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ID 41927

Mike MacDonald

UX Lead @ 90 Day App Challenge, former UI Lead @ BrightScope. Founder Entrepreneur disguised as a designer & engineer. The MacGuyver of software?

ID 93966

Seth Sandler

Developer @workpop • Founder @affinityblue, @sparkon-network, @Buzzed • Former Product/Dev @mogl • CCO @NUIGroup

ID 174353

Sergie Magdalin

Co-founder and designer @webflow. I get stoked on designing simple solutions for complex problems.

ID 147013

Naveed Lalani

Founder & CEO @portable-boutique-inc, Advisor @thiel-fellowship. Formerly - CSO @donornation , Co-Founder @rally, Investor (Acquired by Facebook).

ID 265774

Blake Machado


Co-founder of @sweetlabs. Started first company at 18 w/ successful exit. Product focused with strong background in technology and design.

ID 80513

Barry Enderwick

Founder, Kaizen Creative Parntership Former Creative Director, Global Marketing, Netflix. Brand, acquisition/subscription & design.

ID 74069

Mike Macadaan

Partner at @science Studio. Specialize in User Experience, Design, Brand and Identity. Product and UX Advisor, Co-Founder @urbandig, Founder @twiistup

ID 156352

Hooman Borghei


Founder @b2-investing-group • Sr. Manager iOS Wireless organization • Original iPhone and iPad Development Team

ID 134274

Adam Bohannon

Modern Media and Marketing Professional. Currently Marketing Director at SprinkleBit.

ID 318860

John Przepadlo Strott

User Experience Consultant and Advisor

ID 312064

Lawrence Mei

B.S. Cognitive Science spec. HCI at UCSD. Interaction Designer at Active Network.

ID 129124

Eric Burress

Creating elegant user experiences for web, desktop software, and mobile applications

ID 4787

Darrell Swain

Co-Founder of @lucid-software. Founder of @picturethis.

ID 33323

Josh Smith

Founder @coder-ly. Product lead at AdTrak 360. Founder of (sold to True Ventures portfolio company).

ID 2885

Bobby Ghoshal


Founded @flud 1st social news reader, strong award winning product background, contract designed with Apple, Google, Dreamworks. Now a Director at Blue Shield.

ID 768069

Mike Sun

Foundation in cognitive science and human-computer interaction. Interaction designer and information architect with agency, startup and corporate experience.

ID 170128

Roger Wagner


Software designer, programmer, former owner of rare book auction house, private pilot, active in K-12 educational technology.

ID 478591

Andrew Walpole

Interactive Developer, Tinkerer, and Maker of things Software and Hardware.

ID 325933

Aminah Rene

A sunny day is a good day

ID 288939

Vanessa Barri

Founder of Vanessa Thèrese Interior Design, Yogi and start-up enthusiast.

ID 133383

Nick Wientge

Building @meteorjs apps at @BeDifferential. Formerly @crowdhall, @Brandery 2012 Alum #VegasTech

ID 68875

Matt Lackey

Product Designer at @stayclassy. Former Lead Performance Designer at digital-telepathy.

ID 370924

Foster Carr MD

CMIO @gogohealth, BA Biochemistry @harvard 1982, MD @stanford 1988, Primary care MD and creator of in 1994 (a personalized telemedical portal )

ID 74610

Jason DelValle

Design, Branding and Customer Experience are where I hang my hat. I genuinely enjoy the creative process & working with great individuals on exciting journeys.

ID 12359

Hunter Owens

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Relcy. Founded two startups and one community organization. UCLA Grad. Been building online since 12 years old.

ID 168069

Christy Gurga

Front-end Developer

ID 72237

Megan Casey

Founder of @pack-1. Cofounder of @squidoo with Seth Godin, now a top 50 site in the world. I like building lifestyle niches that reach massive scale.

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 113165

Charles Brewer

Leading digital products & UX beyond the status quo. Cofounder: SportsGunner. B2B & B2C startups & reboots. I deliver Web app, media & consumer/social products

ID 102194

Adam Storr

Product Designer at Palantir. Web/Mobile Developer & Designer. Swiss Army Knife.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 87693

Matthew Wickstrand

Founder @kareer-me. MBA @university-of-southern-california. EE @university-of-california-santa-barbara. Developer. Snowboarder. Beer Geek.

ID 460203

Matthew Buckley

Founder @shops-stock • Worked at @lotus-elixirs • Studied at @grand-canyon-university-1

ID 133926

Gabe Abadilla

Designer Co-Founder of Kareer.Me

ID 157761

Michael Shirman

Technology and Product leader. CTO @hipswap, Founder/CTO @Transmodus Corp. @coda-software, @ott,

ID 398068

Andrew Huynh

Founder @productbio • Ph.D. drop-out from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 231463

Christian Hochfilzer


Director of UX & Strategy @netconstructor, Inc.

ID 100628

Elizabeth Hannan

Chief Digital Strategy Officer - 1st Start up @ 12yrs, 1st Director of Marketing position @ 23. Fluent in numerous online & off business development. Integrity

ID 293424

Ross Campbell

Huge fan of technology and the internet, passionate about design and development, love javascript ( don't hate :) ), and founded & run

ID 140202

Andrew Josuweit

Co-Founder at @student-loan-hero. 2nd software company. Economist/Entrepreneur converted in UX/UI designer.

ID 394051

Joshua White

Founder & CDO 3DaGoGo/AstroPrint.

ID 2014

Marcus Wandell

Co-founder/CEO of @antengo (mobile classifieds). Vision+Execution. Previously slung pixels for @microsoft. Started 'startuping' in college.

ID 401663

Ryan Vanderbilt

Co-founder @kerros-health - Prior: Google, Anomaly, Landor. @FastCoExist, End Malaria.

ID 42784

Orville Esoy

Visual and Experience Designer at digital telepathy looking to help out with bike oriented start-ups.

ID 220588

Justin Woodcock

Co-Founder @kareer-me Currently at @sony Worked at @intuit, @sambreel-services

ID 433998

Sheba Najmi

Head of Product & UX

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 236310

Jonathan Gwiazda

Talented product director with deep experience in online advertising, ad exchanges, real time bidding platforms, reporting and analytics, UX/UI design. Environmental education and passion.

ID 87502

Phil Ohme


Principal Interaction Designer @intuit, Mobile UX'er, Innovation Catalyst, Design Thinker, Gamification'er. Previously @independa, @wingcast, Ford, GM, HP.

ID 357264

gilda campos

Founder @candy-lab-1 • Worked at @events-com-3, @wells-fargo @geary-interactive • Studied at @art-institute-of-california-san-diego

ID 524627

Diana Shapiro

High-Growth C-Level Executive, Board Member, Advisor: CleanTech, Software Analytics, Virtual Reality Applications

ID 149615

Ryan Walsh

Product Management Hacker @extrabux • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 20550

Caleb Gilbertson

Growth Hacking since 2005

ID 254120

Chad Collins

ID 693899

James Christopher

ID 31471

Benjamin Lotan

Background in Cognitive Science, Interaction Design, Art, and Urbanism. Founded Social Print Studio in 2010.

ID 590182

Keith Otto

Web / App Developer (Art + Design + Code) Front-End and Server-Side.

ID 683106

Jen Fausner

Art Director/Adventurer Venue Report. 7 yrs design industry exp. BFA Graphic Design/BA Comm. Owns Graphic Design Co. Mom of 2.

ID 316612

Raymond Lopez Aleman

Founder @stained Glass Labs, @stained • Worked at @dealmaker-media

ID 215611

Steve E. Tice

COO EVDrive, 31 years, 3 tech start-ups, c-level exec, key tech, marketing & operations skills honed in aerospace, powersports, advertzing, simulation to gaming

ID 39156

Ced Funches

Founder of Flippo Interactive. 1st startup at age of 19. Strong global branding background. Former NBA Art Director . UI/UX Specialist. Published Author.

ID 31344

Cory Micek

UX/UI Designer. maverick. entrepreneur. obsessed with mobile, user experience and making things better.

ID 43051

Stephen Handley

Working on simple apps for @hello10. Formerly product designer and engineer at @stipple, engineer at @technorati. BioE BSc. from UCBerkeley.

ID 620679

Annelise Fasnacht

Independent, highly motivated, thought-leader committed to innovation and excellence. Passionate about entrepreneurship and disruptive technology!blog/c1yp2

ID 386760

Jim Emerson

Senior Technical Writer

ID 826130

Kamille Franchomme

Marketing | Branding | Creative Professional

ID 12414

Mike Zambotti


ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 91342

Ewgenij G. Koplunik

Founder of LOCCL Worked at @rovi-corporation, @asknet-ag • Studied at City University of New York.Strong design skills, >12 years of experience.

ID 683983

Lauren Davis

New product development & management; Medical research & innovation

ID 524119

Jamie Dunbaugh

Veteran and graduate from UCSD in Psychology. Over 5 years of experience with Adobe creative suite. Freelancing as a front-end web developer and graphic artist.

ID 693974

Cat Stout

Vanderbilt & Art Institute Grad. Very Versatile - Jack of All Trades. Extensive eCommerce & Social Media Experience.

ID 875826

John Vavricka

Diverse background in Product Management, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis, EdTech, Data Privacy & Security, and Federal Government Business Development

ID 466648

Mike Davis

Founder at ♦ Co-founder at - Entreprenuer and technology enthusiest with 10+ years in full cycle software development.

ID 388655

Atiim Wiley

Design Strategist, UI/UX Designer

ID 290798

Timothy Sweeney

CEO of Bay Six - a freelance development firm. Strong background in business information systems, processes, and software development. Seeking a challenge.

ID 827871

Emily Booth

Analyst: Programmer, Systems, Business; Consultant; Instructional Designer and Technologist

ID 306143

Jesse Chapo

Creative Director of Fanpics. UI/UX, design, Illustration, front-end code. Crafting intuitive and delightful experiences.

ID 361141

Lindsay M. Hood, MBA

M.S. Human Computer Interaction 2015, Worked at NBC and Clear Channel, User research

ID 478091

Michelle Carney

UC Berkeley grad, researcher at UC Berkeley, UCSF, LBNL, Amgen. Founder of nonprofit Students for Solar Schools, Hurricane Sandy Red Cross responder.

ID 621477

Michael Lefco

HCI masters student at Georgia Tech.

ID 342907

Ariel Ouziel

Graduating school and eager to work for a company and showcase my abilities.

ID 446016

Irving Torres

Founder and CEO of Young And CEO • Branding Expert • Studied at @PomonaCollege

ID 816985

Marisa Poverman

Taught in rigorous Singapore schools for 3 years; Strong writing background; Yale 2010 with Honors

ID 621623

Chelsea Pattee

BS/BA with a passion for science and an eye for design. Experienced team manager, innovator, and creator.

ID 76423

Iyad Qumei


Senior Consulting Engineer specializing in the deployment of Linux and opensource projects in embedded systems.

ID 753832

Theodore (T.J.) Jansma III

Strong development, IT and management background, JD Michigan State 2005.

ID 718841

Emma Zhang

CE sutdent at UCSD

ID 190029

C. Bourgault


ID 187768

Nick Nudell

I have a broad based perspective, sharp analytical and problem solving skills, big picture thinking, and client relationship skills.

ID 743552

Jack Shen

Creative & Product Executive. Design and product management of web, mobile, and integrated hardware solutions deployed across 40,000+ schools internationally.

ID 226106

Vince DePalma

Founder Invincible Creative • Worked at @20th-century-fox • Studied at @university-of-san-diego, @california-state-university-northridge

ID 632663

Caroline DiBattista

20+ yrs GUI design/software engineer. Co-inventor on 4 GUI-related patents. In-depth experience in prototyping. 5+ yrs managing projects. Love a challenge!

ID 666710

Justin Hanson

My passion for HCI stems from a love of sociology and dissemination of information. I am skilled at creating meaningful products.

ID 188770

Eric James

Creatively build useful things for the public good. Master of Urban Planning. Currently building wireless telecom for AT&T.

ID 64377

Jon Lee

Founder UI/UX @heeyy. I love what I do, wake up every morning with no regrets.

ID 301859

Chris Guerrero

Lead Front End Developer at Underground Elephant. B.A., Political Science UCLA 2011.

ID 625157

Alex Dodge

ID 315794

Devon Cayer

The Scripps Research Institute PhD Chemical Biology. UCLA B.S. Chemistry.

ID 556164

Vivek Poola

Worked at @anthro-is, @university-of-california-san-diego-1 • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 592118

Emily Deng

Student at @university-of-california-san-diego, @fudan-university, graduation in 2015; Worked abroad in Beijing and Shanghai; Interests in business, design, and tech.

ID 514436

Joseph Le

Founder @ethelite • Worked at @university-of-california-san-diego-1, @swipe-development-inc • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 93817

Scott Mosteller

VP Marketing @ Tower • Senior Designer @the-control-group • UX / UI Expert for mobile & desktop apps • Split Test Optimization Guru

ID 283713

Spencer Syfrig

UX @ GoFundMe. MFA in Web Design & New Media. Design + Code. Formerly @zurb

ID 518621

Ramona Rejali

Worked at @bia2-com, @university-of-central-florida • Studied at @academy-of-art-university, @university-of-central-florida

ID 469140

Boris Boryakov

UCSD Cog Sci / ICAM, User Experience Designer, Product Therapist & lover of all things delightful

ID 199728

Brie Anne Demkiw

I specialize in working with lean product development teams & startups to improve the user experience of web & mobile products. "The best way to complain is to make things."

ID 514675

Alberto Garcia

UCSD CS. Full stack generalist. Head tutor for 5 undergraduate courses. Developed class tools for students/faculty at UCSD. Front-end developer for TurboTax

ID 170682


Worked at @cadence-design-systems, @texas-instruments • Studied at University of Maryland, @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 404047

John Quealy

Product Designer (UX, UI, & Web)

ID 388576

Andrew Oh

Web Developer at UC San Diego's campus web office with front-end skills and a background in UX design.

ID 274466

Paula Le

HCI Student at UC San Diego, UX Development Intern at Nokia; Aspiring UX designer and developer

ID 318815

Stephanie Song

Cognitive Science HCI student at UCSD with Business minor, Strong User Design background

ID 416683

Jonathan Maxim

Founder at ActivEarn • UI/UX designer, Graphic Design/Marketer from @san-diego-state-university

ID 164501

Brooke Patterson

CFO of Vandermedia Design Inc. Works with startup companies to establish strong brand identity, consistent graphic communications and web design.

ID 251913

Land & Sea Co.

We navigate brands to greatness through discovery, strategy, and design. Take your brand further.

ID 318866

Rosiee Sirimitr

User Experience Designer B.S. Cognitive Science - Human Computer Interaction University of California, San Diego '14

ID 533654

Benazir Shaikh

Worked at @digital-style-technolgies • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 27849

Donna Imam

Purdue Engineer and Product Manager infusing customer interests in the design and development of successful high-tech products.

ID 623897

Travis Thompson

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts from UCSD. Freelance web designer and developer and specializes in Wordpress development.

ID 284437


Experience Designer Product Design Consultant UCSD HCI Alumnus

ID 629858

Victor Chang

Experienced designer and technologist with focuses on user-centric experience, development, coding, analytics, and marketing.

ID 844036

Farhad Badri

UC Davis grad, Sony QA, Android App Designer, experience working abroad.

ID 329348

Prashant Mantha

User Experience R&D, Product Development; BS. in CogSci/HCI from UC San Diego, 2013; Worked at Broadcom and Source Interlink Media

ID 161608

Kenneth S. Asare

Founder Study-Date, and Edtool • Partner, Macleod Asare Chan LLC.

ID 302777

Nicholas P. Wright

Creator @pilot-reader @juice-2 Past @fuund @dark-timbers

ID 114832

Mark Gregory Valente

Managing Partner - Swagger Agency Inc.

ID 94168

Mike Hatfield

Bridging the worlds of dev & design since 1999. Built SaaS leadgen & CMS. UI dev; Consulted on projects for Hilton, Ritz, Irvine Company, Visa etc.

ID 80980

Jarad Comingdeer

Front-end Web Developer. Obsessed with usability.

ID 317326

Kelsey Bergstrom

Point Loma Nazarene University graduate, Fashion Merchandising, Visual design.

ID 541242

Levi Mousaw

Visual Interaction Designer

ID 585692

Kelly Seiler Vocke

BSEE from Cal Poly, SLO where I focused on digital design, control systems, and robotics. Currently UAV avionics engineer.

ID 416754

Devin Snyder

University of Rochester Dual Degree (CS and Math), SCJP/OCPJP, Agile enthusiast

ID 118360

Eugene G. Koplunik

Founder @idesigntoday • Worked at @divx, @rovi-corporation • Studied at City University of New York. 12+ years of experience in design industry

ID 631001

Joshua Morris

Interaction Designer @Mitchell_Intl

ID 760413

Jan Hagenbrock

ID 568359

Melissa Hy

ID 356095

James Pease

front-end developer/designer

ID 359497

Zach Kohl

University of Minnesota CS. Chief architect of power test automation frameworks and power analysis tools at Qualcomm.

ID 682490

Christy Jill Reed

Senior UX Manager with a strong background in UX strategy, UCD principles and team growth and management.

ID 354329

R.M. Miller Jr.

Founder EONYO, 3DEP, a social base for 3D printing. code modern, semantic, responsive layouts. Idea Architect • Studied at @point-loma-nazarene-university

ID 624287

Alex Rosengarten

I'm a CogSci/CompSci student at @ucsd. I enjoy makings things, friends, and a fool out of myself.

ID 680021

Jake Maynard

Senior Interaction Designer at Intuit. Looking to make people's lives easier.

ID 114437

Jon Briggs

Independent Graphic Designer & Art Director for brands like, USAopoly, Callaway Golf, TCA Architects, Capital One Bank.

ID 200953

Aleksandr Tenyotkin

Product lead, design & creative direction; launched products for Fortune 100/500 companies. Designer w/ engineering background.

ID 288741

Daren Wilson

Physicist/Artist, strong in math, 2D/3D graphics, img proc, writing, electronics, web dev for science, engineering R&D, live tv, NASA, C++ D Go Python etc

ID 599002

Zachary Greenberg

Software Engineer with over 10 years experience; familiar with entire software lifecycle; created desktop apps, mobile apps and websites

ID 274008

Brian Dyches

Experienced tech startup founder, Int'l. Chairman of a global non-profit, strategist, entrepreneur, foodie, technology & design exp. enthusiast, traveler.

ID 197000

Tarryn Mento

Worked as Pulliam fellow at @the-arizona-republic, Carnegie-Knight @News21 fellow • Studied at @arizona-state-university and SUNY Albany

ID 504135

Aditya Kappagantula

Worked at @knolskape-sloutions • Studied at @san-diego-state-university, @vellore-institute-of-technology

ID 598444

Justin A. Silva

Media Artist: CG Animation/Rigging/Lighting, Video Editing/Compositing and Motion Graphics

ID 364777

Marx Huidobro

I´ve been Creative Director for Art Studio Inc, a small design and multimedia group. My background in architecture and have a passion for all disciplines of design. Searching for Creative Thinking and Experimentation.

ID 527701

Chris Sayasane

Founder @tynit-com • Worked at @target-corporation • Studied at @bradley-university

ID 705070

Pournima Bala

Looking for jobs that would give me UX/UI/Front End development experience. Experienced in Databases, Java,HTML, CSS, Javascript , Human Computer interaction

ID 202406

Lauren Jenrette

Creative Director at Rapid Remodel, background in interior design, project management and SaaS systems, Studied at @san-diego-state-university.

ID 523761

Vyshakh Babji

Looking for S/W developer Internship for Summer 2014. Worked at @infosys-technologies, @bsnl • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 591261

Anundhara Chimmad

As a Computer Science major I have developed strong developing and debugging skills in C# and Java

ID 813002

Simran Preet Singh Narang

Full stack mobile application developer with 2 apps succesfully in the App Store and Play Store

ID 292824

Matthew Martin

User Interface Designer.

ID 594864

Itay Barasch

A real "Jack of All Trades" (Programmer / Psychologist / Researcher)! Strong technical and mathematical background. Published writer and editor. MA Psychology

ID 777635

Andrew Kovalenko

Alpha-Geek, engineer and cheerful guy

ID 792662

Armin Nasufovic


ID 834216

Eric Hanken

Electrical Engineer, Start-up founder, Self taught C++/PHP/HTML, built specialized online poker program from scratch.

ID 603894

Charles Bulger

Self-taught, full stack LAMP generalist. Have built multiple custom web applications from scratch. PHP / MySQL / Mongo / HTML / LESS CSS / jQuery

ID 137636


ID 290616

Jon Hebel

Co-founder @saluz; Innovated, worked in Tech & Healing in India 11 years; Bio at

ID 411862

Josh Lary

ID 439399

Arthur Felder

Fresh new designer with indisputable talent for creating groundbreaking new concepts like no one has ever seen

ID 138530

Josh Wayne

Independent designer/developer/maker. Previously worked at @fifty-and-fifty and @digitaria.

ID 64102

Sara Vienna

Creative Director specializing in product design: apps, web, and physical product.

ID 605648

Erik Rosner

Graphic Design & Marketing specialist; artistic, creative thinker with a passion for helping startups grow

ID 676110

Travis Vasquez

ID 85322

Tyler Harvey

An emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. Freelance Designer

ID 378301

Samuel Zachary Penkacik

Specializes in artistic website & app design. Has a BS in Web Design & Development from Full Sail University.

ID 843803

Lisa Thomas

Creative UX and unconventional hybrid designer with a unique répertoire and a background in industrial design. A passionate solution finder, dedicated to UCD.

ID 284633

Max Ghezzi

Endlessly intrigued by form, code and technology, Max is a leading multimedia designer and UI development artist whose work is clean, cutting-edge and vibrant.

ID 660350

Faraz Masoumabadi

Anything and everything CGI. Currently animator @kdk-factory, went to @animation-mentor & @san-diego-state-university

ID 316283

John Witt

Product, Project, Visionary Solutions Architect who has designed and deployed results saving companies $mm. Avid Sailor

ID 785708

David Parise

I am a User Experience Expert with over 15 years of experience with a focus on Interface Design, User Experience Design, and Art Direction.

ID 139677

Andrew Munoz

BFA in Graphic Design. Professional Photography, Illustration and Design (Web, interactive, and print). Worked for @urban-fresh-delivery and ABEL San Diego.

ID 221138

Ian Woodward

An all around designer and competent front end web developer that loves user interfaces. A purveyor of great ideas that solve hard problems.

ID 661606

Amanda Singleton

Creative web & graphic designer obsessed with typography, interface design and the occasional internet meme.

ID 887648

Lucius Kern

UI/UX Architect, Internet Marketer. I have a real passion for Art & Marketing and always wanted to follow my dreams.

ID 324491

Derek Porter

BFA in Graphic Design, 5 years experienced in motion graphics, UI / UX design, and all things Adobe. Basic understanding of HTML & CSS, but learning more everyday.

ID 708517

Alex Huitink

ID 349399

Eduardo de la Torre Acosta

Co-founder and Product Designer of Ckluster: Productive Network for Small Business

ID 542678

Tzaddi Morey

Visual Designer with UI/UX Mobile expertise. Previously worked for Agency, Apple Inc. iAds, and Verve Mobile Local Mobile Advertising Start Up.

ID 609557

D.J. Brinkerhoff


ID 252500

Dishant Parikh

Mobile wireless communication, LTE, 4G, Wifi, Broadcast/multicast, M2M @cisco

ID 476021

Joshua Maynard

Owner + Designer at Wood + Sea Co. Designing for startups, nonprofits, NGOs, and the socially conscious.

ID 345218

Bradford C. Prairie

Founder Study-Date, and Edtool • Partner, Macleod Asare Chan LLC.

ID 605770

Romina Barrett

ID 705093

Melissa Cameron

UCSD Cognitive Science and HCI graduate. UX generalist with background in research, design, front-end development and analytics.

ID 55029

Hooman Maleknejad

Founder @ Vlobe, Coder @ 24/7, Dad @ Real Life

ID 692994

Aaron White

Technical leader with an engineering background and managerial experience. Proponent of the lean start-up methodology and measurable results.

ID 705439

Ketan Shukla

Focused on ASP.NET, LINQ and Entity Framework. Also worked with SQL Server and database development. Internet marketing and leadership to fellow starters.

ID 660105

Annie Purpura

Senior Content Editor. Worked at Playboy Enterprises, One Kings Lane, and American Apparel.

ID 533100

Lea Jamin

Founder @tynit-com

ID 633913

Sarah Anne Lorenzen

ID 706991

James Shen

UX/UI Designer; Led development for enterprise applications. Looking to move into product management from a design and consulting background.

ID 509441

Oscar Morita

UI/Front-End Web Developer

ID 689469

Ahmet Basar

Web / Graphic Designer

ID 688218

Michal Shimp

Temporary Headline

ID 552787

Ace Eddleman

Business-minded and tech savvy.

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