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ID 724015

Chintan Sanghvi

USC EE, multi purpose engineer, strong customer relationship management, business focus and technology savvy

ID 220072

Johnathan Goodwin

1st employee Embarke, senior software dev and architect, scrappy entrepreneur

ID 876622

Andrei Kondratiev

Backend developer. Agile, MVP, lean startup enthusiast. Built APIs for a project with over 1000 apps in the  AppStore. Services for Twitter as a side-project. 

ID 691655

Mrinmay Kalita

Ex-engineer from Qualcomm (Best 50 Company),Skilled in Shell, Java, Programming, Knowledge of protocol stacks (LTE and in general) - physical and higher layers.

ID 819451

Greg Ricchiuti

Atcom/INFO acq by Cisco $170MM (2000), Nextwave Wireless acq by AT&T $600MM (2012),Lonocloud acq by ViaSat (Confidential) (2013) all architect/founder roles

ID 826807

Adam Dorwart

UC San Diego Comp Eng. Web Development (JS), Robotics & Machine learning. Prev Microsoft Intern.

ID 783770

Dhiraj Patil

SDSU Computer Science Graduate student, More than 2.5 years of experience in Software Development, Passionate Learner

ID 82163

Shane Stetler

Software Engineer for 12+ years and building social platforms since 2006. @microsoft Certified (MCP,MCSD), A+ Cert. Seasoned in building Enterprise Solutions.

ID 142074

Chadwick Horn

Graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Biology from @stanford-university. Avid sweat equity investor in promising startups.

ID 61937

Ernesto Rsv

Chief Technology Officer at @locbit

ID 510372

Adithya Gangidi

Systems Engineer @qualcomm, Interned @harvard-medical-school, Co-Founder of Appdria Labs, Founding Computer Vision based Technologies in US+India+Germany.

ID 832069

Ankush Agrawal

UCSD Computer Science. Developer. Entrepreneur. Creator. Facebook Open Academy.

ID 403003

Mauricio Guzman

Aspiring Data Monkey.

ID 754719

Michael Sacks

Emory Grad. HackATL finalist. Jack of all trades. Coder in training.

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 504135

Aditya Kappagantula

Worked at @knolskape-sloutions • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, @vellore-institute-of-technology

ID 766608

Brian Kaplan

Senior Computer Engineer at Virginia Tech, Experience: C++, Java, Python. Developed a Java application for Chrsyler Group LLC. Looking to Intern Summer 2015

ID 639537

Adan Zweig

Co-Founder and CEO of Relock • Former founder and CTO of @descuentocity, • Worked at @the-fan-machine-1, @Darriens • Studied at @universidad-de-palermo

ID 493219

Vinay Mavram

Passionate @university-of-california-san-diego cs graudate. Worked at @amazon and @websense Seeking full time backend software engineering opportunities

ID 777635

Andrew Kovalenko

Alpha-Geek, engineer and cheerful guy

ID 834216

Eric Hanken

Electrical Engineer, Start-up founder, Self taught C++/PHP/HTML, built specialized online poker program from scratch.

ID 840703

Girish Varma Vegesna

ID 856334

Bobak Hashemi

Mathematically skilled technology specialist. Coding ace, M.S. Physics, research in quantum information. Data Analyst and general problem solver.

ID 239432

Jorge Moscat

Univ of Cincinnati CS (highest gpa), worked at GE, Deloitte, ai-one inc., Ruby on Rails, backend and algorithms guy, developed Currently working on

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