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ID 524119

Jamie Dunbaugh

Veteran and graduate from UCSD in Psychology. Over 5 years of experience with Adobe creative suite. Freelancing as a front-end web developer and graphic artist.

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 857114

Chad Collins

ID 459784

Dylan Butler

Web developer & attorney; 10+ years in front-end web dev; Worked at Tillster, Examp, and PINT.

ID 357264

gilda campos

Founder @candy-lab-1 • Worked at @events-com-3, @wells-fargo @geary-interactive • Studied at @art-institute-of-california-san-diego

ID 220072

Johnathan Goodwin

1st employee Embarke, senior software dev and architect, scrappy entrepreneur

ID 306143

Jesse Chapo

Creative Director of Fanpics. UI/UX, design, Illustration, front-end code. Crafting intuitive and delightful experiences.

ID 301859

Chris Guerrero

Lead Front End Developer at Underground Elephant. B.A., Political Science UCLA 2011.

ID 168069

Christy Gurga

Front-end Developer

ID 21570

Alexander Farennikov

Senior front-end engineer at Teradek

ID 590182

Keith Otto

Web / App Developer (Art + Design + Code) Front-End and Server-Side.

ID 428023

Heidi Mason

Front-end Development Contractor at Musiclaps Media Inc.

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 656864

Kirby Domingo

Front-end/UI engineer, seeking new opportunities in the NYC area.

ID 345514

Leo Rios

Founder @Tip Network • Founder @Xgineer Solutions • Front-End Guru and Serial Entrepreneur • 1st startup out of High School

ID 20550

Caleb Gilbertson

Growth Hacking since 2005

ID 754719

Michael Sacks

Emory Grad. HackATL finalist. Jack of all trades. Coder in training.

ID 142074

Chadwick Horn

Graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Biology from @stanford-university. Avid sweat equity investor in promising startups.

ID 293424

Ross Campbell

Huge fan of technology and the internet, passionate about design and development, love javascript ( don't hate :) ), and founded & run

ID 705093

Melissa Cameron

UCSD Cognitive Science and HCI graduate. UX generalist with background in research, design, front-end development and analytics.

ID 717678

Mike Stecker

CTO / Lead Developer for @maven 2.0, Co-Founder @tribal Wellness

ID 815674

Jordan Kohl

Expert front-end and UI developer, with over 8 years of experience building complex JavaScript applications and user interfaces for many industries.

ID 388576

Andrew Oh

Web Developer at UC San Diego's campus web office with front-end skills and a background in UX design.

ID 603894

Charles Bulger

Self-taught, full stack LAMP generalist. Have built multiple custom web applications from scratch. PHP / MySQL / Mongo / HTML / LESS CSS / jQuery

ID 302777

Nicholas P. Wright

Creator @pilot-reader @juice-2 Past @fuund @dark-timbers

ID 777635

Andrew Kovalenko

Alpha-Geek, engineer and cheerful guy

ID 474178

Nichole Shannon

Seasoned Front-End Engineer and Architect. Graphic Designer and Musician

ID 705070

Pournima Bala

Looking for jobs that would give me UX/UI/Front End development experience. Experienced in Databases, Java,HTML, CSS, Javascript , Human Computer interaction

ID 834216

Eric Hanken

Electrical Engineer, Start-up founder, Self taught C++/PHP/HTML, built specialized online poker program from scratch.

ID 826807

Adam Dorwart

UC San Diego Comp Eng. Web Development (JS), Robotics & Machine learning. Prev Microsoft Intern.

ID 840703

Girish Varma Vegesna

ID 359497

Zach Kohl

University of Minnesota CS. Chief architect of power test automation frameworks and power analysis tools at Qualcomm.

ID 514675

Alberto Garcia

UCSD CS. Full stack generalist. Head tutor for 5 undergraduate courses. Developed class tools for students/faculty at UCSD. Front-end developer for TurboTax

ID 404047

John Quealy

Product Designer (UX, UI, & Web)

ID 509441

Oscar Morita

UI/Front-End Web Developer

ID 715891

Tristan Wells

Geography degree with computer science experience, developed 3 apps for android and apple markets. Latest App has been played more than 30k times.

ID 80980

Jarad Comingdeer

Front-end Web Developer. Obsessed with usability.

ID 783770

Dhiraj Patil

SDSU Computer Science Graduate student, More than 2.5 years of experience in Software Development, Passionate Learner

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