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ID 612098

Ken San Vicente

Founder @glucovation • Worked at @dexcom • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-california-irvine

ID 22133

Russ Bradberry

Co-founder & Principal Architect @simplereach. DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra. Co-Author, Practical Cassandra. Distributed technology enthusiast.

ID 384551

Chris Womack


Product guy passionate about payments & consumer software/hardware. Proven ability to start & commercialize new ideas in small & large companies

ID 532204

Julio de Unamuno IV


Published anti-cancer therapeutic research as undergrad. 7+ years BizDev pro, including Fortune 200 lean manufacturer. UCSD MBA 2014, Emerging Leaders Fellow.

ID 156352

Hooman Borghei


Founder @b2-investing-group • Sr. Manager iOS Wireless organization • Original iPhone and iPad Development Team

ID 849088

Damon Brown

@ted speaker @tedActive @tedxJackson. Founder So Quotable app @soQuoMe. Founding team @CuddlrApp. Author @tedBooks Our Virtual Shadow. @ASJAhq Board Member

ID 287981

Claudio Canive

ID 227586

Jaime Ravelo


Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor • Strong business background

ID 506874

Charles Simmons

CEO / Founder@Anyone Media Network, Inc • CEO / Founder@Yayway Manager@Strawberry Records, President@Sun Valley Records, Platinum CD Award certified RIAA

ID 101541

Fabrice Gould

ID 204882

Adam Markowitz

Founder and CEO of Portfolium • Worked at @pratt-whitney-rocketdyne • Studied at @university-of-southern-california, @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 41418

Russell Hall


Founder/Chairman - Connequity SVP/Porfolio Management Director - Morgan Stanley Angel investor - Tech Coast Angels

ID 752439

Jon Vrabel


Founder Vergence Technologies • Worked at @palantir-technologies, @rackspace, @redowl-analytics

ID 76033

Robert Chen

Data Mining/Machine Learning PhD student. Data scientist, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology alum, MD candidate. Also a competitive weightlifter & shooter.

ID 542523

Vernon Pertelle

Vernon Pertelle is a founding partner of StratiHealth • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @Catholic Health Initiatives

ID 561627

Marian Dusan


Founder @luly-inc, @luly-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 542769

Lenny Grokop

Founder Zenhavior • Worked at @qualcomm-research • Ph.D. in EECS from @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 649283

Manshu Agarwal

Founder/CEO of Spritzr. Making game-changing products and companies. Columbia MBA, Cambridge engineer.

ID 34156

Thomas Zheng


Practitioner in machine leanring/AI; Brain-inspired computing in Qualcomm; Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 90716

Tom Jones


Co-Founder of @babyjunk - Co-Founder of @backyard, acquired by PixelFish - Experienced business professional and all around problem solver.

ID 540840

Zoran Vladisavljevic

Zoran Founded TixAlert Inc., Founded CreatorBig, Works at One World, and Advises at Alliance West Realty

ID 99554

James Smith


CFO @invitedhome

ID 306413

Jeremy Dabor

Co-founder and CEO of LeadDynamo; @mcgill-university dropout; TEDx speaker

ID 642888

Robin Bisarya

Founder BDVFA

ID 621886

Alfonso Maytorena

ID 553954

Shaun Keating

Founder of • Senior Writer at babblr, Inc • Journalist, author, content expert

ID 629163

Alan Barbieri

Founder @phluido • Worked at @qualcomm, @university-of-southern-california-1

ID 838826

Alex Newman

Founder Triptive, Inc

ID 28725

Hussein Yahfoufi


VP Technology @oneroof-energy | @SunOpps Founder @diamprice @appsplit Cooking up something new at @tba

ID 248066

Noah Santoro

Worked @pricewaterhousecoopers-1, @pwc-1, @Blueturn, founded @rettydo, @renterlove, studied at @james-madison-university

ID 527701

Chris Sayasane

Founder @tynit-com • Worked at @target-corporation • Studied at @bradley-university

ID 500834

Sara Ledterman

Founder Adorno Magazine • Studied at @monterey-institute-of-international-studies

ID 639628

Mark Vanderwarf

Creative Generalist :: Product Specialist, Producer, and Founder @DriftpinStudios • @txtaudio

ID 687797

Grant Noe

Founder & CEO Boltlook • Studied at Biola University Studying with a major in business management.

ID 418140

Joseph Allen

Founder @myquoteapp • Studied at @university-of-north-dakota

ID 294797

Peter Walde

CEO and founder of mapegy. Technology intelligence enthusiast.

ID 414574

Dusten Pecor

Dyslexic & Founder @2Dual Inc offering “audibly-accessible” technology.

ID 718193

Barry Klein

Founder @lamid-studios • Studied at @brandeis-university, @fordham-law National Political Consultant and Senior Congressional Aide.

ID 480352

Kevin Ciesielski

Founder @bold-band-smartwatch, CarrierLIVE • Worked at @dnc-distributors-llc • Studied at @baylor-university, @the-university-of-texas-at-tyler

ID 781956

Monica Mo

Founder & CEO of WellSeek, Inc. • Metabolic engineer and systems biologist • Worked at Intrexon Corporation • PhD from UCSD.

ID 660472

Harry Singh

Strong Legal background(Thomson Reuters Elite). Worked for over 10 Am Law 100 firms like Latham & Watkins, Watchtell Lipton, Cravath Swaine, Cooley etc.

ID 187193

Ryan Evans

Innovative JD/MBA with experience founding, advising, and running businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 579350

Waldemar Juschin

Founder of 5AM • Making amaranth to a sustainable staple food for global food security.

ID 743940

John Nite

John has overseen the Design and Development of innovative products for brands such as Under Armour and The North Face. He is a co-founder of Wearable Wellness.

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