university 2011, Currently in MS IT Software Engineering Program at SNHU

ID 284699

Robert Reyes Balcorta


Founder of StartupCircle

ID 433998

Sheba Najmi

Head of Product & UX

ID 162463

Cordell Giesen


Family 1st! but after that, Creative Industrial Designer, @TrinsicLabs, @PopChatr, coAuthor @VoiceofSanDiego and an Entrepreneur that Loves to put life size puzzles together (startups) and create amazing user experiences

ID 220588

Justin Woodcock

Co-Founder @kareer-me Currently at @sony Worked at @intuit, @sambreel-services

ID 384766

Los Silva

Biz Dev, Sales Strategy and Management

ID 53630

Susie Harborth

Co-Founder, BioInnovation; CFO at @gnubio; Sr Mgmt Team at @cequent-pharmaceuticals and @boston-heart-diagnostics-1, Alum at @leerink-swann

ID 218296

Eddie Earnest

Big-picture thinker. Creator. Doer. Inbound Marketer. Marketing @zurple. Founder @seedref. Formerly @highernext and @jp-morgan. MBA @university-of-florida.

ID 226412

Caleb Christianson

I get excited about biomedical applications of nanotechnology.

ID 67097

Mark Faggiano

Co-founder of @estimatedtaxes. Previously started @filelater and @beelya.

ID 102648

Justin Ballou

Founderand CEO of NHEduTech and @uth-board-and-apparel. Socialpreneur who believes in the strength of the crowd and letting people define themselves.

ID 527313

Brett Stapper

Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of Falcon Global Capital and registered pro-Bitcoin lobbyist. Featured on Fox, CNBC, Financial Times, and 50+ other publications

ID 502598

Gen Furukawa

Food entrepreneur making healthy food accessible. Co-founded uberfood, Brown undergrad, Cornell MBA. Previously media ad sales and marketing.

ID 5935

Magnus Berggren


ID 133126

Simon Casuto

President/Managing Partner @ELearningMind, Ex-Business Development @ParkingPanda ; Ex-Associate @SPCapitalIQ ; @UCSDalumni; From San Diego

ID 684936

Shawn Xu

Growth at YC-backed @bayes-impact. Former management consultant specializing in global strategy at Bainbridge.

ID 752439

Jon Vrabel


Founder Vergence Technologies • Worked at @palantir-technologies, @rackspace, @redowl-analytics

ID 227437

David Hawkins

Startup Proven Sr. Business Development and Sales Leader, Revenue Generator,

ID 572803

Kevin Davis


worked at @EnvisionSolar and @NobleEnvironmentalTechnologies ; past politico

ID 842103

Kamshad Raiszadeh


I have been involved in multiple early biomedical start-up companies as an advisor, scientific panel, and investor.

ID 96737

Joe Magee

VP at RallyBound. Interests in new media, healthcare and social innovation. Experience building, marketing and selling nascent products.

ID 172781

Dan Zelikman

Storyteller, filmmaker, startup junkie. Forbes 30 Under 30. Mashable's Top Community Managers. I like my sugar with coffee and cream.

ID 399151

Chih Jeff Lin


ID 89747

Ryan Jones

Chief Executive Officer - Starscriber Co-Founder of @mymobilecoverage Successful exit with @sirf-technology (IPO) Angel Investor

ID 446942

Cody Barbo

Co-Founder of Industry. Co-Founder of Niche. CEO and Student Body President at Associated Students SDSU. Worked at Apple. Worked at Microsoft.

ID 43051

Stephen Handley

Working on simple apps for @hello10. Formerly product designer and engineer at @stipple, engineer at @technorati. BioE BSc. from UCBerkeley.

ID 343573

Stephen Phillips

CTO Founder @bracketeers • Worked at @accenture Veteran technologist bringing the most innovative and advanced products to market for the worlds leading brands.

ID 849088

Damon Brown

@ted speaker @tedActive @tedxJackson. Founder So Quotable app @soQuoMe. Founding team @CuddlrApp. Author @tedBooks Our Virtual Shadow. @ASJAhq Board Member

ID 204011

Jeff Nobbs

Founder @extrabux • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 392149

Topher Williams, PMP, CSM

More than a decade of technology leadership and startup experience; interested in high tech startups, particularly those that are mobile or financially focused

ID 357264

gilda campos

Founder @candy-lab-1 • Worked at @events-com-3, @wells-fargo @geary-interactive • Studied at @art-institute-of-california-san-diego

ID 284573

Joshua Parolin

Co-founder of @lennd • Web Dev Lead at @hampton-creek-foods • Worked at @zendesk, @obama-for-america and Invisible Children • Studied at @university-of-missouri, @san-diego-state-university

ID 115001

Bradley Will

Founder @freeblogfactory-com; Digital Marketing Consultant to funded geo-local iPhone app; 5 yrs exp in Digital Marketing; 3 yrs Software Development projects

ID 129776

Miguel Ramírez Lombana


Internet/Digital Media Entrepreneur

ID 85015

Craig Lee


Worked at @ameritech, @nuera • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @williams-college

ID 524627

Diana Shapiro

High-Growth C-Level Executive, Board Member, Advisor: CleanTech, Software Analytics, Virtual Reality Applications

ID 644447

Larsen Jensen

Former USA Swimming Olympian, current Navy SEAL Officer exploring professional opportunities

ID 462697

Sean Conlon

Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Adventurist • Founder @petbox • Studied at @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university

ID 304788

Michele Yoshioka

ID 46015

Ken Davenport


Cofounder/President of @my-medical-forum. EIR at CONNECT. Entrepreneur to the core. Passionate about start-ups, mobile health and working with brilliant people.

ID 316612

Raymond Lopez Aleman

Founder @stained Glass Labs, @stained • Worked at @dealmaker-media

ID 3490

Bob Wesson


Dr. Bob Wesson is a skilled executive, visionary entrepreneur, and adroit troubleshooter and turnaround expert. He has founded and sold 7 profitable tech companies.

ID 302309

Atai Kang

Founder & CEO @evangel . Previously @octobertech-1 , @miki-1 , @newinttech . Serial entrepreneur, designer, web and marketing specialist.

ID 884384

Tucker Gumber

Founder of FestEvo. Worlds first music festival critic. Strong sales background. Burner. 

ID 42784

Orville Esoy

Visual and Experience Designer at digital telepathy looking to help out with bike oriented start-ups.

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 534289

Ian Parnes

Business Development @camfind. Proven winner, always exceeds quotas, fun to work with, lives with a smile.

ID 66845

Michael Brown

Founder of EvenBetterHalf, VP, Strategy at Digitaria (@digithoughts). Former @bravotv executive. 2013 SLP Fellow. Tech, music & architecture geek.

ID 8049

Mark Tholking

Co-Founder of Studio Tentpole. Previously Co-Founder of @bigsho

ID 121625

Patrick Dodd

President of Blinksale. Customer engagement guru. Love building incredible products on the internet. Proud Baylor grad.

ID 117800

Justin Bradford

Background in quantitative sciences, and writing software across many domains for the majority of my life -- from device drivers to databases to web apps.

ID 78472

Mehrad Tavakoli

Founder @invesd • Worked at @intel, @qualcomm • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine

ID 212066

Adam Gordon

Founder/CEO of Jury Box, Inc. @harvard-university @UVALaw. Currently also Deputy District Attorney for San Diego County.

ID 350408

Aron Schuhmann

Account Strategist at Digital Telepathy. Strong background in objectives-based design.

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 97181

J. David Morris

Marketing Professional

ID 663871

Daniel Bogart

Freelance web designer and developer specializing in Ruby on Rails in conjunction with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PostgreSQL.

ID 432751

Jeffrey Friedman


Stanford MD/PhD with Heme/Onc research background. Peds training at Boston Children's Hospital, and Heme/Onc research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. PI at The Scripps Research Institute 2003-2012. Angel/VC investor full-time since 2/2012.

ID 234468

Laurence Montgomery

GM at @digital-telepathy

ID 143786

Stefano Fontana

Entrepreneur with deep interest and knowledge of user psychology

ID 124193

Olin Hyde

Artificial intelligence, machine learning & cognitive science. Serial entrepreneur. ENTP. CEO & Founder of Englue.

ID 377161

John Plavan


SEAR provides seed capital to drive innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

ID 175694

David Phruksukarn

Founder @padded; Worked at @digium, @switchvox; CompSci at @SDSU

ID 21570

Alexander Farennikov

Senior front-end engineer at Teradek

ID 145429

Xiao Ma

As a computer scientist/hacker, I believe the ultimate goal of computer technologies is to help people live better.

ID 788756

Brian Posalski

ID 388515

Kim Folsom

Expert Bus Dev, Sales and Marketing, and Fundraising and Gotomarket strategy for early stage start-ups.

ID 128351

Derick Downs

Derick Downs is the CEO of @bidslist. Prior- Project Manager at Sony- Created program that generated on averaged 4.5M a month. Created- @bidslist

ID 82492

Allan Krinsky

Worked at @slidegenius, @nulu • Studied at University of California, Santa Barbara

ID 142820

Ryan Keenan

Founder @livelyfeed • Worked at @copart • Studied at @northern-arizona-university

ID 22746

Jason Akatiff


President @brockway-media. Founder & CEO @a4d, Founded @pixlwise-1. Director of Franchise Development @blimpie-international.

ID 54026

Brandon Hull

Exec-level Biz Dev & Marketing Executive. Startup advisor in marketing services space. Strong digital out-of-home, guest experience and loyalty marketing.

ID 328189

Yossi Goldlust

Ad operations, media buying and account management

ID 738423

Drew Beal

I create games that influence consumer behavior. Co-founder of Kill the Cup, Social Ventures for Sustainability. Sports fan.

ID 254120

Chad Collins

ID 63023

Bill Walton

Executive Chairman CONNECT San Diego Sport Innovators | Business Incubator | Investor Round-table | Entrepreneur Mentor @sd-sport-innovators-sdsi

ID 541305

Preet Chandhoke


Founder 01 Synergy, @social-media-freaks • Worked at @bank-of-montreal • Investor @social-media-freaks • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 254480

Mark Wells


Wireless Tech Entrepreneur, at Nokia in 90's, raised $100M+ in funding, just exited Procon, in acquisition by Bertram Cap. Now in & others

ID 16044

Dan O'Neill


Strong product development and business background. Focused on time critical issues, driving increased sales and delighting customers.

ID 184546

Matthew Andrews

Founder @picvoice-1 • Worked at @sap • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university, @rollins-college

ID 769028

Carla Sevilla

Marketing @candy-lab-1 and @target-corporation, Founder @divine Occasions

ID 732474

Dr. Lance Patak

ID 161357

Steve Morell

Music Teacher at Pacific Ridge School. Strong music and business background with degrees from @berklee-college-of-music and @northeastern-university University.

ID 540840

Zoran Vladisavljevic

Zoran Founded TixAlert Inc., Founded CreatorBig, Works at One World, and Advises at Alliance West Realty

ID 104365

Polachary Madupu

Co-Founder @ / Backend Architect / iOS Ninja / Algorithmic Trading Hacker / An Alright Guy

ID 150297

Lisa C. Clark, MBA

Founder, Thinker Collection/Thinker Clothing. Visual/product designer, lead marketer start-ups/Sun/F500. MBA - Marketing George Washington U, BA Georgetown.

ID 322346

Farid Muhammad

CEO of Flypeeps and Founding member. Strong business background worked for @general-electric and, @united-technologies • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 122360

Touradj Barman

CEO, Roovy

ID 631111

Brian Langer

ID 136560

Raj Naik

Vice President, Ops & Strategy at; Specialize in taking companies from idea to profitability. 1st software startup out of college sold to Oracle.

ID 204678

Michael Di Lauro

Founder @venistat • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 478947

Flor Ortiz

ID 55605

Sandy Weisman


Entrepreneur and C-level GM. Co-founder, Wearable Wellness 2014; Co-founder, CEO eMediacy, successful exit 2012; SVP NeoPoint, pre-revenue to $100M IPO filing.

ID 542769

Lenny Grokop

Founder Zenhavior • Worked at @qualcomm-research • Ph.D. in EECS from @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 505728

Anmol Maini


UCSD CS, Mentored 3 companies as an EiR at GSF (Startup Incubator) in India. Co-Founder, OnlineMP (Work in Progress). Featured in the National Newspaper.

ID 149615

Ryan Walsh

Product Management Hacker @extrabux • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 219135

Jeff (J.D.) Davids


Worked at @organic, @chromatin • Studied at @the-ohio-state-university-1

ID 95695

Maha Achour

Founder & CEO @starsvu, also founded @rayspan & @lightpointe. Pioneered breakthrough technologies in wireless comm & video sys. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Ph.D. graduate in Physics.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 72056

Seth Siegler

Founder Curb Call. Founded & sold Robot Workshop Real Estate Tech. 10 yrs real estate brokerage experience. Ruby on Rails & iOS coder. Hustler. (The good kind)

ID 403133

Rob Crawford

Food and Beverage nerd and co-founder of Klinq. Follow our start-up app journey on my blog. UNLVAlum CIA Alum #Vegas @GoKlinq

ID 351489

Susan Ram

Sales and Business Development strategist, seeking an individual contributor sales role or team management. Customer focused "hunter" with MBA from UC Berkeley

ID 496229

Jerry Jones

Founder Spaceman Labs. Was an early employee and iOS Team Lead @mellmo . Developing for iOS since 2007.

ID 812280

Zuleyma Bebell

Passionate about connecting people and harvesting mutually beneficial relationships.

ID 6811

Mike Thompson

Founder of Coscover. Data junkie. PhD in theoretical chemistry. Ex-MIT blackjack team. Co-owned largest blackjack team. Python, Javascript, data analysis, etc.

ID 792118

Ville Penttilä


Over 15 years of global leadership roles in mobile and digital business. Co-founded a technology startup that provided messaging solutions to mobile operators.

ID 191604

Craig Samuels


Founder FoundThat • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis. Strong work ethic and passion for investing, startups, and entrepreneurship. First startup sold to Plato Learning.

ID 717908

Michael Lamendola

Recovering cruise ship singer with strong writing chops and experience looking to utilize my unique skill set to create compelling, memorable content and copy.

ID 29042

Mark Cromack

Founder, President, Cogi, Inc.; Founder, CEO & CTO, CrystalVoice (Exit 2007); Founder, Principal, QIC:Solutions, Inc.; PulsePoint

ID 52801

Paul Miser

Founder of @blackwhalegroup; an idea studio converging physical with digital. Strong business background on both Coasts. Ex Mad Man. MBA 2004.

ID 263243

Shawn O'Malley

Founder trend|tapper • Worked at @abb • Studied at @cornell-university, @stanford-university

ID 272785

Siavash Ghamaty

Entrepreneur & Technical Leader; Full Stack Cross Platform Game Developer; 3rd Mobile Engineer @zynga. Developer @vmix @kintera @blackbaud @ucsd

ID 64551

Josh Wexelbaum

CEO at @kingside

ID 612098

Ken San Vicente

Founder @glucovation • Worked at @dexcom • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-california-irvine

ID 225554

Daniel Khabie


CEO of @digitaria • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 832072

Chuk Moran

Software history PhD UC San Diego. Organized researcher, writer, and critical thinker

ID 205918

Joshua Reicher, M.D.

Co-Founder @health-companion. Radiology Resident @stanford-university. Medical School @university-of-california-san-diego. Bridging tech innovation to medicine & health.

ID 358514

Kelly Chou

I analyze things with Excel sheets, solve problems with scratch papers & pencils & creative tools, think like a designer, and envision like a business leader.

ID 426264

Philippe Roche


Founder Inovexus

ID 198692

Steve Mejia

Co-Founder Chekout • Work at-com • MBA from Azusa Pacific University

ID 88873

John T. Balicki

Seeking New Roles (BizDev, Sales, Fundraising, CFO/COO) Tech Analyst, Biz Developer, Startup Advisor, Cleantech Disruptor (Wind+Solar) Former Co-Founder @xvolve... Advisor @pixelle-3 + @curiocity CPA + MBA @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university

ID 541352

Paul Puey

Founder Airbitz Inc • Worked at @nvidia • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley • Tons of small business experience and able to bridge the gap between people and technology

ID 384551

Chris Womack


Product guy passionate about payments & consumer software/hardware. Proven ability to start & commercialize new ideas in small & large companies

ID 535574

Nick Lapworth

Experienced entrepreneur & marketing executive that uses expertise in customer targeting & user experience design to drive growth in customer acquisition.

ID 103800

Christian Hassold

Entrepreneur with extensive experience in ecommerce. Expertise in fulfillment, warehouse distribution, product content mgt. On the side: ticket scalping/resale.

ID 156711

Mike Corrales

Founder @greenest-host • Worked at @nirvanix, @billmyparents • Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @columbia-business-school

ID 82789

Patrick Gilbert


President & CEO, 4SmartPhone, Inc.

ID 47685

Chris Yin

Armchair Philosopher. Product at @coupa. Formerly @Xpenser (acquired by Coupa). Startup, tech product, and self improvement.

ID 519706

Tracy Kim

MIT MBA graduate and former McKinsey consultant with a proven track record of leading change seeks dynamic and exciting entrepreneurial challenge

ID 61697

Mario Proietti

CEO at LocationSmart - the leading cloud-based location platform for enterprises.

ID 23508

Stephen Boyd

CEO & Co-Founder of @mobubble. Application/Systems Engineer 4+ years. Marketing/Bizdev 4+ Years. VMI/Supply-Chain Manager. Pro Ball Player. Quantitive Econ @university-of-california-irvine.

ID 625863

Mike Hill

Stanford engineer, Harvard MBA. Extensive experience building successful products at high-growth, market-leading technology companies. Former CIA officer.

ID 110997

Eric Roach


CEO & Co-founder of @xydo-2. Founder & pioneer of online stock trading at Lombard. CEO of eLance and Executive VP at Morgan Stanley over Marketing and e-commerce.

ID 22879

Wes Hather

Co-Founder of @grouptalent (Funded by @techstars Seattle '11), Co-Founder of Team Apart (Funded by YC S'08), BA in CS at University of Washington

ID 87911

Scott Roehrick

Founder @impactflo • Worked at @nmbul • Sustainable Development and Economics at @university-of-california-san-diego • Chasing dreams of changing the world at @startupchile

ID 698804

Sam Thomas

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Cloud accounting on the Xero platform. Tech savvy, results driven.

ID 199186

Gary Ferguson

Alternate Reality developer - choosing to make the world a better place.

ID 158679

Juliet Oberding

Co-Founder of Predictably Well. IP Attorney.

ID 422736

Sunil Davé

Full Stack Engineer, Javascript Guru, and Rubyist!

ID 698405

Erika Barnes

Marketing expert with 8 years of experience. Driven and motivated individual looking for a new challenge.

ID 755879

Masa Nakamura

ID 76033

Robert Chen

Data Mining/Machine Learning PhD student. Data scientist, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology alum, MD candidate. Also a competitive weightlifter & shooter.

ID 342657

Daniel Pena


High-integrity, energetic leader known for ability to envision and create successful outcomes for complex problems.

ID 713766

Greg Short


Founder of multiple successful startups in media, professional services, and education for the video game industry.

ID 832257

Rob Connolly

Founder BuzzJam • Studied at @western-governors-university

ID 104145

David Lofton

Business Development & Operations Strategist, Stanford/Pepperdine Alum, Former pro athlete

ID 168276

Jamie Bacher

Founder @pareto-biotechnologies • Worked at chemical/fuels startups, eg Total (partner with @amyris-biotechnologies), @sapphire-energy • PhD UT, Austin

ID 72044

Tarun Kumar

Founder, @bookmedoc • Worked at, @Xavient Information Systems • Studied at @woodbury, @Thapar Institute Of Engineering & Technology

ID 274840

Nikki Truitt

Loves technology, art, family, the outdoors, startups | Co-Founder, Code Fluidics | Co-Founder, UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge | VP, MIT Club of San Diego

ID 145255


@starsvu Web Application streamlines the video production process by creating socially connected online communities that collaborate on producing wide varieties

ID 226067

Vince Liptak

Co-founder of 99 Companies. PhD from U of Chicago. JD and MBA from U of San Diego. NIH Post-doctoral Fellow at Caltech. Worked at Pfizer and Applied Biosystems.

ID 21544

Matt Marcin


Founder @zeeto-media

ID 800363

Faisal Mushtaq

ID 142074

Chadwick Horn

Graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Biology from @stanford-university. Avid sweat equity investor in promising startups.

ID 528625

Jeremy Schneider

Founder @rentlinx • Founder of WhatsThatCharge • MSE and BSE in CS at Michigan • SDE Intern at @microsoft • 6'4", 210lbs of fun

ID 442103

Michael Kenny

The Smart Workplace Solution for those seeking new connections, space that inspires and the flexibility to use what you need, when you need it.

ID 396026

Shawn Partridge

Founder at @yo-moments. Worked as @independent-consultant & 11 years at @bank-of-america. Studied at @arizona-state-university. 1st Web Startup in High School

ID 45992

Ryan Kim

Founder of @stratacution-ventures | Experts with Funding Preparation | Live, eat and drink the entrepreneur lifestyle. Always innovating, never settling.

ID 182375

Matt Cullerton

CTO @ F#

ID 590182

Keith Otto

Web / App Developer (Art + Design + Code) Front-End and Server-Side.

ID 150010

Bryan Barkley

Worked at @time-inc, @tripadvisor, @monster • Studied at @rice-university

ID 551869

Nicola (Nikki) Zahl

Founder SoCal EED • Worked at @life-technologies, @becton-dickinson • Studied at @santa-clara-university, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 506874

Charles Simmons

CEO / Founder@Anyone Media Network, Inc • CEO / Founder@Yayway Manager@Strawberry Records, President@Sun Valley Records, Platinum CD Award certified RIAA

ID 39156

Ced Funches

Founder of Flippo Interactive. 1st startup at age of 19. Strong global branding background. Former NBA Art Director . UI/UX Specialist. Published Author.

ID 211309

Dr Ron Greenspan

A versatile dentist and orthodontist, Dr. Ron Greenspan offers a full spectrum of corrective procedures to his patients at Greenspan Orthodontics.

ID 287981

Claudio Canive

ID 724015

Chintan Sanghvi

USC EE, multi purpose engineer, strong customer relationship management, business focus and technology savvy

ID 227586

Jaime Ravelo


Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor • Strong business background

ID 672732

Ankur Garg

Currently Work at EIP US LLP • Worked at @qualcomm, @knobbe-martens • Studied at @harvard-law-school, @university-of-michigan

ID 834139

Andrew XU

Founder MojoChat, @iraindrops • Worked at @qualcomm, @intel-corporation • Studied at @iowa-state-university

ID 162454

Matthew Schotz

Founder @text-together. USC Entrepreneur Program. Champion Sportfisherman and Yacht Captain.

ID 856162

Brian Messick

Healthcare Cloud Expert

ID 606836

Justin Kiggins

Computational Neuroscience PhD Student at UC San Diego; Python developer.

ID 78962

Daniel Landsman

Director of Sales @smaato, Founder @HyperconGlobal, #Tech #Sales #Strategy #AdTech

ID 676452

Ryan Fisher

Full Stack Software Engineer

ID 733913

Justin Greely

Start-up focused professional. Capable one-man start-up. Successfully launched two multi-million dollar companies

ID 446330

Pascal Wiscour-Conter

Serial & seasoned entrepreneur, founder & CEO at IT MOVES IT, proposing LEADiNiUS, a unique SaaS, all-in-one, modular management software

ID 231431

Chloe Wright

social marketing fan, started a social media consulting company in 2008 and have loved it ever since. Ready for new challenges in the start up industry

ID 718322

Chris Rappley

Founder LAMID Studios Studied at @harvard-university-1 @harvard-kennedy-school-of-government Executive Advisor to early stage ventures.

ID 316014

Bhairvee Shavdia

Successful Entrepreneur with previous work experience in private equity, early stage investments, finance, marketing and sales.

ID 266920

Dave Deriso

CEO of SH. PhD Student @oxford Neuroscience. Worked @ucsd AI/CS/Robotics Lab, Winner @AT&T Health Hackathon 2012, Winner Best Demo ECCV 2012. Coding for 12+yrs.

ID 367731

Ed Lombardo

Well-developed sales and client facing skills with commitment to customer satisfaction. Solid negotiating learned from mentors. Pro-active prospecting talent.

ID 336225

Will Caldwell


CEO at Dizzle. Writer at and Inman News. Grew up in Real Estate. Kitesurfer. Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 38919

Matt Doerner-Miller

Serial entrepreneur. Founder VRTR Tech (sold to private investor). Seabright (sold to private investor). MBA @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 443263

Edgar MacBean

Creative technology with 15 years health technology product mgmt; been to battle on front lines of consumer genomics battle (FDA, Congress).

ID 452241

Gillian Reckler

Data-driven marketer and SaaS enthusiast. I write engaging web copy, case studies and whitepapers that bring prospects into the funnel.

ID 414648

Malte Laass

Founder & CEO @nuviz • MBA/BBA at @university-of-fribourg • worked at @homburg-partner-management-consulting, @glaxosmithkline

ID 100596

Deepkarn Bedi

Co-founder & CEO at @cloudeas

ID 615978

Ed Rainey

Director of Finance @back-to-the-roots • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 495939


high quality, private, in-home academic tutoring,test preparation & admissions consulting - -

ID 411849

James Dickey


Individual investor.

ID 104472

Randy Ellspermann

CFO @ CFO Capital One Auto Finance VP

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 67460

Matti Aistrich

Business development at Sitra, the Finnish fund for innovation

ID 552267

Nigel P. Beard, Ph.D

Founder & CTO @feetz Custom Fit 3D Printed Footwear • Worked at @LifeTechnologies @gsk • Technology Visionary • PhD Microfluidics @imperial-college-london

ID 100304

Holden Robbins

Chief Technical Officer at @company-data-trees

ID 749084

Jeffrey Gregor


ID 335627

Shideh Naderi

Electrical Engineer and Computer Science major at SDSU. Creating things that need to be created.

ID 524403

Sam Pilling

Experienced Operations and Finance Exec focused on growth and risk management. Multi-lingual with degrees from Yale (BA) and HEC Paris/Columbia (MBA).

ID 702458

Alexander Glenn

ID 147315

Jeffrey Nichols

Worked at @IBMResearch • Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 230519

Ahmed El-kalliny

Marketing @thermo-fisher-scientific. Cofounder @preebo.Technical appreciation (BioEngineering M.S. & MBA). Diverse market research experience (@booz-allen)

ID 343440

Tracy McMillan

Founder localeikki • Worked at @university-of-texas-at-austin, @university-of-kansas-1 • Studied at @emory-university, @university-of-california-irvine

ID 248761

Terri Harel

Founder @impactflo • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley • Previously Editor-in-Chief of nonprofit media start up, @independent-voter-network. "always question."

ID 117510

Paul R. Gain

Start-up CEO and Board Member, Private and Public Companies. @monster-offers, ZalaPay, @drhealthshare, @prime-mover, Lydian, Wellfound, CMstat, and others.

ID 374550

Melissa Monday, Ph.D.

Co-founder of DineLogiK. Contributing author of #1 Bestseller. Dual Ph.D. in Industrial/Org. Psychology. Strong background in digital technology and web.

ID 101541

Fabrice Gould

ID 588418

Jeff Wilson

Hands-on recruitment manager with strong technology background and understanding of complex stacks. Well versed in hiring best practices and compliance.

ID 121860

Nathan Ricklin

COO and Co-Founder of @tomnod; PhD in Electrical Engineering;

ID 436582

Nathan Gustafson

Business Development- currently working for Basho Technologies, makers of Riak, open-source NoSQL distributed database.

ID 533720

Chandler Taylor

Founder @female Shave Club, @timeless-memories-inc • Studied at @harvard-extension

ID 20550

Caleb Gilbertson

Growth Hacking since 2005

ID 604332

Cameron Fous


I'm the owner and founder of

ID 601046

Thomas Keslinke

Thomas Co-founded @chef-s-roll-inc a global network for culinary professionals. Thomas has worked in fine-dining, Luxury hotels and Fortune 500 Companies.

ID 48400

Akram Benmbarek

Entrepreneur, founder of Soovox, and the creator of the Social IQ ( Ready to Rock the world with the 1st influence network.

ID 540521

Devon Read

Founder & CEO of Blocktech Inventor of Alexandria Former VFX artist @the-jim-henson-company, Creative @apple, war vet @usmc Pursuing a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

ID 442417

Zach Cohen

Founding Team & COO @ Holonis • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 82366

Zach Crawford

Founder: MindTrix Apparel, LineStand.Ninja • Worked at @several-companies • Studied at @academy-of-art-university

ID 393535

Ken McCord

ID 401663

Ryan Vanderbilt

Co-founder @kerros-health - Prior: Google, Anomaly, Landor. @FastCoExist, End Malaria.

ID 263297

Brian Ramphal


CEO & Investor of Zonic Design & Imaging LLC, 3 successful exiting in Automotive monthly subscription based Sales and Services Marketing platform.

ID 343697

Sebastian Roberts

Entrepreneur • Product Manager • MBA • 15 years sales experience • BS Integrated Marketing Communications

ID 861400

Tory Carroll

ID 532204

Julio de Unamuno IV


Published anti-cancer therapeutic research as undergrad. 7+ years BizDev pro, including Fortune 200 lean manufacturer. UCSD MBA 2014, Emerging Leaders Fellow.

ID 860405

Andrew Bart


Entrepreneur, Tech Investor, Advisory Board Member, Digital Marketer focusing on SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Software Platforms and Apps.

ID 41563

Mark Thompson

Co-founder, mobile and server-side engineer at Explorence. Studied Computer Science. Graduate work with wireless sensor networks and 3d game programming. Currently focused on iOS development.

ID 123917

Timothy Breidigan

ID 170588

John Culligan


Studied at @university-of-manitoba

ID 33892

Kevin Hell

CEO On-Ramp Wireless, Former CEO at DivX, Former Chairman EvoNexus

ID 296154

Lada Rasochova


Managing director, Rady Venture Fund, student-assisted VC fund at the Rady School of Management at UCSD

ID 291319

Joseph Young

Experienced senior product management in a technology working on mobile or connected devices. Interest in an international perspective in greater China.

ID 476484

Lori Barry

Technical Recruiting - Hardware & Software PinPoint Recruiting Solutions

ID 5622

Fanny Surjana

Front End Web Developer

ID 573786

Blake Kos

Leader in the making from Claremont McKenna College, Passionate about the environment and Determined to be successful through entrepreneurial endeavors

ID 31471

Benjamin Lotan

Background in Cognitive Science, Interaction Design, Art, and Urbanism. Founded Social Print Studio in 2010.

ID 20189

Renee Zau

Co-founder/CEO of DonationMatch. Graduate of Founder Institute & SLP. 13 years as multi-unit franchisee. Nonprofit board member/auction chair.

ID 857114

Chad Collins

ID 66908

Fahad Ahmad

Successfully built new product lines and web based businesses. Executed monetization strategies to set up reliable and growing revenue streams.

ID 742458

Brett Goldsmith

World leading nanotech scientist. Worked for DARPA, UPenn, US Navy, Silicon Valley and now my own company. Bringing this new technology to market.

ID 505709

Banafsheh Siadat

Experienced health policy professional; advanced quantitative and qualitative skills; strategic planning/bus. dev; excellent communication skills (verbal, oral)

ID 443075

Chris Montgomery

Founder @musemantik • Worked at @mp3-com, @emi-music • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 529947

Ed Kim

SCM & Operation Executive in Tech Industry

ID 112880

Dan Beach

@scorestream VP Business Development, @espn Mobile Director Product Development, CEO JSN/BRANDitTV, Disney Mobile Director of Product Development,

ID 744384

Al Kendrick

>20 yrs in ops, investment mngmt, & cap markets. Strong turnaround experience in multi-million $ businesses. Techy. Interested in c-level role. Wharton MBA.

ID 302803



Senior Marketing and General Manangement Executive with over 25 years of experience at HP and Kodak

ID 223388

Joleen Reutlinger

ID 241824

Arnold Sanchez


Founder @archinomist • Worked at @nbc-universal, @anheuser-busch • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 462672

Claire Holroyd

Consumer-facing creative with a passion for bringing vision and value to global execution across technologies.

ID 542523

Vernon Pertelle

Vernon Pertelle is a founding partner of StratiHealth • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @Catholic Health Initiatives

ID 381120

Kevin Brinig

Georgetown Accounting/Finance, Stanford Energy Certificate; Entrepreneurially minded, highly-motivated generalist; Worked at Booz Allen Hamilton

ID 180545

Noel Norcross

Independent editor and writer. Studied at @harvard-university, @columbia-university. PhD in English. Strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills.

ID 182150

Jennifer Newell

Worked at @gnip, @bridgepoint-education • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 743940

John Nite

John has overseen the Design and Development of innovative products for brands such as Under Armour and The North Face. He is a co-founder of Wearable Wellness.

ID 817223

Scott Fetters

Startup mentor, digital marketer, copywriter, blogger @the-huffington-post, founder @high-five-digital-marketing & @project-nominate.

ID 708085

Gabriel Garcia

Private Equity Investor (Platinum Equity; Silver Canyon); Wharton MBA 2012

ID 94262

Seamus Garland


Chief Financial Officer

ID 132434

Dr. Larry Rosen

Professor of Psychology. Author of "iDisorder", "Rewired", "Me, @myspace and I", and "TechnoStress". Research on the "Psychology of Technology." Keynote Speaker

ID 595874

Jason Liu

ID 510115

Douglas Burke


Founder Cognitive Medical Systems, Inc., @ehnc • Worked at @university-of-pittsburgh-1, @science-applications-intl-corporation • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego, @university-of-pittsburgh

ID 74115

Rory Conway

Product-driven business leader. Product Manager, Microsoft Office 365; Biz Dev lead at payments startup. MBA Wharton, BA U Chicago. Equity crowdfunding expert.

ID 515830

Wayne Wolder

Founder @newency-3, @burboo-ab • Worked at @ericsson • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @lund-university

ID 76603

Mark Kubatov

Founder & CEO at Canecom, ShopDash, Partner at Traction Tribe

ID 646025

Chaminda Wijetilleke

Founder StreetMarch • Worked at @aol, @anonymizer • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @london-school-of-economics

ID 500533

George Colberg

Contributing to the performance of people, companies and nonprofit's through effective strategic planning,& stakeholder relationship development.

ID 80063

Richard Swanson

CEO @Resumoto Track record with over $500MM in sales and two successful exits. Former CEO @wopodo @OnLineStaffing

ID 504765

Hrant Seferyan

MBA'14 candidate at Haas-Berkeley | Worked in Finance at Juniper Networks | Led North American Sales at GSI Group

ID 347972

Patrick Hustad

CEO of Mystorya, Co founded TWO7 Inc.- App Development with KEOIS founder Devin Sewell along with a handful of other startups. Worked at AOL - Beverly Hills.

ID 288319

Adam Levenson

ID 192108

Mattias Ullholm

Director of Partnerships & Business Ops @advsor, Worked as New Market Development Manager @wimax-forum • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 95769

Tony Yost


ID 352966

John Hood

Experienced Customer Support and Success Director. Built high performance teams at two start-ups.

ID 182897

Jeff Mataya

Entrepreneur, programmer, and triathlon geek. Worked at Microsoft,, and various other startups writing code and building product.

ID 87502

Phil Ohme


Principal Interaction Designer @intuit, Mobile UX'er, Innovation Catalyst, Design Thinker, Gamification'er. Previously @independa, @wingcast, Ford, GM, HP.

ID 127395

Saurabh Bajaj

Product Management, Marketing & Innovation Leader

ID 233290

Scott Messier

VP Business Development @juggernautsearch @searchcontrol, VP Business Development @dentedego, Business Development Manager @zingle, Startup, Sales and Marketing, OEX Trader, Finance, University of Florida, SEO, CRM, Proud Parent, Beach Volleyball, Surf

ID 565929

Adam McLean

Marketing, sales and brand management professional with 4+ years hands on experience in aggressive small business start-ups.

ID 77417

Greg Kelemen

I help owners get their company finance-ready. 20+ years in printing (Southam), wireless data (Teklogix) and telecom (Nortel). Businessman. Investor. Catalyst.

ID 236310

Jonathan Gwiazda

Talented product director with deep experience in online advertising, ad exchanges, real time bidding platforms, reporting and analytics, UX/UI design. Environmental education and passion.

ID 276602

Craig Gilmore


Founded Experienced in strategy development and company formation.

ID 69140


Education, Rice U. in progress...

ID 136875

Dave Blackman

Founder Share It Fitness. BBA from James Madison University. Worked at Fortune 500, small start-up consulting and as a federal employee.

ID 648668

Ross Bundy

13 years in various business functions. Marketing, Business Development, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing/Operations planning.

ID 778929

Maxine Wang

UI/UX designer@MailTime; Studied at Academy of Art University.

ID 878975

Somit Talwar

ID 35716

Grant Fraley

Co-Founder at @terrapan-labs LLC

ID 290210

Sinuhe Huidobro

President at AirScoreboard. Electrical Engineer, strong sports management background, loves coding, cycling, racquetball

ID 635260

Glenn Lortscher

Co-Founder @pocketderm

ID 553954

Shaun Keating

Founder of • Senior Writer at babblr, Inc • Journalist, author, content expert

ID 370525

Kate Finley

Marketing Director @career-contessa, @stanford and @university-of-warwick-1 grad

ID 480352

Kevin Ciesielski

Founder @bold-band-smartwatch, CarrierLIVE • Worked at @dnc-distributors-llc • Studied at @baylor-university, @the-university-of-texas-at-tyler

ID 176508

Gigi Ross

Worked at @intuit, @federated-media • Studied at @millikin-university, @depaul-university

ID 668044

Ankit Buti

Purdue CS, Stanford GSB & Software Engineer / Project Lead at Qualcomm. Ambitious & passionate about tech and entrepreneurship.

ID 12227

Rob Gordon

New Economy Community Builder. Developing business and social networks to keep us connected and moving forward.

ID 174287

Penny Bauder

Founder and CEO of Green Kid Crafts. Founder Institute Female Fellow. Winner of Leading Moms in Business Competition. M.E.S.

ID 501237

Michael Cassara

Serial entrepreneur: Founder @belike, Co-founder @mood-media, Co-founder @spamex. Studied at @usc-marshall-school-of-business

ID 693899

James Christopher

ID 58099

Aryeh Elbaz


Entrepreneur | Investor | Fitness/MMA junkie

ID 24460

Darryl Rettig

Co-Founder and CTO of DonationMatch. Over 20 years experience in building enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence systems.

ID 64900

Egbert Oostburg

Top producer at Pfizer. Transitioned from commanding capital ships to capital funds. Seasoned deal-maker.

ID 645423

Michael Eisenwasser

Founder BuddyBoss, LLC • Worked at @songlyrics • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 205912

Steven Zhou


Associate Director of Sales & Trading; $5MM in Personal Sales; 150+ Transactions; Capital Markets; Private Equity; M&A Advisory Background

ID 542042

Darren Levitt

Founder @centerrific • Worked at @trialpay • Studied Economics at @university-of-michigan

ID 64283

kim whittemore

women's health advocate, insultant, pro bowler wannabe

ID 664612

Lori Laurent Smith

ID 721082

Larry Pollack

ID 184322

Adam Rosenberg

Mobile-focused Business Analyst

ID 298160

Ben Ziskind

Product Management, Usability, Software Engineering, Cloud Services. Founder of 2 startups. Carnegie Mellon IS/HCI, USC MBA. Creating Entertainment Technology.

ID 412522

Marcel Rogalla

Founder & Chairman @nuviz • President & CEO @holoeye-systems-inc

ID 319457

Irene Sinn

PhD in Life Sciences with Strong Technical and Marketing Background; Worked in both Start-Up and Large Corporation Environments.

ID 277657

James Wyman


Raise capital for private companies. Extensive investor relationships, biz dev expertise, and transaction execution experience. 5yrs @morgan-stanley

ID 695996

Andrew Song

UCLA and MIT grad, experienced technical lead for the timely identification, resolution, and implementation of continuous process improvements. Problem solver.

ID 223878

Adrian Reyes


ID 215611

Steve E. Tice

COO EVDrive, 31 years, 3 tech start-ups, c-level exec, key tech, marketing & operations skills honed in aerospace, powersports, advertzing, simulation to gaming

ID 791658

John Scully Parker

UCLA Anderson MBA with a career background in finance and politics

ID 42684

Takara Bullock

Founder of @hitch-d. Mother of two. Web Designer and Fulbright Fellow. Former Tech Recruiter in Tokyo.

ID 734768

Stephen B. Conti

ID 732487

Raage Bullaleh

Business Development Manager who has been an early employee of two successful start up that existed.

ID 848862

Matt Wrosch

Aerospace and electronics technologist. Materials Science degrees from UCSD and Michigan. Homebrewer. Bowler.

ID 266292

Evan Escalle, CPA

Salem Partners Investment Banker, UCLA Class of 2012, Ex-PwC, founder of Aptologist

ID 95710

Jonah Frisch

Founder of DrinkCity. Founder/Partner of @the-visionary-group. Worked at Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals. Graduate of Babson College.

ID 121788

Weiwei Xiong

Co-founder of Whova, PhD from UIUC

ID 464356

Alina Gordon

See my LinkedIn profile.

ID 610600

Michael Singer

ID 683106

Jen Fausner

Art Director/Adventurer Venue Report. 7 yrs design industry exp. BFA Graphic Design/BA Comm. Owns Graphic Design Co. Mom of 2.

ID 81383

Tom O'Brien

Founded - a small bus. platform. Co-Founder and COO @Data Insurance Licensing Ltd. Founder and Lead Consultant at BootstrapTechnology Consulting.

ID 222875

Drew Shepard

Entrepreneur • Former Founder and CEO @nmbul • 10 years at @general-dynamics and @nasa • Bachelor of Science and Engineering at @arizona-state-university

ID 243406

Laura E. Nelson

Strategic Marketing Leader / MBA with creative background

ID 703221

Daniel Chesong Lee

Hush Technology

ID 528742

Tracy Nguyen

Operations Analyst, experience in startups, focused on deadlines, like to get hands on with all projects

ID 683102

Rodrigo Muller

Web Manager @venue-report. 11 years of experience as web manager, project manager, web developer and creative director.

ID 541368

R.J. Raljoseph Ricasata

ID 753142

Gilbert Fu

Stanford Engineering Grad, UCLA Engineering Grad, Work at Qualcomm

ID 627267

Sweta Patel

Award-Winning Marketing Consultant | National Keynote Speaker | Influential Author | Studied @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 54992

Isaac De La Fuente

CEO at Mono Machines LLC Redefining how Businesses and the Govt. Buy Office Equipment

ID 780254

Lester Lie

Founder @box-top-up, Box Top Up • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @new-york-university

ID 200363

Kelly M. Ferguson

Founder @my-assistant • Worked at @motorola-mobility-inc • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego, @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 216688

Avi Tal


Co-Founder @interesante • Studied at @university-of-arizona, @mcguire-center-for-entrepreneurship

ID 174308

Jeff Heys

Founder @green-kid-crafts • Worked at @national-park-service • Studied at @stanford-university, @alaska-pacific-university

ID 239923

Joel Drotleff

iOS developer with a background in UX. Love coding & design. Former founder of Breadcrumbs (mobile app startup).

ID 606593

Dylan Ortega

Recent Pepperdine grad with experience in finance and tech startup environment

ID 382333

Paola Reyes

Worked as an advertising manager at @brandreach • Studied at @duke-university, @new-york-university, @wellesley-college

ID 493219

Vinay Mavram

Passionate @university-of-california-san-diego cs graudate. Worked at @amazon and @websense Seeking full time backend software engineering opportunities

ID 866713

Avtar Singh

ID 40403

Keith Posehn

Strategic thinker bridging the gap between product, technology and business, with an eye for innovative market opportunities.

ID 146482

Vlad Kroutik


Founder @fitcommerce, @momentix • Worked at @sapient, @motorola • Investor @fitcommerce, @momentix • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 605985

Matt Longo

Senior Operating Executive. Wireless Professional. Proximity Marketing Subject Matter Expert. Launched numerous startups. Successfully raised over $300MM.

ID 118584

Jeran Fraser


CEO | Entrepreneuer | Investor | Visionary

ID 58205

Jason Kenagy

VP, Product Management & Business Development, Brew MP at Qualcomm

ID 150854

Al-Amin Vira

Worked at @ernst-young, @nortel-networks • Studied at Univ. of Waterloo, Univ. of Calgary. Studied Entrepreneurship in detail; need the chance to apply.

ID 414574

Dusten Pecor

Dyslexic & Founder @2Dual Inc offering “audibly-accessible” technology.

ID 22221

David Fuhriman

Co-Founder & MBA. CPA. Social Ventures. Boise. San Diego. Venezuela.

ID 825824

Julian Bryant

ID 70914

Tim Homuth

ID 16894

Christopher Rae


Senior Director of Global Operations @verimatrix-inc Enthusiast for tech startups, food, wine, rum, chess, hockey and frequent last-minute international travel.

ID 157110

Ryan Sisson

Account Director @ 50 & 50 - CoFounder/CEO @ Moniker Group - Partner @ Donately

ID 525761

Madolyn Mertz

Early-stage investor, studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 600411

Bill Unrue


Principal GTD Acquisitions, Previously CEO Anonymizer, Board of Director/Advisor several companies, MBA Kellogg Graduate School Northwestern University

ID 541860

Scott Morgan


Founder Investor CFO Airbitz Inc • Owner/CEO of Archer General, Trade Group &Trafalgar Ins, @pwc-1 • CA CPA Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 60365

Micheal Holt

CEO at @penny-auction-solutions, Inc. / Strong Project Manager, Former CEO & COO, Business Analyst, Fortune 500 Experience, Entrepreneur for 18 years.

ID 676528

John Horn

Data Scientist with Front End experience as well as machine learning and spatial analysis

ID 224413

Mark Otis

Tested technology professional with the ability convey modern enterprise technologies to c-level decision makers. Experienced managing high value sales opportunities, enterprise software sales cycles, enterprise architecture, and infrastructure and deploy

ID 144974

FNF Investors


ID 795579

Steven Kearney

BA Stanford 2013. Division I Athlete; balanced heavy course load with 30+ hours practice a week. Professional golfer; owner of small consulting business in SD

ID 207934

Alex Boster

Worked at @foodydirect

ID 650484

Dr. Steven Eisenberg


Listener, Oncologist, Love-Lover, Cancer-Hater, Co-songwriter w/ patients: Because illness starts w/ 'I' & wellness starts w/ 'we'.

ID 142774

Tom Baird

Experienced CEO, Corporate Strategist and Entrepreneur. Successfully led large product management teams and small startup companies.

ID 449973

Greg Robinson

Founder @wovn-energy • Studied Physics @university-of-washington-1 10 year Entrepreneur. 5 years in the energy game.

ID 31344

Cory Micek

UX/UI Designer. maverick. entrepreneur. obsessed with mobile, user experience and making things better.

ID 804133

Tina Indalecio

ID 185133

Lakshya Datta

Founder/CEO (@launchora), ex-lecturer (SDSU), ex-analyst (OCP&TGG), ex-graduate (UCSD), ex-infant (MOM&DAD). I write about myself & other fictional characters.

ID 159412

Pouyan Golshani

Founder @meical-students-united, @goldis-jewelry • Worked at @montefiore-medical-center, @cedars-sinai-medical-center • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 418140

Joseph Allen

Founder @myquoteapp • Studied at @university-of-north-dakota

ID 308949

Amanda Serfozo

Content Strategist + Copywriter at @BrandFever. Host, #OnBranding. Roots at @NBC, @ted, @ BarackObama. UX/UI. Startups. Vespas.

ID 48334

Tami Baribeau

Studio Director at The Playforge (iOS games), former product manager, community manager at companies like ZipZapPlay, Disney, Playdom, PopCap.

ID 467189

Jim Schwarz

Accomplished Senior Engineer, Java, Rails, Android, Qt

ID 507111

Maia Albano

Strong community outreach and brand management background, Event planning wizard, Loyola B.A. with Marketing Honors.

ID 738479

Prithwish Pal

Combines scientific experience (publications in leading journals plus patents) with global sales and marketing acumen.

ID 55974

Benny Baltrotsky

Advisor at @loudie

ID 564713

Naoya Tamura

MBA candidate at @ucsd-rady-school-of-management | Intern at @zendesk | Worked at @yahoo-japan |Online marketing, Web analytics, Marketing research

ID 98902

Martin Kleckner III

SVP-RefluxMD; COO-Nicholas Conor Institute; CEO-U.P. Labs; SVP-InsilicoMed; SVP-RegeneMed; emphasis - life sciences/healthcare. Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-california-san-diego, @UCR

ID 740323

Leticia Lovera

Business Developer High Growth, Sales Strategy, Marketing, Global

ID 625519

Nick Larsen

Strategic Business Development Manager, MBA with multiple years experience in the Wireless and Mobile Technology industries, having recent law education

ID 620679

Annelise Fasnacht

Independent, highly motivated, thought-leader committed to innovation and excellence. Passionate about entrepreneurship and disruptive technology!blog/c1yp2

ID 195124

Beau Vasquez


Worked at @businessonline, @ishbowl-1 • Studied at @university-of-san-diego

ID 630498

Tanya Khiatani

Experienced energy professional with structuring, transaction and client portfolio management experience in the commercial power market space. UC Berkeley

ID 257936

Adam Peterson


Investment professional with over 15 years of experience in private equity (Endurance Capital Partners in Brazil), high yield/distressed debt covering TMT, investment banking (tech banker at Mongomery) and operations in the United States and Latin America

ID 80033

Patrick Alcoke

Co-Founder @easel_ly • Business Development @fortunebuilders and @proflowers • Strong background in BizDev and Marketing • Studied Marketing @VirginiaTech

ID 615750

Chuck M Calvert, MBA

Nothing fancy, just sales results & revenue call me 404.981.7516 @ChuckCalvert

ID 438317

Steve Carroll

•Marketer @walmart •Tech Advisor •Worked at @dell •Marriott School MBA @brigham-young-university-1

ID 228053

Melissa Reisor

Co-founder, YesTattoo

ID 884300

Chris Del Rosario

Art Center BSID, Product development professional. Excel at concept development, product lifecycle management, and harmonious working relationships.

ID 284772

Satinder Raina

An accomplished media and technology solutions professional, Satinder Raina currently serves as the founder of a cutting-edge mobile technology firm.

ID 5709

Greg Horowitt

ID 450982

Andy Newbom

Team Leader | Social Media Champion | Marketing Strategist | Innovative Problem Solver

ID 323802

Jacob Zieve

Co-founder of Liveabetes, Bioinformatics researcher, Avid Bboy

ID 184116

Krishna Kumar

Entrepreneurial Product Manager with experience in concepting and delivering innovative mobile/Internet products at startups and large companies. 3 patents.

ID 233392


CCO@dentedego,Fox Broadcasting pioneer executive,Warner Bros,Sony,20th Century Fox,Paramount sucess contributor,Die Hard UCLA fan,Dale Carnegie disciple,Father

ID 146990

Ben Folkers

Founder @gas-plus-vending • Worked at @us-navy • BS Mechanical Engineering at University of Virginia, MBA Rady School of Management @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 76325

Ryan Hemelt

Founder of @textbuch; Studying Finance, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of San Diego

ID 123071

James Billings

Trusts SME - Stockbroker, Pilot, Real Estate Broker & Executive Adviser to UHNW Families

ID 805038

Daniel Phillips

ID 208310

John Sethi

Co-founder of @tastebud. Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 304034

James Dullaghan

You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

ID 718193

Barry Klein

Founder @lamid-studios • Studied at @brandeis-university, @fordham-law National Political Consultant and Senior Congressional Aide.

ID 411815

Stephanie Greunke

Registered Dietitian @shine Natural Medicine and @ucla, Chief Nutrition Officer @total-office-wellness, Founder of

ID 620467

Archel Desir

Worked at @caxton-associates, @reservoir-capital, @oakhill-equity, @carnegie-mellon-university • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @boston-university

ID 842036

Belen Chavez

Duke MA economics 2012; Looking to use more than analytical skills at a start-up. Previously public policy, litigation, and, economics researcher.

ID 780579

Crystal Everson, Esq.

ID 109219

Tharik Naja

Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 683155

Tom Angelopoulos

A Project Management Professional for mobile device software development. A support engineer for international vendors, customers and partners.

ID 434924

Cherelle Cooper

Founder @starspot-live, @broadway-buds-mobile-collective • Worked at @utc-aerospace-systems

ID 181593

Alex Roizen


Founder @edrinkit-com, @sfinx • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 433855

Aaron Scherer

Founder @looking-for-gamers • Working at @underground-elephant as a Senior Software Engineer • Studied at @iowa-state-university

ID 407977

Daniel L. Wright

Co-Founder and CEO @Paradigm Energy Research Company; President @lewis Lifetime Tools. Strong management skills. Columbia Law School, UC Davis

ID 342907

Ariel Ouziel

Graduating school and eager to work for a company and showcase my abilities.

ID 306143

Jesse Chapo

Creative Director of Fanpics. UI/UX, design, Illustration, front-end code. Crafting intuitive and delightful experiences.

ID 10933

Jim Trauth

VP Execution, Enfinity America. Loves small teams doing big things. UC San Diego MBA 2007

ID 134640

Myrna Elguezabal

Event Coordination | Project Management.

ID 758380

Jason Kirby

Teaches technical and business startup skills to thousands of photographers. Runs San Diego’s largest photography school with 10 years industry experience.

ID 267341

Kurt Grela

Improved the order management process and visibility for a $2 billion dollar supply chain management startup. Harvard Business School wrote about us.

ID 378045

Kent Olson

Grow B2C web & mobile businesses w/marketing, product, website optimization, team building & ideas. Entrepreneurial innovator, scrappy implementer.

ID 12159

David Cheung

ID 157342

Jeremy Marc

Senior web developer at Pokki. Starters of Remixjobs/Juiiicy.

ID 673356

Josh Wells

Founder Planck Aerosystems • Worked at @us-navy • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @united-states-naval-academy

ID 213445

Ivan Rodriguez

CEO of @instapart. Hungry for Impact. More than a couple failed experiments. @500startups alumni while at @iron-drone-1.

ID 269964

Gert Lanckriet

Founder @pushing-innovation-1 • Worked at @university-of-california-san-diego-1 • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 639607

Luke Middleton

Founder Nepo • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 568161

John Hamon

CEO at Force Optimized., SFDC, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Sales Cloud

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 740427

Nicholas Urbani


Digital marketing background turned software and online advertising entrepreneur. 3 for 3 growing companies to > 8 figures in revenue in <2 years.

ID 410623

Jeff Creighton

Founder @knoitall-inc • Worked at @pepperdine-university University • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @pepperdine-university, @edassist

ID 46403

Chad Schwartz


Schooled in making it happen, specializing in investor relations

ID 6559

Larry DeLisio Jr

Over 22 Years experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations for leading companies such as GM, Ford, WFS Financial and

ID 343603

Adam Fell

Founder @TipNetwork • Founder @xgineer-solutions • Studied @saint-joseph-s-university

ID 146797


ID 422786

Chandrachood Ramkumar

Partnerships & Distribution @divx. Digital media & software professional. Experience building revenue-generating partnerships.

ID 656864

Kirby Domingo

Front-end/UI engineer, seeking new opportunities in the NYC area.

ID 646310

Linda Cockrell

ID 4378

JD Morris

ID 440222

Wesley Eames

Co-founder @ancestorcloud

ID 225713

Chase Gassert

Serial Entrepreneur & Web Expert

ID 115702

Jordan Bast

B2B business builder with 10 years sales, marketing, & management experience. Engineer & MBA. Advisor to Bison Pallet. Materials, industrial, cleantech.

ID 216269

Kyle Rector

San Diego State MBA, creative thinker, full stack website development, customer acquisition and brand development across various industries

ID 306413

Jeremy Dabor

Co-founder and CEO of LeadDynamo; @mcgill-university dropout; TEDx speaker

ID 343511

Justin Floyd

Venture Catalyst & Capital Markets Expert

ID 77666

iGan Partners


Growth capital firm that bring their own funds and affiliated co-investors to partner with dynamic management teams empowering them to build the next big thing.

ID 621477

Michael Lefco

HCI masters student at Georgia Tech.

ID 19077

Timothy B. Morgan

Founder of PULSAR® EDUCATION. Creator of the "Patent-Pending" PULSAR® POWERED Adaptive Learning Platform and CreatingStory, a PULSAR® K12 literacy project.

ID 710076

Franco Montalvo

MIT Mechanical Design Engineer. Emphasis on integrating mechanical reliability and appealing aesthetics for an intuitive functional design.

ID 385772

Russell Horton

Data Scientist and NLP engineer

ID 765903

Tianqi Ren

Graduate Student Researcher at Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory, UCSD. Rich experience in research and development of new materials and techniques

ID 285158

Blaine Ung

Sales, Marketing & Biz Dev strategies for healthcare, technology, consumer & equipment finance (student loans, leasing) insurance and legal. @ibm @usc

ID 369918

Jeffrey Zlotnik

ID 84499

Eileen Zimmerman

I help innovators bring the right products to market and win their first customers.

ID 17101

Ryan D Adami

Founder of FoundLocal, NonBot, SimulAD and

ID 552946

Mingee Do

UCSD Communication Undergrad, Uber UCSD Campus Manager, Adobe Brand Ambassador, Design Nazi, Late-Night Snack Aficionado

ID 250982

Tony Seaho Park

CEO of BEFLOAT • Worked at @kpmg-consulting • Studied Ecomomics at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 445597

Kam Zardouzian

Global Marketing, Events and Business Development Leader Outstanding track record for creating compelling marketing & flawless go-to-market strategies.

ID 240843

Joe Francisco

eCommerce Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Medelita, husband father of three, surfer & thinker.

ID 113153

Felix Chen

Gustavson BCom. Quench my thirst drinking from the startup fountain. Love tech, creativity, strategy and making things better for people. Global mindset.

ID 777092

Dustin Baly

Founder 49 SEO Services • Worked at @looksmart, @gotcheers-1 @SharisBerries

ID 345514

Leo Rios

Founder @Tip Network • Founder @Xgineer Solutions • Front-End Guru and Serial Entrepreneur • 1st startup out of High School

ID 523568

Cameron Kellejian

Keen, Mean, Learning Machine

ID 591903

Ward B. Ozaeta

Founder @carzumer • Work at @cymplifi, @united-states-marine-corps, @Sperry Van Ness, 16 yrs’ Sales, Finance, and Mgmt. M-Engr, w/ Math, Seattle University.

ID 466648

Mike Davis

Founder at ♦ Co-founder at - Entreprenuer and technology enthusiest with 10+ years in full cycle software development.

ID 394535

Nick Morozovsky

Robotics PhD. I build robots from concept through to production. Mechanical + electrical + embedded programming.

ID 701372

John Studarus

ID 493738

Ford Wang

UC San Diego Class 2013; Creator of multiple secret-sharing communities on Facebook

ID 224402

Liam Mbuthia

San Diego Based Digital Marketing Pro

ID 670630

Stephen Gu

Co-Founder of @bridgex. System/ASIC Engineer at Spreadtrum, formerly at MobilePeak. @electrical-engineering-and-computer-science-department-uc-berkeley

ID 438424

John Osumi

Co-Founder, CEO @bishop-peak-technology • Worked at @qualcomm • Studied Computer Engineering at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 816985

Marisa Poverman

Taught in rigorous Singapore schools for 3 years; Strong writing background; Yale 2010 with Honors

ID 540289

Alison Stout

BA and MA in History. Experienced with social media. Superb writing, editing and research skills. Wonderful sense of humor.

ID 24090

Dan Stepchew

Director of eCommerce at Medelita. MBA from University of San Francisco, 10+ Years Digital Marketing and eCommerce experience.

ID 203046

Elisabeth Walcott

ID 213967


Founder HE SWIM • Worked at @beckman-coulter, @telluride-ski-and-golf-resort • Studied at @boston-college, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 186726

Chris Radcliff

CTO at @measured-voice, founder and Executive Director of the SpaceUp Foundation. Serial agitator.

ID 564949

Xuejun Parsons

Founder & CEO @xcelthera-inc, Co-Founder & President @san-diego-regenerative-medicine-institute • PhD @cornell-university, Postdoc @ University of California San D

ID 486003

Lorenzo Aiello

Full Stack Engineer, System Administrator, Agile, Lean Startup Graduate

ID 555168

Dann Vidaña

Worked at @apple @Provide Comm @redenvelope • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 293108

Adam King

Entrepreneur, designer, hacker.

ID 468494

Patricia Flaherty, Ed.D.

Director of Tutoring @mobile-learning-networks • USC, Cambridge College. Doctorate in Educational Leadership

ID 322286

Holly Hertig

Founder Antenna Positioning systems, Dyanso • Worked at @dyneso

ID 388147

Myles Blumberg

Head of Business Development at Beaming; Formerly employed @deloitte & @kpmg Living the Dream and Loving LIFE @schulich-school-of-business

ID 372557

Jenna Christine Cooper

Degree in Psychology; Passionate writer and editor; Excellence in communication; Certificate of Completion from the prestigious Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio; Fierce, creative, outgoing, genuine; Lover of people and life.

ID 875826

John Vavricka

Diverse background in Product Management, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis, EdTech, Data Privacy & Security, and Federal Government Business Development

ID 31366

Brian Booth

Founder/CEO of @buxback

ID 659633

Andrew LaHaye

Founder & Principle Atler Group Marketing • Co-Founder @notelog • Division 1 Student Athlete [ 2 time All American ] & Graduate @FSU

ID 455043

Varsha Vijayan

R&D Intern at Edwards Lifesciences; Algorithm Developer; Biomedical Engineer; UCSD Alum; Worked at NeuroWave Systems.

ID 403501

Taylor Thomas

Co Founder @localeikki • Worked at @trek-bicycle-corp • Studied at @college-of-charleston

ID 394582

Farhan Baluch

Data Scientist at Opera Solutions; PhD in Computational Neuroscience at USC; technology builder, innovator and unorthodox problem solver.

ID 478091

Michelle Carney

UC Berkeley grad, researcher at UC Berkeley, UCSF, LBNL, Amgen. Founder of nonprofit Students for Solar Schools, Hurricane Sandy Red Cross responder.

ID 339687

Ashley Menante

Seeking new opportunities

ID 167312

Terry Favish

CEO of 1st startup since working for Fotoball USA, Inc, MashON and @skinit.

ID 809621

David Toma

top-achieving experienced business development and creative management professional in Entertainment and media.

ID 102607

Mike Elconin



ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 646325

Edward L Koo

Healthcare Data Professional | BA in Mathematics & Economics @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 578462

Rohit Rajagopal

Carnegie Mellon grad, IT Product Manager at Qualcomm, 3+ years experience in solving problems using technology; Math lover

ID 170397

Jason Kent

ID 818401

Tyler Bittaker

Graduating from @university-of-san-diego-1 , worked @northrop-grumman, @serengetee, @usd IT Services, and other small businesses.

ID 484740

Elyse Anderson

Recent USD graduate. Communication degree. Experience in online marketing, social media marketing, event coordinating, & face to face sales.

ID 325837

Alexander Rolek

Co-Founder of Brandisty, a Tiny Factory project. Focused on simple, efficient software that solves real world problems.

ID 609603

Mudit Goel

Full stack software developer, launched 3 websites, innovative and problem solver.

ID 457461

Sarah M Hartigan

Social Entrepreneur with international experience in China and India in small business development, research, and writing.

ID 99403

Jayal Mehta

Engineer at @qualcomm architecting end-user products and services.

ID 390165

Bryan Ferguson

Co-founder of Athlete IQ

ID 48867

Scott Bowen

Owner/Founder at

ID 278217

Yoann Jaspar

Work at @playapp (France) • Studied at @california-state-university-san-marcos and Epitech The key to performance is elegance

ID 496521

Joel Shor

Princeton Mathematics AB; Real Estate Data Modeling; Physics and Computer Vision awards; Published for Applied Mathematics and Computational Neuroscience

ID 401868

Ryan Sandberg

COO of Online Publishing Agency. Strong ability to improve internal operational systems to find new/better ways to deliver products/services to clients.

ID 62719

Sergio Stephano

Founder @mobloop, @weedwall • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara Online Visionary and Entrepreneur

ID 558682

Adryanna B. Apellz

International Business Development

ID 501261

Brent Read

Princeton CS with focus on artificial intelligence and networks.

ID 346870

Pengyu Wang

Worked at @padded • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 149172

Joe Saari

Registered Investment Advisor, prior Member of the Governor’s Taskforce on Financial Education (WI). Worked at Michael Best & Friedrich. MBA from UW-Madison.

ID 260034

Mike Cook

Established developer, decade of experimentation, great work history, large spread of skills, enjoy programming and love building products

ID 255302

John Setlak

Senior-level management executive with core leadership experience in business management, marketing, sales, business development, and service-based solution delivery. Strategic leader with equally strong execution skills. Versatile entrepreneurial individ

ID 320408

Luz (Lucy) Gonzalez

I possess a rare combination of very high intelligence and superior people skills.

ID 189654

Nathan Jovin

Founder of TallySpace, painless SMS voting for schools.

ID 359634

Michael Acheatel

President & Lead Business Plan Writer | Strategy Development & Startup Consulting | Passion for People, Profit & Planet

ID 260909

Joseph Catrambone

Working at @yorn • Studying @temple-university

ID 888103

Kashish Sukhija

Doctor of Business Administration

ID 218917

Dawn Boquet


Studied at @san-francisco-state-university

ID 159197


Founder @the-night-lifers-corp • Worked at @international-academy-of-english, @southern-states-university • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 775339

Zachary Schenkler

ID 552063

Freddy Alejandro Gomez

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. Software/Web Developer. Zero Gravity flier

ID 434911

Benjamin Cichy

Professional consultant and Project manager. Worked with startups, large fortune 500. Worked at @qualcomm, @university-of-california-san-diego • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego, @university-of-rochester,@san-diego-state-university.

ID 104747

Alexander Wallin

CEO & Founder of SprinkleBit. Interested in technology and finance. Connect with me at:

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 724447

Dmitriy Bolotov

Analytics / machine learning specialist. UCLA BS Astrophysics, UCSD MS EE.

ID 65697

Greg Stanbro


ID 270456

Ron Luning

Co-Founder of U.S. Naval Academy UCSD Rady MBA IT Security Professional

ID 195905

Lyne Noella

CEO at WavePlay LLC

ID 300750

Rhonda Marable

Founded Identity CBS (brand/pr consulting), Worked at Businessfriend (online startup), Fundraising/Consulting for MyWurld (mobile startup)

ID 448511

Alexis Lauro Jain

ID 87275

Dave Trail

Experienced Sales and Marketing Executive

ID 637075

Ryan Ringler

Established electrical engineer; HW & SW generalist; Ruby/Rails enthusiast; Autodidact; Strong background in project management. UMich '05 & '04.

ID 487145

Nicholas Choy

JD candidate at the University of San Diego School of Law

ID 622299

Sarah W.

Creative Rails developer passionate about education, sustainability, and diversity. Backgrounds in publishing, youth mentoring, and gender studies (BA/MA).

ID 568503

Bill Ralston


Deal maker & payments consultant @visa, previously built world's largest restricted access network at @tacobell.

ID 666777

Marc Campos

University of Michigan - BS. Focused sales rep for business development. Current accounts generate annual revenue of $3 million. Priority is relationships.

ID 702450

Debbie K. Chen

Experienced optical imaging scientist in medical and life science applications. Interested in product development positions.

ID 877743

John morgan

ID 225805

Evan Malter


Co-founder & CEO @ ZipCap • Studied @columbia-university, entrepreneur focus on finance, technology, small business, marketing & personal passions

ID 129915

Tony Patrick

President at @sharium

ID 453332


Entrepreneur. Former i banker. Founder of @Social_IQ, Co-founder of Elbotola. Bootstrapper. Strong international business background. @university-of-southern-california MBA.

ID 517593

George Skaljac


Sales & Marketing Executive | Channel Development | Creative Strategy | Marketing Innovator | Intrapreneur | Investor

ID 540666

Hanish Moola

Founder @soltek • Worked at @smithsonian-air-space-museum, @d4-karate-fitness • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 28725

Hussein Yahfoufi


VP Technology @oneroof-energy | @SunOpps Founder @diamprice @appsplit Cooking up something new at @tba

ID 79852

galo gimenez

Technologist at @hewlett-packard; Co-founder @knorbit-com; MSc University of California Irvine

ID 51861

Jer Wood

Excel master. Expert at financial modeling, forecasting, budgeting, project management, and process improvement. BS Accounting, MBA, 7 years Internet banking.

ID 685671

Marc Janov

Software Architect / Manager; member / co-founder of startups; time tested systems and software engineering expertise spanning full SDLC.

ID 620192

Gowrishankar Bharadwaj

Thinker, Builder of “new” business growth “globally”

ID 832569

Ravi Dandu

ID 467658

Nyah Zarate

Worked at @intel, @abbott-laboratories • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 203857

Peter Pistek

Founder Nifty • organizational manager • seasoned product innovator • Director of Product at Nirvanix & Caringo (cloud storage) • MBA SDSU; UCSB

ID 742659

Spencer Peterson

ID 138062

Ragan Erickson

Business Development at Local Orbit. Built largest wine club in southern Ca from ground up. Food systems mover.Backyard farmer.

ID 76438


Founder @rusty-collections, @rusty-collection • Worked at @qualcomm, @kyocera • Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @san-diego-state-university

ID 683983

Lauren Davis

New product development & management; Medical research & innovation

ID 426386

Brian Adamovich

Team leadership, strategic planning, business development, marketing with a focus on analytics, risk analysis, win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.

ID 286807

Jonathan Ornelas

USC MBA. 10 years experience in energy commodity markets, white board guru, product management, customers focused, results oriented business development pro.

ID 173114

Ryan Greenwald

• TripVerge • Worked at @creative-artists-agency, @pittsburgh-pirates @chat-sports • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 145885

Jeffrey Barr

Worked at @hewlett-packard • Studied at @cornell-university, @san-diego-state-university

ID 657510

Renne Catalano

ID 166406

Matt Schwartz

Product manager at NuVasive (min. invasive spine devices); Vanderbilt Biomed Eng. major with strong business background; passion for innovative med tech.

ID 837647

Kacy Rivers

The world is changing, and I wanted to play a part with a start-up that is focused on providing better customers experiences in the new collaborative economy.

ID 704594

Kavin Tjhan

USD international business major with marketing focus and minor in supply management. Intermediate proficiency in German,HTML,and CSS. A hard worker/relentless.

ID 536591

Chad Castruita

Founder CC Capital Group • Worked at @solar-city, @blackboard • Studied at @usc-marshall-school-of-business

ID 461322

Amy Beaver

7+ Years B2B Sales Experience with focus on New Business Development. Love tech startups and contributing across many areas of a business.

ID 545407

Rahul Sharma

Highly organized professional with 7+ years of experience in SDLC, seeking product opportunities in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

ID 203661

David Mauser


Founder @tiolabs, @southwest-trade-services • Investor @brightscope, @coachlogix

ID 263718

Vincent DelPidio

Startup Founder; Cornell MBA; Experienced Consultant; Active in San Diego Startup Community; Cornell Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute Associate Fellow.

ID 677323

Sarv Kothandaraman

Duke MBA, Healthcare focused, Wide cross-functional experience, Results-driven professional

ID 495864

Kaushik Sahoo

Junior at Duke University studying Neuroscience and Chemistry, Internal Team Manager at The Monday Life NGO, Interested in Project Management and BD

ID 689359

Sasha Kokuashvili

ID 745445

Abhinandan Krishnan

CMU ECE, Machine Learning and Computer Vision enthusiast, experience with Context Awareness use-cases for mobile devices

ID 561634

Zach Leffers

Rogue grad student in sociology transitioning to marketing and strategy. Expert in culture & consumption looking to apply skills to nimble startup's marketing.

ID 165967

Bill Curci