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ID 860405

Andrew Bart


Entrepreneur, Tech Investor, Advisory Board Member, Digital Marketer focusing on SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Software Platforms and Apps.

ID 67734

Kelly Maguire

Team member of @google, @performics, @publicis-groupe, @omd, @aviatech, @spacetime, @revagency, @media2point0.

ID 62031

Cathlyn Choi-Michelson

VP of OEM Sales and Business Development at @trackr-1, LLC. Multi-lingual, entrepreneurial w/strong background in CE, Bluetooth/Wireless, Multi Media industry

ID 32034

Ian Westberg

Founder of @dla-piper-s-venture-pipeline-group. Have been helping start-ups raise capital for 10+ years.

ID 58099

Aryeh Elbaz


Entrepreneur | Investor | Fitness/MMA junkie

ID 58006

Brett Perkins

CEO Of @powder-puff-extreme; NFL Free Agent; 2x Minor League Football 1st Team All-American & Tight End of the Year; Team USA Football Captain.

ID 473348

Dennis O'Connor


Owner/Operator San Diego Taxman. Owner/Op Thorn St Brewery. Comedian

ID 47034

David Rogers


Co-founder of SciTegic, startup that was eventually sold for $25M. Expertise in statistics, software, chemistry.

ID 51476

Frank Asaro


CFO-Frank has conducted numerous financial transactions in Mergers & Acquisitions, debt and equity structures/issuances. Multiple Exits.

ID 126490

Gonzalo ALDAZ


Investor @i-vc | Shareholder @emailing-network | @reworld-media

ID 51861

Jer Wood

Excel master. Expert at financial modeling, forecasting, budgeting, project management, and process improvement. BS Accounting, MBA, 7 years Internet banking.

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