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ID 808813

Pavan Kumar

Computer Science Grad Student @ucsd. Previously worked at @apple & @netapp. Interested in Software, Product Management & Startups.

ID 821620

Brian Chung

ID 491262

Scott Schechter

Enterprise level software engineer of RESTful systems, full stack experience. Interested in startup tech or bitcoin / cryptocurrency ecosystem.

ID 284573

Joshua Parolin

Co-founder of @lennd • Web Dev Lead at @hampton-creek-foods • Worked at @zendesk, @obama-for-america and Invisible Children • Studied at @university-of-missouri, @san-diego-state-university

ID 670175

James A Tiller

CompE graduate from Vanderbilt; C#/Java Developer; Native Android and Rails App Developer;

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 656864

Kirby Domingo

Front-end/UI engineer, seeking new opportunities in the NYC area.

ID 393610

Richard Bishop

Web Programmer. Particularly fond of Ruby, Erlang/Elixir and JavaScript. I build maintainable and performant Web applications.

ID 766608

Brian Kaplan

Senior Computer Engineer at Virginia Tech, Experience: C++, Java, Python. Developed a Java application for Chrsyler Group LLC. Looking to Intern Summer 2015

ID 888448

Tim Shen

UCSB Computer Engineer

ID 726367

Rustin Manafian

UCSD CS Student; Self taught full stack generalist; Passionate about using cutting edge technology for silly things

ID 599251

Hart Woolery

Founder Hippoverse Inc. Previously CEO of Appstem Media. Professional software engineer and designer.

ID 6095

Daniel Arroyo

Founder & CTO @astroprint. @founder-institute graduate. Former developer evangelist @nokia, iOs lead developer @chill.

ID 596183

Ryan Glovinsky

UCSD CS, Software Developer and Tech Journalist

ID 660918

Mark Lewis

25+ years of software development experience from programmer to CTO. Instrumental in 3 recent successful startups.

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 637075

Ryan Ringler

Established electrical engineer; HW & SW generalist; Ruby/Rails enthusiast; Autodidact; Strong background in project management. UMich '05 & '04.

ID 78241

Jérémy Dagorn

Works on web apps/open-source projects/Android Always learning. Fully interested in open-source/startups/sports/criminology

ID 703221

Daniel Chesong Lee

Hush Technology

ID 806738

Ross Pfahler

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