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ID 745445

Abhinandan Krishnan

CMU ECE, Machine Learning and Computer Vision enthusiast, experience with Context Awareness use-cases for mobile devices

ID 803677

Gayle Ketchie

UC Berkeley (Cal) Anthro; Researcher at B of I Federal Bank; Create and execute research ideas for finding new sales leads

ID 598462

Daniel Lyons

Claremont PhD student in Computational Science; Strong background in C++/Matlab/parallel comp. and applied math, incl. numerical methods and machine learning.

ID 501261

Brent Read

Princeton CS with focus on artificial intelligence and networks.

ID 394582

Farhan Baluch

Data Scientist at Opera Solutions; PhD in Computational Neuroscience at USC; technology builder, innovator and unorthodox problem solver.

ID 20550

Caleb Gilbertson

Growth Hacking since 2005

ID 676528

John Horn

Data Scientist with Front End experience as well as machine learning and spatial analysis

ID 724015

Chintan Sanghvi

USC EE, multi purpose engineer, strong customer relationship management, business focus and technology savvy

ID 160109

Matt Bentley

Founder, formerly CEO at @sedo-com • Studied at @stanford-university, @kedge-business-school

ID 6811

Mike Thompson

Founder of Coscover. Data junkie. PhD in theoretical chemistry. Ex-MIT blackjack team. Co-owned largest blackjack team. Python, Javascript, data analysis, etc.

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 284518

Bradley Voytek

Worked at @uber, @university-of-california-san-diego-1 • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @university-of-california-san-francisco

ID 388655

Atiim Wiley

Design Strategist, UI/UX Designer

ID 385265

Darin Alpert

University of the Pacific Undergrad, worked for Fortune 500, left to launch a startup that Mark Cuban invested in and then got acquired.

ID 505728

Anmol Maini


UCSD CS, Mentored 3 companies as an EiR at GSF (Startup Incubator) in India. Co-Founder, OnlineMP (Work in Progress). Featured in the National Newspaper.

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 606836

Justin Kiggins

Computational Neuroscience PhD Student at UC San Diego; Python developer.

ID 409775

Roberto Pagliari

Cornell ECE, looking for jobs in data science/programming/math modeling

ID 385772

Russell Horton

Data Scientist and NLP engineer

ID 856334

Bobak Hashemi

Mathematically skilled technology specialist. Coding ace, M.S. Physics, research in quantum information. Data Analyst and general problem solver.

ID 724447

Dmitriy Bolotov

Analytics / machine learning specialist. UCLA BS Astrophysics, UCSD MS EE.

ID 144834

Amir Ziai


Data enthusiast

ID 517035

Andrew Brown

Trained marketer, experienced researcher, data analyst & designer. Worked for Tata, Electronic Arts, Universal and Visa.

ID 811400

Tatjana Markovic

UCSD Math BS, 7 years experience in data analytics

ID 454769

Andrew Stein


Data Scientist/ Software Developer for 13 years, leasing software packages to overseas clients though startup companies I founded. UCDavis CSCE

ID 826807

Adam Dorwart

UC San Diego Comp Eng. Web Development (JS), Robotics & Machine learning. Prev Microsoft Intern.

ID 881980

Jason Holzmann

ID 551716

Daniel Grant

Georgia Tech Masters of Operations Research. Complex Analysis experience. Interested in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Optimization.

ID 609334

Dheeraj Shetty

UTD CS; Machine learning enthusiast; Working at Qualcomm

ID 846038

Sarah Waters

Strong BI and forecasting background. Worked at UTC Aerospace Systems. Degree in Finance from SDSU. Entrepreneurial spirit, not afraid to dig deep for answers.

ID 783770

Dhiraj Patil

SDSU Computer Science Graduate student, More than 2.5 years of experience in Software Development, Passionate Learner

ID 548477

Jinlong Yang

Research Assistant Geographic Information Science (GIS), interested in (geo) data visualization, cartography, and natural language processing.

ID 812427

Sung Hong

Seeking for the position of scientist and engineer on image and video signal processing, compression, computer vision and machine learning.

ID 533766

Riley Lekos

Recent Engineering Graduate from the University of Southern California. Specialize in product design, logistics, operations, and data analysis.

ID 760122

Angelo Lecce

UCSD Nueroscience Grad

ID 656312

Ben Lambillotte

Recent Graduate. Experience in Sales and Data analysis. Interned at MTV Studios, Sprint Netxel and The NPD Group.

ID 647763

Chao Zhong

Monetizing huge amounts of clickstream data through data science R&D.

ID 585422

Young Ahn

Growth Hacker. Lead Gen? Traffic Spike? AD Revenue? E-mail Optin? Inbound Marketing? Social Growth? UI/UX? Data Analysis? You name it, I've got a solution.

ID 566014

Gaurang Patel

UCSD CS Major. I'm a tutor, Android developer, and currently working on PredictionIO, an open source machine learning project.

ID 648897

Yang Hu

data scientist

ID 792494

Bryan deRegt

Cal Poly MBA; Cal Poly Finance; Data Analyst

ID 653462

Gigi Geiger

Marketing data analyst

ID 442678

Andrew Hu

UCSD CS, Worked on Qualcomm's R&D Listen projects, likes machine learning and software development.

ID 821311

Jorge A. Garza Alanis

My passion is data analysis, statistics and stochastic process.

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