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ID 888487

M Jannette

Passionate to integrate technical DevOps Linux skills to improve and deliver better quality cost effective heath care.

ID 831959

Jaynesh Patel

Aerospace Engineer

ID 816985

Marisa Poverman

Taught in rigorous Singapore schools for 3 years; Strong writing background; Yale 2010 with Honors

ID 634215

Paul Walters

SDSU Graduate Comp Sci, Programming, IT Administrative, and Dev Ops background

ID 718841

Emma Zhang

CE sutdent at UCSD

ID 286838

Ashok Shankar

I specialize in sw test automation, sw dev mgmt, DevOps, and product delivery to market. Looking to meet startup hustlers, hackers, and heavies.

ID 724015

Chintan Sanghvi

USC EE, multi purpose engineer, strong customer relationship management, business focus and technology savvy

ID 819451

Greg Ricchiuti

Atcom/INFO acq by Cisco $170MM (2000), Nextwave Wireless acq by AT&T $600MM (2012),Lonocloud acq by ViaSat (Confidential) (2013) all architect/founder roles

ID 818401

Tyler Bittaker

Graduating from @university-of-san-diego-1 , worked @northrop-grumman, @serengetee, @usd IT Services, and other small businesses.

ID 544108

Tim Horton

Full stack coder, Co-Founder at @Airbitz Inc, Co-Founder at Breadcrumbs LLC, MS at @california-state-university-san-marcos.

ID 845034

Carlos Rogers

Launched my own business, Altitude Photography. Using drone technology to create multimedia projects for clients.

ID 20550

Caleb Gilbertson

Growth Hacking since 2005

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