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ID 300730

Bryan Paijit

4 years native Android development experience. Live apps: , , ,

ID 64044

Bryant Chou

Co-Founder @webflow, former CTO at @vungle. ex @intuit, @qualcomm, @websense-1, and @symantec. @ucsd CS

ID 41566

Bill Gleim

Cryptocurrencies & Predictive Analytics. Co-founder & technical lead @coinalytics. Data architect @ripple-labs. Cracker/Lead @google. Founder/CTO @explorence. MSCS @university-of-colorado-boulder-1, BS @ucsd Cognitive Science

ID 144834

Amir Ziai


Data enthusiast

ID 188325

Garrett D'Amore

Founder DEY Storage Systems; VP Engineering. Founded illumos Open Source operating system project. Technical and engineering leader.

ID 170867

Christopher Diebner

Chris is a world leader in autonomy who's innovations in unmanned systems have helped make what was once science fiction... now a reality

ID 323070

Bach Le

Founder @shopventory Founder of @akumulate Engineer @intuit Engineer @neustar Engineer @webmetrics

ID 49631

Tanooj Luthra


Co-Founder & CTO at @streem (@y-combinator Summer 2012) • Previously at @microsoft, @mimvi-inc, @university-of-california-san-diego • UC @university-of-california-berkeley B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ID 68940

Tom Walpole

SD tech entrepreneur. Founder of @wembli, worked for @mp3-com, @pathway-genomics, Websense. I bring smart people together and use tech to make great things.

ID 339852

Steve Chen


UCSD CS, Angel Investor looking for cool startups!

ID 419670

Chris Zwickilton

Co-founder and Co-CTO @housecall

ID 111758

Gina Trapani

@thinkup cofounder; @lifehacker founder; Todo.txt creator.

ID 68261

Jeremy Almond


CEO @paystand • Occasional Investor • Previously: Architect @Veeco (Nasdaq), Engineer @ DI (Acquired), +3 startups • Studied: Comp Engineering @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @UMASS.

ID 625950

Chris Smith

Passionate technologist with a knack for building great software and amazing teams.

ID 131801

Kevin Ball

Cofounder and CTO at Fashioning Change. 2x founder. Ruby & Javascript Expert. Master of Scalability. Worked at, @pathscale, & @qlogic. Hacker for good.

ID 300704

Reza Olfat


Co-founder and Engineering Lead at HouseCall. Former Qualcommer.

ID 119181

Sander van Zoest

Entrepreneur; Chief Architect at @viverae . Worked at @mp3-com, @joost, @playdom, @yahoo • Open Source Evangelist.

ID 117036

Chris Corriveau


CTO at MojoPages. Previous CTO at StockTwits. I'm an adviser and investor of startups.

ID 133383

Nick Wientge

Building @meteorjs apps at @BeDifferential. Formerly @crowdhall, @Brandery 2012 Alum #VegasTech

ID 174657

Daniel Marashlian

CTO at @portfolium • Studied at @university-of-arizona (B.S. in Computer Science), @northern-arizona-university (M.Ed. in Leadership)

ID 165511

Rich Schiavi

Founder/CEO @nalu-technologies @chompin (acquired by @mog) @nootsports • Engineer at @sun-microsystems on Java/Swing @yahoo Media

ID 168069

Christy Gurga

Front-end Developer

ID 831649

Chris Weller

CS student at UCSD. Passionate about fullstack developement and software that matters.

ID 71587

Jeff Holliday

Founder of @flashcardlet (acquired by @brainscape), CTO at @brainscape • Software Engineer at @intuit,• Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo, @university-of-california-irvine

ID 33323

Josh Smith

Founder @coder-ly. Product lead at AdTrak 360. Founder of (sold to True Ventures portfolio company).

ID 41927

Mike MacDonald

UX Lead @ 90 Day App Challenge, former UI Lead @ BrightScope. Founder Entrepreneur disguised as a designer & engineer. The MacGuyver of software?

ID 78241

Jérémy Dagorn

Works on web apps/open-source projects/Android Always learning. Fully interested in open-source/startups/sports/criminology

ID 478591

Andrew Walpole

Interactive Developer, Tinkerer, and Maker of things Software and Hardware.

ID 87693

Matthew Wickstrand

Founder @kareer-me. MBA @university-of-southern-california. EE @university-of-california-santa-barbara. Developer. Snowboarder. Beer Geek.

ID 398068

Andrew Huynh

Founder @productbio • Ph.D. drop-out from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 493154

Surabhi Anand

Actively seeking New Grad Full Time Position in Android Application Development / Software Development.

ID 587140

Scott Mackley

Founder Yappee • EVP @quinstreet, @salomon-brothers • Studied at @washington-and-lee-university. As top 3 exec took $0 rev. start-up to a 700+ employee pub co

ID 93966

Seth Sandler

Developer @workpop • Founder @affinityblue, @sparkon-network, @Buzzed • Former Product/Dev @mogl • CCO @NUIGroup

ID 31684

Anthony Broad-Crawford

CPO @giveforward , Formerly CTO @within3 , Executive Director @startupbus , Entreprise Product Architect @progressive-insurance

ID 453138

Jeremy Skogen

Full Stack Senior Engineer

ID 126560

Adam Bronte

ID 67301

Justin Nemeth

CTO & Co-founder of @cashie-commerce. Co-founder of @trakt-tv.

ID 778431

Casen Densmore

10+ year full stack .Net developer with strong focus on front end experience using AngularJs.

ID 205469

Mac Case

Worked at @active-network-1

ID 22133

Russ Bradberry

Co-founder & Principal Architect @simplereach. DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra. Co-Author, Practical Cassandra. Distributed technology enthusiast.

ID 393610

Richard Bishop

Web Programmer. Particularly fond of Ruby, Erlang/Elixir and JavaScript. I build maintainable and performant Web applications.

ID 265774

Blake Machado


Co-founder of @sweetlabs. Started first company at 18 w/ successful exit. Product focused with strong background in technology and design.

ID 122052

Sam Estrin

Sam Estrin is a founder of a new entertainment/music start-up based out of Be Great Partners. Sam has co-founded two public companies and is an active advisor.

ID 37828

Misha Manulis

I make LEDs blink

ID 293424

Ross Campbell

Huge fan of technology and the internet, passionate about design and development, love javascript ( don't hate :) ), and founded & run

ID 293144

John Reitano

Entrepreneur, thinker, software developer. Founding Member of Neutrino

ID 157761

Michael Shirman

Technology and Product leader. CTO @hipswap, Founder/CTO @Transmodus Corp. @coda-software, @ott,

ID 296519

Matt Ellis

Founder of Measurabl. Former Associate Director of Sustainability at CBRE, Inc. - world's largest commercial real estate company. Aspen Institute Fellow.

ID 47892

Derek Edwards

Co-founder & CTO @coachlogix-1; serial entrepreneur; technologist; advisor; 2011 1492 accelerator graduate; 10x S12 accelerator graduate

ID 105031

Nate Ritter

* 1st to create keyword-filtered RSS feeds. * Popularized hashtags. * Consistently build highly scaleable web applications for startups and Fortune 1000s

ID 6095

Daniel Arroyo

Founder & CTO @astroprint. @founder-institute graduate. Former developer evangelist @nokia, iOs lead developer @chill.

ID 48199

Oliver Treadwell

Web Developer with Startup/Venture Capital Background Open to Junior Dev Opportunities & Apprenticeships

ID 253471

Damon Bruce

Worked at @trustegg

ID 370924

Foster Carr MD

CMIO @gogohealth, BA Biochemistry @harvard 1982, MD @stanford 1988, Primary care MD and creator of in 1994 (a personalized telemedical portal )

ID 79959

Brian Smith

Founder of @qrawr, former @vp-of-engineering-kidzui, former @peon-google. Full-stack engineer and entrepreneur.

ID 107624

David Allison


Co-Founder and CTO of Nulu, Inc -- redefining the way the world learns languages!

ID 82162

Joseph Jager

Specialist in service-oriented architecture and design for scalable web and mobile applications. Past clients include: ESPN, NBC, @hookit, @blackbaud, JWT.

ID 79352

Jeff Gordon

Founder of Bevato. 14 years in web technology. Former Technology Director at profitable web SaaS company. BS in CS.

ID 102194

Adam Storr

Product Designer at Palantir. Web/Mobile Developer & Designer. Swiss Army Knife.

ID 2044

Hunter Jensen

Co-founder/CTO of @antengo - re-inventing classifieds for mobile. Formerly built, worked on, and dozens of other web/mobile apps.

ID 220072

Johnathan Goodwin

1st employee Embarke, senior software dev and architect, scrappy entrepreneur

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 192020

Gary Grumbley

I studied intellectual property in law school. I am learning front end web development. I am looking for a junior dev position.

ID 216597

Jacob E. Mack

CEO and Founder Ai Futuristics • Studied at @walden-university NSF-REU Research @oklahoma-state-university 2011, Currently in MS IT Software Engineering Program at SNHU

ID 302309

Atai Kang

Founder & CEO @evangel . Previously @octobertech-1 , @miki-1 , @newinttech . Serial entrepreneur, designer, web and marketing specialist.

ID 21570

Alexander Farennikov

Senior front-end engineer at Teradek

ID 283206

Thomas Walpole

Startup veteran, strategic thinker, experience working with and managing a wide range of developement technologies, Agile focused

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 78472

Mehrad Tavakoli

Founder @invesd • Worked at @intel, @qualcomm • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine

ID 316612

Raymond Lopez Aleman

Founder @stained Glass Labs, @stained • Worked at @dealmaker-media

ID 142366


CTO @storific - Developer ninja # node.js + noSQL ✌, scalability expert, Rails, Cocoa

ID 8049

Mark Tholking

Co-Founder of Studio Tentpole. Previously Co-Founder of @bigsho

ID 231463

Christian Hochfilzer


Director of UX & Strategy @netconstructor, Inc.

ID 145429

Xiao Ma

As a computer scientist/hacker, I believe the ultimate goal of computer technologies is to help people live better.

ID 220058

Christopher Moore

Web Applications Developer, Koder :: Co-Founder

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 254120

Chad Collins

ID 68654

Ron Elliott

Founder • Worked at @us-navy, @spothero

ID 175694

David Phruksukarn

Founder @padded; Worked at @digium, @switchvox; CompSci at @SDSU

ID 43051

Stephen Handley

Working on simple apps for @hello10. Formerly product designer and engineer at @stipple, engineer at @technorati. BioE BSc. from UCBerkeley.

ID 361342

Jason Buchanan

Chief Software Architect & CFO @earthrisk-technologies

ID 663871

Daniel Bogart

Freelance web designer and developer specializing in Ruby on Rails in conjunction with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PostgreSQL.

ID 117800

Justin Bradford

Background in quantitative sciences, and writing software across many domains for the majority of my life -- from device drivers to databases to web apps.

ID 233364

Amber Kirsten-Smit

Founder @furlocity • Studied at @emory-university

ID 199186

Gary Ferguson

Alternate Reality developer - choosing to make the world a better place.

ID 724015

Chintan Sanghvi

USC EE, multi purpose engineer, strong customer relationship management, business focus and technology savvy

ID 121860

Nathan Ricklin

COO and Co-Founder of @tomnod; PhD in Electrical Engineering;

ID 149615

Ryan Walsh

Product Management Hacker @extrabux • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 272785

Siavash Ghamaty

Entrepreneur & Technical Leader; Full Stack Cross Platform Game Developer; 3rd Mobile Engineer @zynga. Developer @vmix @kintera @blackbaud @ucsd

ID 6811

Mike Thompson

Founder of Coscover. Data junkie. PhD in theoretical chemistry. Ex-MIT blackjack team. Co-owned largest blackjack team. Python, Javascript, data analysis, etc.

ID 606836

Justin Kiggins

Computational Neuroscience PhD Student at UC San Diego; Python developer.

ID 72056

Seth Siegler

Founder Curb Call. Founded & sold Robot Workshop Real Estate Tech. 10 yrs real estate brokerage experience. Ruby on Rails & iOS coder. Hustler. (The good kind)

ID 590182

Keith Otto

Web / App Developer (Art + Design + Code) Front-End and Server-Side.

ID 147315

Jeffrey Nichols

Worked at @IBMResearch • Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 150010

Bryan Barkley

Worked at @time-inc, @tripadvisor, @monster • Studied at @rice-university

ID 528625

Jeremy Schneider

Founder @rentlinx • Founder of WhatsThatCharge • MSE and BSE in CS at Michigan • SDE Intern at @microsoft • 6'4", 210lbs of fun

ID 422736

Sunil Davé

Full Stack Engineer, Javascript Guru, and Rubyist!

ID 22879

Wes Hather

Co-Founder of @grouptalent (Funded by @techstars Seattle '11), Co-Founder of Team Apart (Funded by YC S'08), BA in CS at University of Washington

ID 76033

Robert Chen

Data Mining/Machine Learning PhD student. Data scientist, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology alum, MD candidate. Also a competitive weightlifter & shooter.

ID 505728

Anmol Maini


UCSD CS, Mentored 3 companies as an EiR at GSF (Startup Incubator) in India. Co-Founder, OnlineMP (Work in Progress). Featured in the National Newspaper.

ID 396026

Shawn Partridge

Founder at @yo-moments. Worked as @independent-consultant & 11 years at @bank-of-america. Studied at @arizona-state-university. 1st Web Startup in High School

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 266920

Dave Deriso

CEO of SH. PhD Student @oxford Neuroscience. Worked @ucsd AI/CS/Robotics Lab, Winner @AT&T Health Hackathon 2012, Winner Best Demo ECCV 2012. Coding for 12+yrs.

ID 496229

Jerry Jones

Founder Spaceman Labs. Was an early employee and iOS Team Lead @mellmo . Developing for iOS since 2007.

ID 182897

Jeff Mataya

Entrepreneur, programmer, and triathlon geek. Worked at Microsoft,, and various other startups writing code and building product.

ID 157342

Jeremy Marc

Senior web developer at Pokki. Starters of Remixjobs/Juiiicy.

ID 493219

Vinay Mavram

Passionate @university-of-california-san-diego cs graudate. Worked at @amazon and @websense Seeking full time backend software engineering opportunities

ID 668044

Ankit Buti

Purdue CS, Stanford GSB & Software Engineer / Project Lead at Qualcomm. Ambitious & passionate about tech and entrepreneurship.

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 323802

Jacob Zieve

Co-founder of Liveabetes, Bioinformatics researcher, Avid Bboy

ID 290210

Sinuhe Huidobro

President at AirScoreboard. Electrical Engineer, strong sports management background, loves coding, cycling, racquetball

ID 76325

Ryan Hemelt

Founder of @textbuch; Studying Finance, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of San Diego

ID 207934

Alex Boster

Worked at @foodydirect

ID 81383

Tom O'Brien

Founded - a small bus. platform. Co-Founder and COO @Data Insurance Licensing Ltd. Founder and Lead Consultant at BootstrapTechnology Consulting.

ID 100304

Holden Robbins

Chief Technical Officer at @company-data-trees

ID 467189

Jim Schwarz

Accomplished Senior Engineer, Java, Rails, Android, Qt

ID 676528

John Horn

Data Scientist with Front End experience as well as machine learning and spatial analysis

ID 5622

Fanny Surjana

Front End Web Developer

ID 35716

Grant Fraley

Co-Founder at @terrapan-labs LLC

ID 753142

Gilbert Fu

Stanford Engineering Grad, UCLA Engineering Grad, Work at Qualcomm

ID 288319

Adam Levenson

ID 595874

Jason Liu

ID 222875

Drew Shepard

Entrepreneur • Former Founder and CEO @nmbul • 10 years at @general-dynamics and @nasa • Bachelor of Science and Engineering at @arizona-state-university

ID 24460

Darryl Rettig

Co-Founder and CTO of DonationMatch. Over 20 years experience in building enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence systems.

ID 189654

Nathan Jovin

Founder of TallySpace, painless SMS voting for schools.

ID 496521

Joel Shor

Princeton Mathematics AB; Real Estate Data Modeling; Physics and Computer Vision awards; Published for Applied Mathematics and Computational Neuroscience

ID 609603

Mudit Goel

Full stack software developer, launched 3 websites, innovative and problem solver.

ID 306143

Jesse Chapo

Creative Director of Fanpics. UI/UX, design, Illustration, front-end code. Crafting intuitive and delightful experiences.

ID 466648

Mike Davis

Founder at ♦ Co-founder at - Entreprenuer and technology enthusiest with 10+ years in full cycle software development.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 186726

Chris Radcliff

CTO at @measured-voice, founder and Executive Director of the SpaceUp Foundation. Serial agitator.

ID 278217

Yoann Jaspar

Work at @playapp (France) • Studied at @california-state-university-san-marcos and Epitech The key to performance is elegance

ID 293108

Adam King

Entrepreneur, designer, hacker.

ID 656864

Kirby Domingo

Front-end/UI engineer, seeking new opportunities in the NYC area.

ID 99403

Jayal Mehta

Engineer at @qualcomm architecting end-user products and services.

ID 501261

Brent Read

Princeton CS with focus on artificial intelligence and networks.

ID 455043

Varsha Vijayan

R&D Intern at Edwards Lifesciences; Algorithm Developer; Biomedical Engineer; UCSD Alum; Worked at NeuroWave Systems.

ID 394582

Farhan Baluch

Data Scientist at Opera Solutions; PhD in Computational Neuroscience at USC; technology builder, innovator and unorthodox problem solver.

ID 213445

Ivan Rodriguez

CEO of @instapart. Hungry for Impact. More than a couple failed experiments. @500startups alumni while at @iron-drone-1.

ID 342907

Ariel Ouziel

Graduating school and eager to work for a company and showcase my abilities.

ID 486003

Lorenzo Aiello

Full Stack Engineer, System Administrator, Agile, Lean Startup Graduate

ID 343603

Adam Fell

Founder @TipNetwork • Founder @xgineer-solutions • Studied @saint-joseph-s-university

ID 385772

Russell Horton

Data Scientist and NLP engineer

ID 438424

John Osumi

Co-Founder, CEO @bishop-peak-technology • Worked at @qualcomm • Studied Computer Engineering at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 685671

Marc Janov

Software Architect / Manager; member / co-founder of startups; time tested systems and software engineering expertise spanning full SDLC.

ID 622299

Sarah W.

Creative Rails developer passionate about education, sustainability, and diversity. Backgrounds in publishing, youth mentoring, and gender studies (BA/MA).

ID 637075

Ryan Ringler

Established electrical engineer; HW & SW generalist; Ruby/Rails enthusiast; Autodidact; Strong background in project management. UMich '05 & '04.

ID 90015

Eric Seidel

PhD student in CS at UCSD

ID 35902

Alan Munroe

Virtual Sales Exec, BizDev Mercenary, Piranha Class Telemarketer, Ideas Guy, Spin Doctor, Go-To-Guy, Producer-Developer and now Published Short Story Writer

ID 545407

Rahul Sharma

Highly organized professional with 7+ years of experience in SDLC, seeking product opportunities in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

ID 809660

Chris Clark

Full-stack generalist, Python master, startup founder, author of the best-seller "Bitcoin Internals"

ID 79852

galo gimenez

Technologist at @hewlett-packard; Co-founder @knorbit-com; MSc University of California Irvine

ID 260034

Mike Cook

Established developer, decade of experimentation, great work history, large spread of skills, enjoy programming and love building products

ID 434911

Benjamin Cichy

Professional consultant and Project manager. Worked with startups, large fortune 500. Worked at @qualcomm, @university-of-california-san-diego • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego, @university-of-rochester,@san-diego-state-university.

ID 154712

Joshua Ansell-McKinnon

Founder @riley • Studied at University of California, San Diego, @san-diego-state-university

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 552063

Freddy Alejandro Gomez

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. Software/Web Developer. Zero Gravity flier

ID 745445

Abhinandan Krishnan

CMU ECE, Machine Learning and Computer Vision enthusiast, experience with Context Awareness use-cases for mobile devices

ID 724447

Dmitriy Bolotov

Analytics / machine learning specialist. UCLA BS Astrophysics, UCSD MS EE.

ID 670175

James A Tiller

CompE graduate from Vanderbilt; C#/Java Developer; Native Android and Rails App Developer;

ID 166469

Gaurav Saxena

Designer and developer - adhoc analytics application development framework• Own 6 open source projects

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 220688

Aniruddha Maru

Experienced iOS developer • Co-founder and CTO of String Wars • Worked at @adobe-systems • Studied CS at @iit-bombay

ID 145885

Jeffrey Barr

Worked at @hewlett-packard • Studied at @cornell-university, @san-diego-state-university

ID 283713

Spencer Syfrig

UX @ GoFundMe. MFA in Web Design & New Media. Design + Code. Formerly @zurb

ID 856334

Bobak Hashemi

Mathematically skilled technology specialist. Coding ace, M.S. Physics, research in quantum information. Data Analyst and general problem solver.

ID 409978

Ainar Abdrahmanov

Founder Online University for Parents

ID 524119

Jamie Dunbaugh

Veteran and graduate from UCSD in Psychology. Over 5 years of experience with Adobe creative suite. Freelancing as a front-end web developer and graphic artist.

ID 486218

Jennifer Wallick Nelson, PMP

Experienced and passionate software developer who is driven to create quality software applications, on schedule, and within budget.

ID 190157

Cris Noble

Infinitely curious front-end web developer with a knack for build processes and an eye for design.

ID 608354

Hieu Nguyen

Vanderbilt CompE, Qualcomm OS and Modem software, hungry learner

ID 702730

Carl Hua

Passionate and Motivated Embedded System Software Engineer looking to work in a Start Up environment.

ID 819451

Greg Ricchiuti

Atcom/INFO acq by Cisco $170MM (2000), Nextwave Wireless acq by AT&T $600MM (2012),Lonocloud acq by ViaSat (Confidential) (2013) all architect/founder roles

ID 290798

Timothy Sweeney

CEO of Bay Six - a freelance development firm. Strong background in business information systems, processes, and software development. Seeking a challenge.

ID 579692

Tim Paik

ID 547033

Rohit Vyavahare

Master student at San Diego State University, Worked at Symantec, Believes in integrity, quality, commitment and innovation

ID 587274

Monica Lewis

ID 693974

Cat Stout

Vanderbilt & Art Institute Grad. Very Versatile - Jack of All Trades. Extensive eCommerce & Social Media Experience.

ID 387113

Jamieson Slough

Founder Next Space Solutions • Studied at @united-states-naval-academy

ID 639333

Julien Van Wambeke-Long

Worcester Polytechnic Institute grad, Robotics Engineering, I love Robotics and creating creative solutions to problems.

ID 598462

Daniel Lyons

Claremont PhD student in Computational Science; Strong background in C++/Matlab/parallel comp. and applied math, incl. numerical methods and machine learning.

ID 686109

Zack Prager

ID 409775

Roberto Pagliari

Cornell ECE, looking for jobs in data science/programming/math modeling

ID 151179

Timothy Yu

Berkeley CS, Java and C++. Strong in software design and architecture, especially SOA and APIs.

ID 605164

Kent Gandola

Senior level manager; Product Dev't & Mfg (insource/outsource); Strong Engineering background; Systems, consumables, thin film micro-devices, assy's; BSME, MBA.

ID 535194

Jefferson Hwang

Washington University in St. Louis graduate; Passionate about software; Quick to pick up new languages

ID 454769

Andrew Stein


Data Scientist/ Software Developer for 13 years, leasing software packages to overseas clients though startup companies I founded. UCDavis CSCE

ID 551716

Daniel Grant

Georgia Tech Masters of Operations Research. Complex Analysis experience. Interested in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Optimization.

ID 558127

Priyanka Ganapathi

UCSD CS, interested in Computer Vision and Data Mining, a variety of projects completed in these areas.

ID 409783

Matt Silverstein

Worked at @hack-reactor, @thq • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine

ID 244510

Andrew Park

Co founder & Developer @helloshopstore. Studied: @university-of-california-san-diego, I work hard, because there's no shortcuts to any place worth going. (Quote: Beverly Sills)

ID 328789

Ganapathy Sundar

UCSD Bioengineering Graduate looking for opportunities in Bioinformatics and computational biology.

ID 228568

Chris Tucker

15 years experience building high-quality products across broad range of platforms and technologies

ID 280492

Michael Sanchez

Passionate Technical Architect of mySharp patient portal, a developer of the taxonomy-based publishing system behind, tamer of complex data migrations and emphatic proponent of SOA.

ID 625157

Alex Dodge

ID 517907

Zaheer Syed

Determined EE/CE student at @university-of-california-los-angeles with internships at @lawrence-berkeley-national-lab, @qualcomm, & @infinera.

ID 878812

May Zhai

Software engineer at Qualcomm; Carnegie Mellon ECE 2012; interested in full-stack web development

ID 677322

Hassan Shaikley

ID 80037

Ali Mobrem

Worked at @ca-technologies • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 42741

Sebastian Pereyro

Worked at @motorola and currently working for @disney

ID 508434

Michelle Brakke

ID 808813

Pavan Kumar

Computer Science Grad Student @ucsd. Previously worked at @apple & @netapp. Interested in Software, Product Management & Startups.

ID 355096

Joseph Barrus

Convergent business and technical strategist, enterprise architect, innovator, thought leader for start up and youthful but rapidly growing companies

ID 632663

Caroline DiBattista

20+ yrs GUI design/software engineer. Co-inventor on 4 GUI-related patents. In-depth experience in prototyping. 5+ yrs managing projects. Love a challenge!

ID 291740

James Frank

ID 102128

Eli Colner

Founder of @duos. BSCS @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 571258

Ten Mutunhire

Founder HackishWord • Worked at @the-nature-conservancy, @idexx-laboratories-inc • Studied at @colby-college

ID 301859

Chris Guerrero

Lead Front End Developer at Underground Elephant. B.A., Political Science UCLA 2011.

ID 493519

Connor Poole

Founder @ Sustainable MicroFarms, Intel Research Awardee, Gordon Leadership Fellow • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 594304

Ryan Hansen

I am a JavaScript developer well versed in AngularJs and have experience with Node and MongoDB.

ID 246076

Michael Bastos, BSCS

Self & School taught C++, Java, PHP, Perl and Ruby Developer working as a Lead San Diego Software Engineer @GapIntelligence with a BSCS degree.

ID 267971

Alexandros Pantelopoulos, PhD

Worked at @west-health-institute • Studied at @university-of-patras, @wright-state-university

ID 295469

Anish Patil

ID 329918

Kaushik Mukunda

Worked at @qualcomm, @advanced-simulation-technologies-inc, Master of computer Engineering @virginia-tech

ID 190029

C. Bourgault


ID 193740

Jack Donner

Broad range of product level experience most recently in developing indoor location solutions for Retail and Hospitality. Equally capable of working in the engineering or business domains.

ID 440764

Philip Ninan

Serial Startup

ID 718841

Emma Zhang

CE sutdent at UCSD

ID 445821

Aswin Alexander

Embedded software engineer with a passion for using technology for development in emerging markets

ID 636084

Chris Routh

ID 165517

Brian Jenkins

ID 514436

Joseph Le

Founder @ethelite • Worked at @university-of-california-san-diego-1, @swipe-development-inc • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 590054

Fada Chen

UCSD CE, launched one app at Google play, Android developer Intern

ID 109003

Scott Davis

Engineering Degree, Flight Instuctor, and experience as COO/CFO. Built a company from scratch, helped another get funded, and now looking for something new.

ID 520679

Bryan Teague

strong developer and project manager with proven track record.

ID 888448

Tim Shen

UCSB Computer Engineer

ID 647702

David Sokoloff

Experienced IT Consultant; Have successfully implemented Salesforce CRM and Oracle CPQ Cloud (BigMachines) across a multitude of industries and organizations

ID 594548

Giovanni Wong

UCSD Computer Engineering, Full Stack Web Dev looking for Summer Internship

ID 459784

Dylan Butler

Web developer & attorney; 10+ years in front-end web dev; Worked at Tillster, Examp, and PINT.

ID 650164

Scott Lovejoy

Web Developer with strong ties to film production, photography, and creating interactive web applications.

ID 812427

Sung Hong

Seeking for the position of scientist and engineer on image and video signal processing, compression, computer vision and machine learning.

ID 520166

Jonathan Baclig

ID 76423

Iyad Qumei


Senior Consulting Engineer specializing in the deployment of Linux and opensource projects in embedded systems.

ID 354790

David Xiang

CMU Masters Computer Engineering; Qualcomm R/D, Qualcomm CDMA Tech

ID 810229

Jason Cromer

Created a Face-Detection, USB-missile-launcher and guidance system using Python and OpenCV!

ID 766608

Brian Kaplan

Senior Computer Engineer at Virginia Tech, Experience: C++, Java, Python. Developed a Java application for Chrsyler Group LLC. Looking to Intern Summer 2015

ID 469166

Chris Haas

Full-stack software engineer and consultant with over 12 years experience building software solutions within the financial services and e-commerce industries.

ID 188770

Eric James

Creatively build useful things for the public good. Master of Urban Planning. Currently building wireless telecom for AT&T.

ID 572484

Andreas Kirn

Experienced Full-Stack Developer

ID 585225

Timothy Yau

Full stack web developer; Purdue CS and Biology;

ID 565235

Tony Tran

BSEE from University of Washington turned to full Software Engineer. Work for Department of Defense on team creating new communication software from scratch.

ID 753832

Theodore (T.J.) Jansma III

Strong development, IT and management background, JD Michigan State 2005.

ID 183430

Chris Barna

Recent Santa Clara grad. Have experience with Javascript, CSS, Python, PHP, and web mapping technologies.

ID 529984

Sagar Dhedia

MS in Software Engineering from SJSU ,4 years of professional work experience.

ID 566014

Gaurang Patel

UCSD CS Major. I'm a tutor, Android developer, and currently working on PredictionIO, an open source machine learning project.

ID 419181

Arunav Sarkar

Electrical Engineer with strong digital hardware design background combined with software system design experience.

ID 250969

César López-Natarén

Free & Open Source advocate, software crafter, photographer, good food and beer taster.

ID 821620

Brian Chung

ID 569649

Aditya Bansal

UCSD CE, Mobile & Web Developer, launched many successful apps on the iOS AppStore. Interested in entrepreneurship.

ID 442673

Sean Webster

Recent UCSD Computer Engineering grad. Hoping to build experience while building products.

ID 629858

Victor Chang

Experienced designer and technologist with focuses on user-centric experience, development, coding, analytics, and marketing.

ID 388576

Andrew Oh

Web Developer at UC San Diego's campus web office with front-end skills and a background in UX design.

ID 726367

Rustin Manafian

UCSD CS Student; Self taught full stack generalist; Passionate about using cutting edge technology for silly things

ID 596183

Ryan Glovinsky

UCSD CS, Software Developer and Tech Journalist

ID 263255

Kazuhito Ochiai

ID 806615

Heather Hua

University of California, San Diego. B.S Computer Science. Personal android application project. Currently working full stack on project with Ntrepid.

ID 832069

Ankush Agrawal

UCSD Computer Science. Developer. Entrepreneur. Creator. Facebook Open Academy.

ID 514675

Alberto Garcia

UCSD CS. Full stack generalist. Head tutor for 5 undergraduate courses. Developed class tools for students/faculty at UCSD. Front-end developer for TurboTax

ID 531604

Wedika Jadhav

Actively seeking summer internship opportunity in software field, Worked at @infosys-limited • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, @university-of-mumbai

ID 442678

Andrew Hu

UCSD CS, Worked on Qualcomm's R&D Listen projects, likes machine learning and software development.

ID 428494

Francis Sablaon

Full Stack Generalist

ID 432899


UCSD Computer Science, intrinsically motivated by impact, always learning new technologies

ID 401529

Jason King

Invented the computer. Created all computer languages (except PHP). Spoke at every conference, and was funny. Awarded the Nobel Peace prize but turned it down.

ID 791081

Scott Hollwedel

Key employee at early stage consumer level video monitoring startup which was aquired

ID 508869

deepak mudiam

Student Computer Science, looking for an internship beginning Summer 2014

ID 114832

Mark Gregory Valente

Managing Partner - Swagger Agency Inc.

ID 150255

Stephen Johnstone

Founder @stokebox • Worked at @illumina • Studied at University of California, San Diego

ID 173668

Scott Brenton

Chief Architect and R&D Director at @greatcall, @electronic-storage-corporation • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo, @rogers-state-university

ID 320781

Tamilselvan Sakkarai

Founder Druksoftware 9 years in IT . B.E Computer Science from Madras University , Entrepreneurship Management from XLRI

ID 510952

Chi Pang Cheong

CS New Grad from UC San Diego, Currently Seeking fulltime position in Software Development

ID 496007

Lucy Chian

Pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with Bioinformatics at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 826807

Adam Dorwart

UC San Diego Comp Eng. Web Development (JS), Robotics & Machine learning. Prev Microsoft Intern.

ID 731102

Scott Bargabus

ID 471483

Jeffrey Luong

UCSD B.S. Neuroscience

ID 356095

James Pease

front-end developer/designer

ID 416754

Devin Snyder

University of Rochester Dual Degree (CS and Math), SCJP/OCPJP, Agile enthusiast

ID 879741

Vishal Sharma

Master In Wireless & Telecommunications Engineering; Working at Qualcomm; 4 years of Wireless Industry Experience; Understanding of Business Market Analysis;

ID 624287

Alex Rosengarten

I'm a CogSci/CompSci student at @ucsd. I enjoy makings things, friends, and a fool out of myself.

ID 359497

Zach Kohl

University of Minnesota CS. Chief architect of power test automation frameworks and power analysis tools at Qualcomm.

ID 473276

Ankit Agarwal

@ucsd CS student, Launced 1st startup in high school, Internships at top tech companies such as @twitter and @salesforce, Full stack devleoper

ID 838713

Swapnil Bhave

UF Masters, Experience developing in C, embedded systems, Linux and working with Qualcomm chipset

ID 274104

Sudjeev Singh

UCSD CS student, Android Mobile App Developer. Currently building a mobile app looking to launch December/January.

ID 121173

Ing Sergio Ramirez

Experienced in Developing products, Design, Printing, 3D modeling, Rendering, Web sites

ID 812535

Srinivas Bhakthavatasalam

Firmware Engineer at Hewlett Packard Company. Responsible for designing applications that scale very well.

ID 635816

Supreet Sachdeva

Working on multiple side projects in Android, Ruby on Rails, Freelancing for startups, currently working at Qualcomm.

ID 187670

Todd Knarr

Professional software engineer. Flying J (hardware and software), WebSideStory (Internet), Corelogic CREDCO.

ID 594163

Jacob Huffman

Roboticist, Algorithms Engineer in Semiconductors, MS in ME with emphasis on Control Theory

ID 789639

Jim Nguyen

Software Engineer With Over 10+ Years of Experience

ID 267311

Scott Gruby

Developer of mobile applications with over 18 years of mobile application experience.

ID 159578

Nabil Tewolde

Worked at @breqlabsinc, @actel • Studied @university-of-toronto-1 • Developed smart home system, cycling computer, Bluetooth OBD-II device, autonomous vehicles

ID 354329

R.M. Miller Jr.

Founder EONYO, 3DEP, a social base for 3D printing. code modern, semantic, responsive layouts. Idea Architect • Studied at @point-loma-nazarene-university

ID 34082

Lance Pollard

Co-Founder and CTO at Big Lobby

ID 94168

Mike Hatfield

Bridging the worlds of dev & design since 1999. Built SaaS leadgen & CMS. UI dev; Consulted on projects for Hilton, Ritz, Irvine Company, Visa etc.

ID 84794

Bobbilee Hartman

Software Engineer II at Intuit, Inc.

ID 161608

Kenneth S. Asare

Founder Study-Date, and Edtool • Partner, Macleod Asare Chan LLC.

ID 547287

Fanley T

Software developer looking to for web development opportunities

ID 393128

Matthew D. Shelley

Worked at @beyond • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university

ID 714750

Tingshen Yan

M.S. in ECE at Northeastern University. Like web development, Love solving problems by programming and learning new technologies.

ID 80980

Jarad Comingdeer

Front-end Web Developer. Obsessed with usability.

ID 791592

Harshal Vaidya

Javaficionado. Energetic and passionate computer science student having a strong interest in technology.

ID 404576

Robert Bracewell

Highly organized and enthusiastic release engineer with a demonstrated aptitude for continuous improvement. Experienced with managing and releasing multiple projects across a product portfolio.

ID 324201

Yonathan Tulu

Software and Hardware Engineer, with a focus on communication systems. Experience in design and validation of systems from chip level, at Intel, to enterprise routers, at Cisco, and SATCOM, at Harris RF. Interested in FPGA, ASIC, and high-speed data path

ID 232333

Tommy Ryan

My alignment is Chaotic Good. I hit my head on doorways. I press buttons in the right order and make computers do stuff.

ID 484027

Lisa Tansey

Information Technology professional with a deep interest in biology and geography.

ID 570469

Rakshit Pithadia

Actively looking for Internships / Entry Level position. Graduate Student at San Diego State University. Worked at Tieto as a Software Developer for 3 years.

ID 7619

Leeward Bound

Leeward Bound Corp

ID 783770

Dhiraj Patil

SDSU Computer Science Graduate student, More than 2.5 years of experience in Software Development, Passionate Learner

ID 559955

Prasad Shinde

San Diego State CS, Looking for Internship

ID 474178

Nichole Shannon

Seasoned Front-End Engineer and Architect. Graphic Designer and Musician

ID 109379

Stephen Vanterpool

iOS Developer at, @microsoft alumni

ID 195498

Christoffer Wallin

Missionary of music and founder of @jamclouds • Creative Design @sprinklebit • Worked at @bts, @swedish-armed-forces • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 135141

Nick Hebner

Co-Founder at Inebriated Innovations, LLC and Software Developer III at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc

ID 494902

Alex Egg

Former Software Engineer at Qualcomm. BS in CompE/CompSci, minor in Korean @ @san-diego-state-university. Enjoys creating useful products from scratch.

ID 606852

Payal Godse

Graduate student in Computer Science | Looking for co-op/ intern opportunities in spring 2015|Software Development| Mobile Development |

ID 581949


San diego State University , CS

ID 834216

Eric Hanken

Electrical Engineer, Start-up founder, Self taught C++/PHP/HTML, built specialized online poker program from scratch.

ID 537172

Nitish Nalwade

Worked at @L&T infotech-1 • Studied at @San-Diego-State-University, @University-of-Pune

ID 813002

Simran Preet Singh Narang

Full stack mobile application developer with 2 apps succesfully in the App Store and Play Store

ID 400967

Norman Katz

Shipped mobile app for healthcare with advanced messaging and sync between devices and server. Effectively manage both local and offshore teams. MVP and MMFS.

ID 507624

Siddharth Jayaraman

Generalist software engineer with experience from hardware debugging all the way to application level programming

ID 350925

Vasant Patel

Certified Network Engineer. Led a team of 9 to create a strong network globally.

ID 116465

Chinmay Dhodapkar

Staff Engineer at @qualcomm

ID 644008

Disha Shelke

CS Graduate student, San Diego State University;Worked at Accelya Kale Solutions

ID 555855

David Geving

Software Development Leader, Agile Evangelist and Coach, Creator of Amazing Delivery Teams

ID 546128

Rahul Chidanand

Software Engineer Intern, Mobile and Wireless Division;

ID 591261

Anundhara Chimmad

As a Computer Science major I have developed strong developing and debugging skills in C# and Java

ID 784062

David Yuan

University of Toronto Electrical Engineer Grad. 2 years of software engineering experience at Qualcomm.

ID 500481

Swapnil Pancholi

Worked at @accenture, @Tavant Technologies, @san-jose-state-university-1 • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 583223

Pratik Sharma

Google Summer of Code Student(2012, 2014), Qualcomm Xprize Android app development.

ID 603894

Charles Bulger

Self-taught, full stack LAMP generalist. Have built multiple custom web applications from scratch. PHP / MySQL / Mongo / HTML / LESS CSS / jQuery

ID 592161

Himanshu Saxena

I am seeking an internship position that will utilize my knowledge with proven expertise in object-oriented analysis and design and exceptional record overseeing all facets of Software Development Life Cycle.

ID 286838

Ashok Shankar

I specialize in sw test automation, sw dev mgmt, DevOps, and product delivery to market. Looking to meet startup hustlers, hackers, and heavies.

ID 655500


Worked at LG Mobiles, currently working at Qualcomm Tech. Interested & passionate to work in the area of IoT/wearable's/Android development. Love to code.

ID 571712

Saurabh Shriniwas Kalantri

Actively looking for Summer Internship 2014

ID 580573

Deepika Urs

Software professional with 3+ years of experience in software development, programming using cutting edge development tools.

ID 118704

Justin Bersuder

Founder & COO of Oopgo, Inc - the leading web intelligence company on the market today.

ID 504135

Aditya Kappagantula

Worked at @knolskape-sloutions • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, @vellore-institute-of-technology

ID 594864

Itay Barasch

A real "Jack of All Trades" (Programmer / Psychologist / Researcher)! Strong technical and mathematical background. Published writer and editor. MA Psychology

ID 523761

Vyshakh Babji

Looking for S/W developer Internship for Summer 2014. Worked at @infosys-technologies, @bsnl • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 549480

Kumar Nishant

Currently pursuing Masters in Computer science.

ID 472603

Utsav Namadar

Actively looking for full time positions in the field of embedded, firmware, wireless, multimedia

ID 438852

Rohit Kandhal

Full-stack developer with 4+ years of work experience in web, windows and mobile application development.  Currently playing with JavaScript.

ID 239432

Jorge Moscat

Univ of Cincinnati CS (highest gpa), worked at GE, Deloitte, ai-one inc., Ruby on Rails, backend and algorithms guy, developed Currently working on

ID 498082

Bharath M

San Diego State University, worked at Oracle and won two hackathons

ID 574169


San Diego State University(pursuing) massters in Computer Science

ID 836159

Quoc Lien

Launching an Android App, Deans List 2013/2014, First in family to graduate from college. Starting an Indie game studio developing mobile and pc games.

ID 765453

Preeti Syal

NCSU MS-CPE Modem application engineer, proficient in C, 5 years work-ex

ID 144657

Jacob Owens

Worked at @ntt Data, @At&t • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 415380

Anton Kireyeu

ID 494334

Julien Rostand

Experienced engineering leader and Rails expert

ID 449851

Sanjay M

Worked at @university-of-south-carolina-1 @amrita @microsoft Student partner

ID 599002

Zachary Greenberg

Software Engineer with over 10 years experience; familiar with entire software lifecycle; created desktop apps, mobile apps and websites

ID 384213

Brandon Devine

NLP/Data mining/full-stack generalist

ID 634215

Paul Walters

SDSU Graduate Comp Sci, Programming, IT Administrative, and Dev Ops background

ID 829758

Benjamin Triplett

ID 705070

Pournima Bala

Looking for jobs that would give me UX/UI/Front End development experience. Experienced in Databases, Java,HTML, CSS, Javascript , Human Computer interaction

ID 374734

David MacAdam

Senior Java Developer. Experience in startups as well enterprise with exposure to a variety of technologies.

ID 509836

Surabhi Choudhary

ID 564053

Divyashree V Naidu

San deigo state university CS

ID 488095

Shesha Chandrika Moka

Computer Science Graduate looking for a full time position

ID 590367

Priyanka Chavan

SDSU CS looking for Intern/coop starting in Summer 2014 in Object oriented design and implementation

ID 580886

Priyanjana Majumder

Looking for internship.Currently graduate student in SDSU -computer science.3 years work ex.

ID 386502

Michael DePetrillo

Expert web developer, mobile app developer, entrepreneur & filmmaker.

ID 181437

Abhinavdutt Singh

Electrical Engineer who excels at analyzing, prioritizing and completing tasks in a professional manner. Strong organizational, technical and analytical skills.

ID 827979

Chirag Singh Toor

UCSD CS student, Interned at Facebook

ID 694340

Heet Patel

Software application developer with nearly a decade of experience designing and developing scalable fraud detection solutions.

ID 520268

George Marshall

Full stack specialist; Website scalability; Worked at Akamai

ID 572157

Shashank Hebbale

UNC Charlotte, Computer Engineering, Internship at Aruba Networks, 2 years iT experience at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Proficient in C/c++/Java/Android.

ID 636671

Abdul Aaquib

Recent Grad, looking for a challenge

ID 186478

Jeffrey G

Founder ElasticFuze

ID 491262

Scott Schechter

Enterprise level software engineer of RESTful systems, full stack experience. Interested in startup tech or bitcoin / cryptocurrency ecosystem.

ID 387650

Chris Hendrickson

Scripted website macros; Managed SQL databases to automate precertification inquiries/submissions for nationwide hospitals; Launched 3 successful iPhone apps

ID 715891

Tristan Wells

Geography degree with computer science experience, developed 3 apps for android and apple markets. Latest App has been played more than 30k times.

ID 675110

Venkat Bethamcharla

Excellent coding and debugging skills, instrumental in resolving issues thus helping customers to ship multi million chips.

ID 752919

Nathaniel Gallinger

Embedded systems engineer with robotics experience

ID 288741

Daren Wilson

Physicist/Artist, strong in math, 2D/3D graphics, img proc, writing, electronics, web dev for science, engineering R&D, live tv, NASA, C++ D Go Python etc

ID 499636

Andrew Wilson

ID 372039

David Wu

Multimedia and mobile application development. Hardware and software full stack knowledge including Android and Windows.

ID 196106

Gavin Engel

Founder Gavin Engel Consulting • Worked at @best-rank, @glockstore-com • Studied at @wentworth-institute-of-technology

ID 444444

Steven Feidelberg

y focus has been delivering world-class mobile apps. Recently I delivered, as the sole developer, an app with over a million downloads and is rated 4.5/5 stars.

ID 639537

Adan Zweig

Co-Founder and CEO of Relock • Former founder and CTO of @descuentocity, • Worked at @the-fan-machine-1, @Darriens • Studied at @universidad-de-palermo

ID 777635

Andrew Kovalenko

Alpha-Geek, engineer and cheerful guy

ID 80300

Kyle Morin

CTO of The Marshmallow Studio / Started a hosted voip solutions company / Started a successful web design/dev shop

ID 503056

Andrew Reedy

Software Engineer, Startup Entrepreneur

ID 849154

Jeremiah Bunton

St Lawrence University CS. Currently working on iOS app, interned with Royall & Company summer 2014, Java, Python, JavaScript, mongodb, hard worker.

ID 774661

Jayakumar Purushothaman

➢ Increased the productivity by automation (Selenium, Customized scripts and Frameworks)

ID 349399

Eduardo de la Torre Acosta

Co-founder and Product Designer of Ckluster: Productive Network for Small Business

ID 581831

Ronie Mendoza

Worked at Hewlett-Packard

ID 305934

Peter Buerki

Senior Applications Scientist, Ph.D. chemist with 10+ years of multidisciplinary experience in application development (hardware+software engineering, system integration, prototype, proof of concept, process development), hands-on, worked for several star

ID 565327

Divyesh Patel

Aerospace Engineering Graduate from UCSD;

ID 102150

Dlugosz, Lukasz

- FLUD - eBay/PayPal - Custom Solution Engineer at Aspect Software

ID 565566

Ely Fuentes

Southern Adventist University CS, Graduated december 2013. Currently looking for a job, and working in two game application for IOS.

ID 156045

Sanjay Shah

ID 468665

Dan Carr

ID 498196

Jared Rogers

Web Application Development, Working with web technologies off and on for 14 years, 10 years Military Service, Training and Problem solving for Apple Retail, I create iOS/Web apps for fun.

ID 171636

Jonathan Dietz

Digital Strategist & Architect. Open Source Advocate.

ID 129390

Gilad Salmon

Full Stack Web Developer tech/coffee/travel/philanthropy

ID 469911

Jon Condit

Technical Lead @mylab, Co-founder @DreadCentral, Founder @BoxofDread. Entrepreneur, maker, coder.

ID 881724

Sina Nejati

Full stack software engineer with experience in front end, back end , embedded and databases.

ID 221138

Ian Woodward

An all around designer and competent front end web developer that loves user interfaces. A purveyor of great ideas that solve hard problems.

ID 860298

Yingbai He

Developed two Android app. Been a tutor for CS courses for half a year now.

ID 557570


Experienced veteran in developing software products for Mobile used by more than 1 million + users; Worked at mobile positions at Qualcomm, Cisco, Samsung

ID 692912

Michael Roberts Jr

Web developer, succesfully launched and sold small business.

ID 815674

Jordan Kohl

Expert front-end and UI developer, with over 8 years of experience building complex JavaScript applications and user interfaces for many industries.

ID 752632

Ikshwak Kandi

embedded software development, socket programming, RTOS development, Firmware development, TCP/IP, socket programming.

ID 732278

Christin Walder

ID 38312

John Willkie

founder, @etherguide-systems, digital systems iconoclast, avid bicyclist; can turn concepts into reliable systems and products

ID 832224

Nathan Trujillo

15 years of experience in real-time programming, data architecture and interface design

ID 783819

Jared Green

Accounting + Computer Science, Full Stack/LAMP/Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

ID 719317

Zack Terranova

Computational chemist studying energy related systems

ID 609334

Dheeraj Shetty

UTD CS; Machine learning enthusiast; Working at Qualcomm

ID 662083

Amol Khanolkar

Java/J2EE Developer working for Qualcomm Life Inc

ID 786156

Rich Avioli

ID 643241

Philippe Faurie

Seasoned Software Engineer •Mobile Apps and Telecoms. Worked at StackCom, @wavecom, @st-ericsson

ID 82859

Benjamin Fleischhacker

C/C++/java developer, some exp. w/ rails and an interest in mastering all CS topics. BS in Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara.

ID 182358

Monica Bettencourt

Launched and sold Studied at TheStarterLeague (formerly Code Academy) in Chicago this summer and learned Ruby on Rails. Studied at Aurora University in Illinois

ID 658438

Peter DiSalvo

ID 733921

Cameron Heider


ID 770719

Alex Mousavi

UCSB Computer Science class of '13. Technical lead for Expenses development at Workday. Creates Android apps in spare time.

ID 238735

Erin MacMurray

ID 779126

Kazuo Higaki


ID 345212

Ian A. Macleod

Founder Study-Date, and Edtool • Partner, Macleod Asare Chan LLC.

ID 344346

Dustin Currie

Partner @tip Network • Founder at @up-key-interactive • Sr Engineer at @digitaria • Studied at @university of Texas, Austin

ID 55029

Hooman Maleknejad

Founder @ Vlobe, Coder @ 24/7, Dad @ Real Life

ID 617059

Sam Ward

Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, Generalist. Interested in working with Go full time.

ID 509441

Oscar Morita

UI/Front-End Web Developer

ID 883810

jimmy xu

UCSD CS major. Experienced in coding and testing or debugging in C/C++ and Java. Looking for a summer internship opportunity. 

ID 840703

Girish Varma Vegesna

ID 864695

Benjamin Nagengast

UC San Diego CE, just browsing

ID 692994

Aaron White

Technical leader with an engineering background and managerial experience. Proponent of the lean start-up methodology and measurable results.

ID 634596

Siggy Tsa

Well-rounded engineer and customer advocate with 15 years of medical device development and deployment experience.

ID 847600

Josh Manuel

Full stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

ID 552787

Ace Eddleman

Business-minded and tech savvy.

ID 648897

Yang Hu

data scientist

ID 618908

Lance Taschner

Technology Expert who helps Entrepreneurs with their Startup Ideas

ID 879308

Peter Huene

Experienced software developer. Open source contributor. Worked at Microsoft for 7 years.

ID 660918

Mark Lewis

25+ years of software development experience from programmer to CTO. Instrumental in 3 recent successful startups.

ID 669294

Alec Wu

UCSD Computer Science, 2014

ID 646791

John Dee

launched a successful technology startup. consulted for dozens of best known companies in the world.

ID 645277

Charles Shipp

Worked at Apple for nearly a decade; twice published;

ID 604336

markuz gj

javascript dev. just began setting this up

ID 642338

Rob Booth

Mobile Application Architect. Design, develop, deploy.

ID 705439

Ketan Shukla

Focused on ASP.NET, LINQ and Entity Framework. Also worked with SQL Server and database development. Internet marketing and leadership to fellow starters.

ID 519527

Alex L

Worked at Netgear. Working at Sony as automation Software QA engineer.

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